Dry Eye Dx and Tx Going the Surgical Route to Treat Severe Dry Eye (English)

In: Contact lens spectrum   ;  31 ,  5  ;  20-20  ;  2016
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Editor's Perspective Nothing Is Certain...Except the Need for More Funding
Nichols, Jason J. | 2016
Research Review Higher-Order Aberrations and Contact Lenses
Eiden, S. Barry / Velting, Paul | 2016
Prescribing for Presbyopia Modify Your Multifocal Prescribing
Messer, Brooke | 2016
GP Insights A Review of GP Lenticulation and Carriers
Lundquist, Brayden / Jackson, John Mark | 2016
Contact Lens Design & Materials So Many Choices...Choose the Right Replacement Schedule
Pence, Neil | 2016
Dry Eye Dx and Tx Going the Surgical Route to Treat Severe Dry Eye
Samin, Waziha / Giannoni, Amber Gaume | 2016
Contact Lens Care & Compliance Care and Compliance's Relationship with Lens Comfort
Pucker, Andrew D. | 2016
Nexus of Misery: Ocular Allergy Meets Dry Eye Separately, ocular allergy and dry eye are irritating and uncomfortable for patients. What happens when they occur together?
Epstein, Arthur B. | 2016
The Here, Now, and to Be of Contact Lenses A look at materials and designs for the 21st century and beyond
Chao, Cecilia / Richdale, Kathryn | 2016
Irregular Astigmatism, Part 2 This second article of a three-part series discusses when to prescribe large corneal and scleral GP lenses to manage irregular astigmatism
Kovacich, Susan | 2016
Fitting Ortho-K Lenses Post-PRK or Post-LASIK The when and how of orthokeratology after refractive surgery
Kojima, Randy / Ho, Cindy | 2016
Industry Focus A Look at Contamac
Nichols, Jason J. | 2016
Contact Lens Practice Pearls Solutions to Filling Scleral Lenses
Mathew, Jessica H. | 2016
The Business of Contact Lenses ``White Coat'' Thinking Can Hinder Your Practice-Building
Gerber, Gary | 2016
The Scleral Lens Vault Utilizing Reverse Geometry to Improve Prolate and Oblate Fits
DeNaeyer, Gregory W. | 2016
Treatment Plan Zeroing in on the Zika Virus
Miller, William L. | 2016
Reader and Industry Forum Options When Treating Bacterial Conjunctivitis and Keratitis
Khan, Naba / Gonzalez, Agustin | 2016
Contact Lens Case Reports The Toric Sclera
Caroline, Patrick J. / André, Mark P. | 2016