Growth of carbon fibres, sheets and tubes on diamond films under high power plasma etching conditions (English)

In: Revista Mexicana de física   ;  63 ,  2  ;  155-161  ;  2017
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Table of contents – Volume 63, Issue 2

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Optimization for maximum Raman frequency conversion in supercontinuum sources using genetic algorithms
Arteaga-Sierra, F. R. / Milián, C. / Torres-Gómez, I. / Torres-Cisneros, M. / Plascencia-Mora, H. / Moltó, G. / Ferrando, A. | 2017
Experimental multi-scroll attractor driven by switched systems
Campos-Cantón, I. / Campos-Cantón, E. / González-Bautista, S. / Balderas-Navarro, R. E. | 2017
Cinética inicial de formación de rejillas de Bragg en fibras ópticas estándar
Nuñez, I. Santiago / Shlyagin, M. G. / Beltrán-Pérez, G. | 2017
Precise analytic approximation for the modified Bessel function I~1(x)
Martin, P. / Olivares, J. / Sotomayor, A. | 2017
Effects of lubrication in mhd mixed convection stagnation point flow of a second grade fluid adjacent to a vertical plate
Mahmood, Khalid / Sajid, Muhammad / Ali, Nasir / Javed, Tariq | 2017
Dependence of exchange bias in NiFe/NiO bilayers on film thickness
Fermin, José R. | 2017
Positive even-odd effects in the maximal kinetic energy and negative even-odd effects in the minimal excitation energy of fragments from thermal neutron induced fission of ^2^3^5U
Montoya, M. / Collin, V. | 2017
Growth of carbon fibres, sheets and tubes on diamond films under high power plasma etching conditions
Villalpando, I. / John, P. / Wilson, J. I. B. | 2017
Ermakov—Lewis invariants for a class of parametric anharmonic oscillators
Gallegos, A. / Macías-Díaz, J. E. / Vargas-Rodríguez, H. | 2017
Xps, druv-vis and esr characterization of the non-stoichiometric compound
Boldú, J. L. / Barreto, J. / Rosales, I. / Bucio, L. / Orozco, E. | 2017
Border collision bifurcations in tantalus oscillator
Arce, H. / Torres, A. / Falcón-Neri, A. / Mimila, O. / González, G. H. | 2017
Transformation of a wavefunction under changes of reference frame
del Castillo, G. F. Torres / Salazar, B. C. Nájera | 2017
Cross sections for electron-impact excitation of neutral atoms
Lino, J. L. S. | 2017
Eigenestados exactos y estados entrelazados de un ión atrapado oscilando en dos dimensiones
Prieto, I. Ramos / Moya-Cessa, H. M. | 2017
Spatial average symmetry associated to unconventional polarization
Espinosa-Luna, R. / López-Morales, G. / Rico-Botero, V. M. / Aguilar-Fernández, E. | 2017