Effect of pressure on structural, electronic and optical properties of SrF~2: a first principles study (English)

In: Revista Mexicana de física   ;  64 ,  1  ;  94-100  ;  2018
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Table of contents – Volume 64, Issue 1

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Enhanced surface hydrophobicity of poly(lactic acid) by Co^6^0 gamma ray irradiation
Galindo, S. / Ureña-Náñez, F. | 2018
Numerical solutions of the Maung-Norbury-Kahana equationwith the coulomb potential in momentum space
Chen, Jiao-Kai | 2018
Theoretical studies on the electron paramagnetic resonance parameters for the tetragonal VO^2^+ center in CaO-Al~2O~3-SiO~2 system
Lin, J. Z. / Zhang, B. F. | 2018
Space time geometry in the atomic hydrogenoid system. Approach to a dust relativistic model from causal quantum mechanics
Gómez, G. / Kotsireas, I. / Gkigkitzis, I. / Haranas, I. / Fullana, M. J. | 2018
Integrals of the motion and Green functions for time-dependent mass harmonic oscillators
Pepore, Surarit | 2018
Soliton operators in the quantum equivalence of the CP~1 and O(3) - σ models
Stephany, J. / Vollmann, M. | 2018
Two-photon transitions in confined hydrogenic atoms
Lumb, Shalini / Lumb, Sonia / Prasad, Vinod | 2018
Simulating negative temperatures by imposing wealth upper-bounds in exchanges
Villagómez-Manrique, A. R. / del Castillo-Mussot, M. | 2018
Estudio experimental de acopladores bicónicos de fibra óptica aplicados al desarrollo de multiplexors por división de longitud de onda
Hernández-Arriaga, M. V. / Bello-Jiménez, M. / Ibarra-Escamilla, B. / Loredo-Trejo, A. / Durán-Sánchez, M. / Santiago-Hernández, H. / Kuzin, E. A. | 2018
Optical characterization of cdte nanoparticles embedded in a nanoparticulate SnO~2 matrix
Campos-González, E. / Becerril, M. / Santoyo-Salazar, J. / Silva-López, H. / de Moure Flores, F. / Zelaya-Ángel, O. | 2018
Synthesis of aluminum nitride nanostructures via chemical vapor deposition method with nickel as catalyst
Jiang, Renjie / Meng, Xianquan | 2018
Refractive index evaluation of porous silicon using bragg reflectors
Estrada-Wiese, D. / del Río, J. A. | 2018
Diffusion microrheology of ferrofluids
Peredo-Ortíz, R. / Hernández-Contreras, M. | 2018
Effect of pressure on structural, electronic and optical properties of SrF~2: a first principles study
Hoat, D. M. / Silva, J. F. Rivas / Blas, A. Méndez / Rámirez, J. J. Ríos | 2018