Dispositivo láser semiconductor con puntos cuánticos para emisión en el cercano infrarrojo (English)

In: Revista Mexicana de física   ;  65 ,  1  ;  43-48  ;  2019
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Table of contents – Volume 65, Issue 1

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Theoretical studies of the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance parameters and local structure for the trigonal Yb^3^+ center in YAl~3(BO~3)~4 crystal
Dong, Hui-Ning / Zhang, Rong | 2019
Urbach's tail in the absorption spectra of Cu~2GeSe~3 semiconducting compound
Rincón, C. / Marcano, G. / Wasim, S. M. / Marín, G. / Villareal, M. / Pérez, G. Sánchez | 2019
Characterization of high mobility inverted coplanar Zinc Nitride thin-film transistors
Dominguez, M. A. / Pau, J. L. / Obregon, O. / Luna, A. / Redondo-Cubero, A. | 2019
Effect of the paramagnetic to spin-glass phase transition on the fundamental absorption edge of MnIn~2Se~4 magnetic semiconducting compound
Sagredo, V. / Torres, T. E. / Delgado, G. E. / Rincón, C. | 2019
CO~2 adsorption on a modified graphite surface with sodium dodecyl sulfate surfactants: a molecular dynamics study
Espinosa-Jiménez, H. / Domínguez, H. | 2019
Inhibition grain growth and electrical properties by adding In~2O~3 to SnO~2-Co~3O~4-Ta~2O~5 ceramics
Olvera-Sánchez, M. / Hernández, M. B. / García-Villarreal, S. / Rodríguez, E. / Rodríguez, C. Gómez / Garcia-Quiñonez, L. V. / Aguilar-Martínez, J. A. | 2019
Effects of the size and matrix microstructure on compression of borosilicate spheres -Zn22Al2Cu composites with foam behaviour
Flores-Marquez, R. C. / Aragon-Lezama, J. A. / Villaseñor, G. Torres | 2019
Performance characteristics of GaN/Al~0~, ~2Ga~0~, ~8N quantum dot laser at L = 100 Å
Bouchenafa, H. / Benichou, B. / Bouabdallah, B. | 2019
Dispositivo láser semiconductor con puntos cuánticos para emisión en el cercano infrarrojo
González-Fernández, J. V. / de León-Zapata, R. Díaz / Lara-Velázquez, I. / Ortega-Gallegos, J. | 2019
Growth of a TiO~2 nanotubular layer without presence of nanograss in a short time
Cervantes, M. Luna / Rodríguez, A. Báez / Torres, J. Hernández / Peredo, L. Zamora | 2019
Axisymmetric modelling of transient thermal response in solids for application to infrared photothermal radiometry technique
Hernández-Wong, J. / Rojas-Trigos, J. B. / Nogal, U. / Suárez, V. / Marín, E. / Calderón, A. | 2019
The Riemann-Silberstein vector in the Dirac algebra
Hacyan, Shahen | 2019
A SU(5) × Z~2 kink solution and its local stability
Guerrero, R. / Rodriguez, R. O. / Chavez, R. | 2019
Optical soliton solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau equation with conformable derivative and Kerr law nonlinearity
Ghanbari, Behzad / Gómez-Aguilar, J. F. | 2019
Analytical solution of the time fractional diffusion equation and fractional convection-diffusion equation
Morales-Delgado, V. F. / Gómez-Aguilar, J. F. / Taneco-Hernández, M. A. | 2019
Low-cost Arduino-based interface for controlling gas flow in chemical vapor deposition graphene synthesis
Rodríguez-Gómez, A. R. / López-Castillo, J. Abimael / Gutiérrez-Arenas, R. A. / Serkovic-Loli, L. N. | 2019
Absorbancia y reflectancia de hojas de Ficus contaminadas con nanopartículas de plata
Peña, L. / Rentería, V. / Velásquez, C. / Ojeda, M. L. / Barrera, E. | 2019