PMP and PMF estimations in sparsely-gauged Andean basins and climate change projections (English)

In: Hydrological sciences journal   ;  59 ,  11  ;  2027-2042  ;  2014
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Review of methods used to estimate catchment response time for the purpose of peak discharge estimation
Gericke, Ockert J. / Smithers, Jeff C. | 2014
Point process models for fine-resolution rainfall
Kaczmarska, Jo / Isham, Valerie / Onof, Christian | 2014
Modelling radar-rainfall estimation uncertainties using elliptical and Archimedean copulas with different marginal distributions
Dai, Qiang / Han, Dawei / Rico-Ramirez, Miguel A. / Islam, Tanvir | 2014
Missing precipitation data estimation using optimal proximity metric-based imputation, nearest-neighbour classification and cluster-based interpolation methods
Teegavarapu, Ramesh S. V. | 2014
PMP and PMF estimations in sparsely-gauged Andean basins and climate change projections
Lagos-Zúñiga, Miguel A. / Vargas M., Ximena | 2014
Water resources and climate change impact modelling on a daily time scale in the Peruvian Andes
Andres, Norina / Vegas Galdos, Fernando / Lavado Casimiro, Waldo Sven / Zappa, Massimiliano | 2014
Dynamique et modélisation des crues dans le bassin du Mono à Nangbéto (Togo/Bénin)
Amoussou, Ernest / Tramblay, Yves / Totin, Henri S.V. / Mahé, Gil / Camberlin, Pierre | 2014
Application of environmental tracers to study groundwater recharge in a semi-arid area of Central Tunisia
Farid, Intissar / Zouari, Kamel / Trabelsi, Rim / Kallali, Abd Rahmen | 2014