Students, sex, and psychopathy: Borderline and psychopathy personality traits are differently related to women and men's use of sexual coercion, partner poaching, and promiscuity (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  107 ;  72-77  ;  2017
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Trait and goal similarity and discrepancy in romantic couples
Gray, Jacob S. / Coons, Jennifer V. | 2017
Attractive men's desirability as a long-term partner varies with ascribed excitement values
Lopes, Guilherme S. / Santos, Walberto S. / Shackelford, Todd K. / Tratner, Adam E. / Gouveia, Valdiney V. | 2017
Social anxiety and threat-related interpretation of dynamic facial expressions: Sensitivity and response bias
Gutiérrez-García, Aida / Calvo, Manuel G. | 2017
A Bayesian analysis of the link between adult disorganized attachment and dissociative symptoms
Paetzold, Ramona L. / Rholes, W. Steven / Andrus, Joel L. | 2017
Religious variations in fundamentalism in Malaysia and the United States: Possible relevance to religiously motivated violence
Ellis, Lee | 2017
Making amends: Neural systems supporting donation decisions prompting guilt and restitution
Ty, Ambrose / Mitchell, Derek G.V. / Finger, Elizabeth | 2017
Receiving support, giving support, and self-reassurance: A daily diary test of social mentality theory
Hermanto, Nicola / Zuroff, David C. / Kelly, Allison C. / Leybman, Michelle J. | 2017
Don't be so hard on yourself! Changes in self-compassion during the first year of university are associated with changes in well-being
Gunnell, Katie E. / Mosewich, Amber D. / McEwen, Carolyn E. / Eklund, Robert C. / Crocker, Peter R.E. | 2017
Explaining Donald Trump via communication style: Grandiosity, informality, and dynamism
Ahmadian, Sara / Azarshahi, Sara / Paulhus, Delroy L. | 2017
Free, connected, and meaningful: Free will beliefs promote meaningfulness through belongingness
Moynihan, Andrew B. / Igou, Eric R. / van Tilburg, Wijnand A.P. | 2017
Students, sex, and psychopathy: Borderline and psychopathy personality traits are differently related to women and men's use of sexual coercion, partner poaching, and promiscuity
Khan, Roxanne / Brewer, Gayle / Kim, Sonia / Centifanti, Luna C. Muñoz | 2017
Metacognitive beliefs mediate the relationship between mind wandering and negative affect
Carciofo, Richard / Song, Nan / Du, Feng / Wang, Michelle M. / Zhang, Kan | 2017
A multi-level analysis of the effect of interviewer characteristics on survey respondents' reports of sensitive topics
Nedelec, Joseph L. | 2017
The association between agreeableness, extraversion, and support for secessionist movements: Evidence from a large survey of more than 33,000 respondents in Catalonia
Barceló, Joan | 2017
The role of emotion regulation for coping with school-based peer-victimisation in late childhood
Gardner, Sarah E. / Betts, Lucy R. / Stiller, James / Coates, Janine | 2017
A three stage analysis of motivational and behavioural factors in UK internet gambling
Mulkeen, James / Abdou, Hussein A. / Parke, Jonathan | 2017
The profile of a criminal offender depicted by HEXACO personality traits
Međedović, Janko | 2017
An item level evaluation of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale using item response theory on Icelandic Internet panel data and cognitive interviews
Vésteinsdóttir, Vaka / Reips, Ulf-Dietrich / Joinson, Adam / Thorsdottir, Fanney | 2017
Personality traits of prisoners as compared to general populations: Signs of adjustment to the situation?
Eriksson, T. Gerhard / Masche-No, Johanna G. / Dåderman, Anna M. | 2017