Machiavellianism and romantic relationship dissolution (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  106 ;  226-230  ;  2017
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Psychopathic traits predict harsh attitudes toward rape victims among undergraduates
Watts, Ashley L. / Bowes, Shauna M. / Latzman, Robert D. / Lilienfeld, Scott O. | 2017
Agentic traits are associated with success in science more than communal traits
Ramsey, Laura R. | 2017
Associations between empathizing-systemizing cognitive style and mental rotation task performance among homosexual men and women in China
Zheng, Lijun / Zheng, Yong | 2017
Towards a measure of kindness: An exploration of a neglected interpersonal trait
Canter, David / Youngs, Donna / Yaneva, Miroslava | 2017
The HEXACO personality traits, cultural intelligence, and international student adjustment
Shu, Frank / McAbee, Samuel T. / Ayman, Roya | 2017
Where is ambition in factor models of personality?
Jones, Ashley Bell / Sherman, Ryne A. / Hogan, Robert T. | 2017
Don't you wish your partner was hot like me?: The effectiveness of mate poaching across relationship types considering the relative mate-values of the poacher and the partner of the poached
Davies, Alastair P.C. / Shackelford, Todd K. | 2017
From Likert scales to images: Validating a novel creativity measure with image based response scales
Leutner, Franziska / Yearsley, Adam / Codreanu, Sonia-Cristina / Borenstein, Yossi / Ahmetoglu, Gorkan | 2017
Assessing impulsivity: Relationships between behavioral and self-report measures in individuals with and without self-reported ADHD
Barnhart, Wesley R. / Buelow, Melissa T. | 2017
The conditional indirect effects of suicide attempt history and psychiatric symptoms on the association between intimate partner violence and suicide ideation
Wolford-Clevenger, Caitlin / Smith, Phillip N. | 2017
The impacts of Val158Met in Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene on moral permissibility and empathic concern
Ru, Wenzhao / Fang, Pengpeng / Wang, Bei / Yang, Xing / Zhu, Xu / Xue, Mengying / Shen, Guomin / Gao, Xiaocai / Gong, Pingyuan | 2017
A short-term longitudinal examination of the associations between self-control, delay of gratification and temporal considerations
Watson, Samantha J. / Milfont, Taciano L. | 2017
Accepting our weaknesses and enjoying better relationships: An initial examination of self-security
Huang, Alice B. / Berenbaum, Howard | 2017
Perfectionism and emotional intelligence: A test of the 2×2 model of perfectionism
Gong, Xiaopeng / Fletcher, Kathryn L. / Paulson, Sharon E. | 2017
Uncaring young adults show reduced vigilance for others' fearful expressions
White, Bradley A. / Delk, Lauren A. | 2017
Motivational rigidity enhances multitasking performance: The role of handling interruptions
Szumowska, Ewa / Kossowska, Małgorzata | 2017
Examining the validity of the revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory scales
Walker, Benjamin R. / Jackson, Chris J. | 2017
Gender differences in delinquency at 21 years following childhood maltreatment: A birth cohort study
Abajobir, Amanuel Alemu / Kisely, Steve / Williams, Gail / Strathearn, Lane / Clavarino, Alexandra / Najman, Jake Moses | 2017
Other-oriented hope: Initial evidence of its nomological net
Howell, Andrew J. / Buro, Karen | 2017
Brain behavioral systems, self-control and problematic mobile phone use: The moderating role of gender and history of use
Jiang, Zhaocai / Zhao, Xiuxin | 2017
Effects of symptom versus recovery video, similarity, and uncertainty orientation on the stigmatization of schizophrenia
Li, Yixian / Sorrentino, Richard M. / Norman, Ross M.G. / Hampson, Elizabeth / Ye, Yang | 2017
Tattooed men: Healthy bad boys and good-looking competitors
Galbarczyk, Andrzej / Ziomkiewicz, Anna | 2017
Motivation and young people's career planning: A perspective from the reinforcement sensitivity theory of personality
Corr, Philip J. / Mutinelli, Sofia | 2017
Cross-cultural comparative examination of the Academic Motivation Scale using exploratory structural equation modeling
Tóth-Király, István / Orosz, Gábor / Dombi, Edina / Jagodics, Balázs / Farkas, Dávid / Amoura, Camille | 2017
Rising up to the ‘challenge’? The role of need for closure and situational appraisals in creative performance
Sankaran, Sindhuja / Grzymala-Moszczynska, Joanna / Strojny, Agnieszka / Strojny, Pawel / Kossowska, Malgorzata | 2017
An exploratory examination of the viability and meaningfulness of time attitudes profiles in adults
Cole, Jon C. / Andretta, James R. / McKay, Michael T. | 2017
Narcissistic responses to provocation: An examination of the rage and threatened-egotism accounts
Hart, Will / Adams, John Milton / Tortoriello, Gregory | 2017
Neural correlates of trait resiliency: Evidence from electrical stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dLPFC) and orbitofrontal cortex (OFC)
Salehinejad, Mohammad Ali / Nejati, Vahid / Derakhshan, Mehran | 2017
Paternal age negatively predicts offspring physical attractiveness in two, large, nationally representative datasets
Woodley of Menie, Michael A. / Kanazawa, Satoshi | 2017
Examining trait self-control and communication patterns in romantic couples using the actor-partner interaction model
Bornstein, Jerica X. / vanDellen, Michelle R. / Shaffer, Anne | 2017
Machiavellianism and romantic relationship dissolution
Brewer, Gayle / Abell, Loren | 2017
Which personality traits are related to traditional bullying and cyberbullying? A study with the Big Five, Dark Triad and sadism
van Geel, Mitch / Goemans, Anouk / Toprak, Fatih / Vedder, Paul | 2017
Political ideology predicts involvement in crime
Wright, John Paul / Beaver, Kevin M. / Morgan, Mark Alden / Connolly, Eric J. | 2017
Survey of expert opinion on intelligence: The FLynn effect and the future of intelligence
Rindermann, Heiner / Becker, David / Coyle, Thomas R. | 2017
Neuroticism's susceptibility to distress: Moderated with mindfulness
Drake, Mark Moriarty / Morris, Dr Mary / Davis, Tanya Jane | 2017
Pathways from collectivist coping to life satisfaction among Chinese: The roles of locus-of-hope
Bernardo, Allan B.I. / Wang, Tulips Yiwen / Pesigan, Ivan Jacob Agaloos / Yeung, Susanna S. | 2017
Validation of the four-profile configuration of personality types within the Five-Factor Model
Isler, Laina / Fletcher, Garth J.O. / Liu, James H. / Sibley, Chris G. | 2017
Neuroticism and perfectionism as predictors of social anxiety
Newby, Jennifer / Pitura, Victoria A. / Penney, Alexander M. / Klein, Rupert G. / Flett, Gordon L. / Hewitt, Paul L. | 2017
Callous-unemotional traits and the five factor model in adolescents
Romero, Estrella / Alonso, Cristina | 2017
The mediating role of parenting in the relation between personality and externalizing problems in Russian children
Loginova, Svetlana V. / Slobodskaya, Helena R. | 2017
Is Hillary dishonest and Donald narcissistic? A HEXACO analysis of the presidential candidates' public personas
Visser, Beth A. / Book, Angela S. / Volk, Anthony A. | 2017
Cognitive ability and authoritarianism: Understanding support for Trump and Clinton
Choma, Becky L. / Hanoch, Yaniv | 2017
A longitudinal study on the stability of self-estimated intelligence and its relationship to personality traits
Gold, Bernadette / Kuhn, Jörg-Tobias | 2017
Mindfulness as an end-state: construction of a trait measure of mindfulness
Noguchi, Kenji | 2017
Can't take my eyes off me: Attentional bias of the vulnerable narcissist
Chong, Samantha / Davis, Ron | 2017
Measuring approach-avoidance motivation: Expanding dimensionality through implied outcomes
Scott, Mark David / Hauenstein, Neil M.A. / Coyle, Patrick T. | 2017
Emophilia, sociosexuality, and anxious attachment: Approach and inhibition differences
Jones, Daniel N. / Curtis, Shelby R. | 2017
Self-compassion decreases acceptance of own immoral behaviors
Wang, Xue / Chen, Zhansheng / Poon, Kai-Tak / Teng, Fei / Jin, Shenghua | 2017
Clarity of mind: Structural equation modeling of associations between dispositional mindfulness, self-concept clarity and psychological well-being
Hanley, Adam W. / Garland, Eric L. | 2017