Sensation-seeking in women does not affect their preference for Dark Triad male faces (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  130 ;  92-95  ;  2018
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Is general intelligence responsible for differences in individual reliability in personality measures?
Navarro-González, David / Ferrando, Pere Joan / Vigil-Colet, Andreu | 2018
Why do people disparage May–December romances? Condemnation of age-discrepant romantic relationships as strategic moralization
Sela, Yael / Pham, Michael N. / Mogilski, Justin K. / Lopes, Guilherme S. / Shackelford, Todd K. / Zeigler-Hill, Virgil | 2018
Did charisma “Trump” narcissism in 2016? Leader narcissism, attributed charisma, value congruence and voter choice
Williams, Ethlyn A. / Pillai, Rajnandini / Deptula, Bryan J. / Lowe, Kevin B. / McCombs, Kate | 2018
Connecting attachment style to resilience: Contributions of self-care and self-efficacy
Bender, Ansley / Ingram, Rick | 2018
Entity and incremental theory of personality: Revisiting the validity of indicators
Preißinger, Maria / Schoen, Harald | 2018
Working memory and the Big Five
Waris, Otto / Soveri, Anna / Lukasik, Karolina M. / Lehtonen, Minna / Laine, Matti | 2018
The influence of mate value on women's desire for long and short-term mates: Implicit responses
Millar, Murray / Westfall, R. Shane / Lovitt, Aileen | 2018
Re-examining the Parkinsonian Personality hypothesis: A systematic review
Cerasa, Antonio | 2018
Who wants to sound straight? Sexual majority and minority stereotypes, beliefs and desires about auditory gaydar
Fasoli, Fabio / Hegarty, Peter / Maass, Anne / Antonio, Raquel | 2018
Intellectual humility's links to religion and spirituality and the role of authoritarianism
Krumrei-Mancuso, Elizabeth J. | 2018
Agentic and communal behavioral biases in the Dark Triad traits
Jonason, Peter K. / Fletcher, Stephen A. | 2018
Social vigilantism and the extremity, superiority, and defense of attitudes toward climate change
O'Dea, Conor J. / Castro Bueno, Angelica M. / Saucier, Donald A. | 2018
Sensation-seeking in women does not affect their preference for Dark Triad male faces
Brewer, Gayle / Carter, Gregory Louis / Lyons, Minna / Green, Jessica | 2018
Gender moderates the effect of darkness on ethical behaviors: An explanation of disinhibition
Liu, Guofang / Niu, Xiaoxiao / Lin, Lin | 2018
The populist effect: Threat and the handover of freedom
Bettache, Karim / Chiu, Chi-yue | 2018
New evidence shows self-esteem moderates the relationship between narcissism and selfies
March, Evita / McBean, Tayla | 2018
Core self-evaluations are associated with judgments of satisfaction with life via positive but not negative affect
Extremera, Natalio / Rey, Lourdes | 2018
The relationship of perfectionism to suicide ideation and attempts in a large online sample
Shahnaz, Arezoo / Saffer, Boaz Y. / Klonsky, E. David | 2018
Gratitude and life satisfaction in early adolescence: The mediating role of social support and emotional difficulties
You, Sukkyung / Lee, June / Lee, Yunoug / Kim, Euikyung | 2018
The exacerbating role of perceived social support and the “buffering” role of depression in the relation between sensation seeking and adolescent smartphone addiction
Wang, Pengcheng / Lei, Li / Wang, Xingchao / Nie, Jia / Chu, Xiaoyuan / Jin, Shuining | 2018
Self-other agreement in DSM-5 Section III Dimensional Personality Traits: A study on Italian community individuals
Bottesi, Gioia / Ghisi, Marta / Martignon, Anna / Sica, Claudio | 2018
An increase of intelligence in Libya from 2008 to 2017
Al-Shahomee, Alsedig Abdalgadr / Abdalla, Saleh El-Ghmary / Lynn, Richard | 2018
Cross-cultural comparison of the association between trait emotional intelligence and emotion regulation in European-American and Japanese populations
Nozaki, Yuki | 2018
Why do middle-class couples of European descent adopt children from Africa and Asia? Some support for the differential K model
Dutton, Edward / Madison, Guy | 2018
Nomological network of two-dimensional Machiavellianism
Monaghan, Conal / Bizumic, Boris / Sellbom, Martin | 2018
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