Demons with firepower: How belief in pure evil relates to perceptions and punishments of gun violence perpetrators (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  122 ;  13-18  ;  2018
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Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married: Large-scale empirical evidence for evolutionary theory
Aspara, Jaakko / Wittkowski, Kristina / Luo, Xueming | 2018
Male brain type women and female brain type men: Gender atypical cognitive profiles and their correlates
Svedholm-Häkkinen, Annika M. / Ojala, Sini J. / Lindeman, Marjaana | 2018
Demons with firepower: How belief in pure evil relates to perceptions and punishments of gun violence perpetrators
Vasturia, Dominic / Webster, Russell J. / Saucier, Donald A. | 2018
The challenge of starting and keeping a relationship: Prevalence rates and predictors of poor mating performance
Apostolou, Menelaos / Shialos, Marios / Kyrou, Elli / Demetriou, Artemis / Papamichael, Anthi | 2018
Understanding the Simber Effect: Why is the age-dependent increase in children's cognitive ability smaller in Arab countries than in Britain?
Bakhiet, Salaheldin Farah Attallah / Dutton, Edward / Ashaer, Khalil Yousif Ali / Essa, Yossry Ahmed Sayed / Blahmar, Tahani Abdulrahman Muhammad / Hakami, Sultan Mohammed / Madison, Guy | 2018
On love and darkness: The Dark Triad and mate retention behaviors in a non-Western culture
Chegeni, Razieh / Pirkalani, Roshanak Khodabakhsh / Dehshiri, Gholamreza | 2018
Psychometric properties and validation of the sexual sensation seeking scale in Spanish adolescents: Brief screening method for use in research and clinical practice
Ballester-Arnal, Rafael / Ruiz-Palomino, Estefanía / Espada-Sánchez, Jose Pedro / Morell-Mengual, Vicente / Gil-Llario, María Dolores | 2018
Curvilinear effects of personality on safety performance: The moderating role of supervisor support
Yuan, Xiao / Li, Yongjuan / Xu, Yaoshan / Huang, Naixi | 2018
The mediating role of intolerance of uncertainty on the relationships between perfectionism dimensions and psychological adjustment/maladjustment among mothers
Kawamoto, Taishi / Furutani, Kaichiro | 2018
Examining the structure of subjective well-being through meta-analysis of the associations among positive affect, negative affect, and life satisfaction
Busseri, Michael A. | 2018
Within-person variations and between-person differences in self-control and wellbeing
Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman / Finkenauer, Catrin / Bleidorn, Wiebke | 2018
Trait emotional intelligence and social deviance in males and females
Bacon, Alison M. / Lenton-Maughan, Lindsay / May, Jon | 2018
Does alexithymia moderate the relation between stress and general sleep experiences?
Alfasi, Dana / Soffer-Dudek, Nirit | 2018
Fostering socio-informational behaviors online: The interactive effect of openness to experience and extraversion
Saef, Rachel / Woo, Sang Eun / Carpenter, Jordan / Tay, Louis | 2018
Personality types: A twin study
Loehlin, John C. / Martin, Nicholas G. | 2018
Individual differences in the intentionality bias and its association with cognitive empathy
Slavny, Rachel J.M. / Moore, James W. | 2018
The HEXACO model of personality and Dark Triad in relational aggression
Knight, Niki M. / Dahlen, Eric R. / Bullock-Yowell, Emily / Madson, Michael B. | 2018
Narcissism and mate value: Is beauty in the eye of the narcissistic beholder?
Zeigler-Hill, Virgil / Trombly, David R.C. | 2018
A diary study of appearance social comparisons and need frustration in young women
Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C. / Ntoumanis, N. / Carey, R. / Dodos, L. / Quested, E.J. / Chatzisarantis, N. | 2018
Comparing the response modulation hypothesis and the integrated emotions system theory: The role of top-down attention in psychopathy
Munneke, Jaap / Hoppenbrouwers, Sylco S. / Little, Bethany / Kooiman, Karen / van der Burg, Erik / Theeuwes, Jan | 2018
Individual differences in the effects of a positive psychology intervention: Applied psychology
Antoine, Pascal / Dauvier, Bruno / Andreotti, Eva / Congard, Anne | 2018
Evidence that makeup is a false signal of sociosexuality
Batres, Carlota / Russell, Richard / Simpson, Jeffry A. / Campbell, Lorne / Hansen, Alison M. / Cronk, Lee | 2018
French adaptation of the Short Dark Triad: Psychometric properties and a head-to-head comparison with the Dirty Dozen
Gamache, Dominick / Savard, Claudia / Maheux-Caron, Véronique | 2018
Mindfulness and sleep quality in adolescents: Analysis of rumination as a mediator and self-control as a moderator
Liu, Qing-Qi / Zhou, Zong-Kui / Yang, Xiu-Juan / Kong, Fan-Chang / Sun, Xiao-Jun / Fan, Cui-Ying | 2018
Personality profiles: Using latent profile analysis to model personality typologies
Ferguson, Sarah L. / Hull, Darrell M. | 2018
Trait perfectionism and attitudes towards people with disabilities
Cox, Nathan C. / Hill, Andrew P. | 2018
Psychopathy-related traits and decision-making under risk and ambiguity: An exploratory study
Maes, Joseph H.R. / Woyke, Isabel C. / Brazil, Inti A. | 2018
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Core Self-Evaluations Scale (CSES-SP)
Beléndez, M. / Gómez, A. / López, S. / Topa, G. | 2018
The impact of attachment orientations on empathy in adults: Considering the mediating role of emotion regulation strategies and negative affectivity
Troyer, Daniela / Greitemeyer, Tobias | 2018
Obituary of Chris Brand (1st June 1943–28th May, 2017)
Egan, Vincent / Brand, Natalia / Brand, Tom | 2018
Saklofske, Donald H. | 2018
| 2018