Geochemistry of basalts from small eruptive centers near Villarrica stratovolcano, Chile: Evidence for lithospheric mantle components in continental arc magmas (English)

In: Geochimica et cosmochimica acta   ;  185 ;  358-382  ;  2016
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    Geochemistry of basalts from small eruptive centers near Villarrica stratovolcano, Chile: Evidence for lithospheric mantle components in continental arc magmas
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    Elsevier Science B.V., Amsterdam.
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Magmas and their sources: A special issue honoring Frederick A. Frey
Garcia, Michael O. / Rhodes, J. Michael / Huang, Shichun / Hickey-Vargas, Rosemary | 2016
Experimental determination of Pb partitioning between sulfide melt and basalt melt as a function of P, T and X
Hart, Stanley R. / Gaetani, Glenn A. | 2016
Peridotite xenoliths from the Polynesian Austral and Samoa hotspots: Implications for the destruction of ancient 187Os and 142Nd isotopic domains and the preservation of Hadean 129Xe in the modern convecting mantle
Jackson, M.G. / Shirey, S.B. / Hauri, E.H. / Kurz, M.D. / Rizo, H. | 2016
Ca. 2.7Ga ferropicritic magmatism: A record of Fe-rich heterogeneities during Neoarchean global mantle melting
Milidragovic, Dejan / Francis, Don | 2015
The behavior of Fe3+/∑Fe during partial melting of spinel lherzolite
Gaetani, Glenn A. | 2016
Tracing the origin of continental HIMU-like intraplate volcanism using magnesium isotope systematics
Wang, Shui-Jiong / Teng, Fang-Zhen / Scott, James M. | 2016
Metasomatism-induced mantle magnesium isotopic heterogeneity: Evidence from pyroxenites
Hu, Yan / Teng, Fang-Zhen / Zhang, Hong-Fu / Xiao, Yan / Su, Ben-Xun | 2015
Transition from ultra-enriched to ultra-depleted primary MORB melts in a single volcanic suite (Macquarie Island, SW Pacific): Implications for mantle source, melting process and plumbing system
Husen, Anika / Kamenetsky, Vadim S. / Everard, John L. / Kamenetsky, Maya B. | 2016
231Pa systematics in postglacial volcanic rocks from Iceland
Turner, Simon / Kokfelt, Thomas / Hoernle, Kaj / Lundstrom, Craig / Hauff, Folkmar | 2015
A 1.5Ma record of plume-ridge interaction at the Western Galápagos Spreading Center (91°40′–92°00′W)
Herbrich, Antje / Hauff, Folkmar / Hoernle, Kaj / Werner, Reinhard / Garbe-Schönberg, Dieter / White, Scott | 2016
The geochemical components that distinguish Loa- and Kea-trend Hawaiian shield lavas
Frey, Frederick A. / Huang, Shichun / Xu, Guangping / Jochum, Klaus P. | 2016
Compositional variation within thick (>10m) flow units of Mauna Kea Volcano cored by the Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project
Huang, Shichun / Vollinger, Michael J. / Frey, Frederick A. / Rhodes, J. Michael / Zhang, Qun | 2016
Petrogenesis of high-CaO lavas from Mauna Kea, Hawaii: Constraints from trace element abundances
Huang, Shichun / Humayun, Munir | 2016
The aluminum conundrum in Hawaiian shield-building lavas: An argument for a deep, garnet-bearing, mantle source
Rhodes, J. Michael | 2016
Magma transport and olivine crystallization depths in Kīlauea’s east rift zone inferred from experimentally rehomogenized melt inclusions
Tuohy, Robin M. / Wallace, Paul J. / Loewen, Matthew W. / Swanson, Donald A. / Kent, Adam J.R. | 2016
Compositional heterogeneity of the Sugarloaf melilite nephelinite flow, Honolulu Volcanics, Hawai‘i
Clague, David A. / Frey, Frederick A. / Garcia, Michael O. / Huang, Shichun / McWilliams, Michael / Beeson, Melvin H. | 2016
Petrology and geochronology of lavas from Ka‘ula Volcano: Implications for rejuvenated volcanism of the Hawaiian mantle plume
Garcia, Michael O. / Weis, Dominique / Jicha, Brian R. / Ito, Garrett / Hanano, Diane | 2016
Geochemistry and age of Shatsky, Hess, and Ojin Rise seamounts: Implications for a connection between the Shatsky and Hess Rises
Tejada, Maria Luisa G. / Geldmacher, Jörg / Hauff, Folkmar / Heaton, Daniel / Koppers, Anthony A.P. / Garbe-Schönberg, Dieter / Hoernle, Kaj / Heydolph, Ken / Sager, William W. | 2016
High-K andesite petrogenesis and crustal evolution: Evidence from mafic and ultramafic xenoliths, Egmont Volcano (Mt. Taranaki) and comparisons with Ruapehu Volcano, North Island, New Zealand
Price, Richard C. / Smith, Ian E.M. / Stewart, Robert B. / Gamble, John A. / Gruender, Kerstin / Maas, Roland | 2015
Geochemistry of basalts from small eruptive centers near Villarrica stratovolcano, Chile: Evidence for lithospheric mantle components in continental arc magmas
Hickey-Vargas, R. / Sun, M. / Holbik, S. | 2016
On progress and rate of the peritectic reaction Fo+SiO2 →En in natural andesitic arc magmas
Zellmer, Georg F. / Sakamoto, Naoya / Matsuda, Nozomi / Iizuka, Yoshiyuki / Moebis, Anja / Yurimoto, Hisayoshi | 2016
Origin of Miocene andesite and dacite in the Goldfield–Superstition volcanic province, central Arizona: Hybrids of mafic and silicic magma mixing
Fodor, R.V. / Johnson, Kelly G. | 2016
Evolution of the East African rift: Drip magmatism, lithospheric thinning and mafic volcanism
Furman, Tanya / Nelson, Wendy R. / Elkins-Tanton, Linda T. | 2016
The geochemistry of primitive volcanic rocks of the Ankaratra volcanic complex, and source enrichment processes in the genesis of the Cenozoic magmatism in Madagascar
Melluso, L. / Cucciniello, C. / le Roex, A.P. / Morra, V. | 2016
Petrogenesis of coeval sodic and potassic alkaline magmas at Spanish Peaks, Colorado: Magmatism related to the opening of the Rio Grande rift
Lord, A. Brooke Hamil / McGregor, Heath / Roden, Michael F. / Salters, Vincent J.M. / Sarafian, Adam / Leahy, Rory | 2016
Ca-rich carbonates associated with ultrabasic-ultramafic melts: Carbonatite or limestone xenoliths? A case study from the late Miocene Morron de Villamayor volcano (Calatrava Volcanic Field, central Spain)
Lustrino, Michele / Prelević, Dejan / Agostini, Samuele / Gaeta, Mario / Di Rocco, Tommaso / Stagno, Vincenzo / Capizzi, Luca Samuele | 2016
SilMush: A procedure for modeling of the geochemical evolution of silicic magmas and granitic rocks
Hertogen, Jan / Mareels, Joyce | 2016
Leucogranites of the Teton Range, Wyoming: A record of Archean collisional orogeny
Frost, Carol D. / Swapp, Susan M. / Frost, B. Ronald / Finley-Blasi, Lee / Fitz-Gerald, D. Braden | 2015