Dark triad traits and romantic relationship attachment, accommodation, and control (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  120 ;  202-208  ;  2018
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The relations between processing style, autistic-like traits, and emotion recognition in individuals with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
McKenzie, Karen / Murray, Aja Louise / Wilkinson, Andrew / Murray, George C. / Metcalfe, Dale / O'Donnell, Michael / McCarty, Kris | 2018
A critique of the construct validity of active procrastination
Chowdhury, Shamarukh F. / Pychyl, Timothy A. | 2018
The pros and cons of having a meaningful life
Lane, David J. / Mathes, Eugene W. | 2018
Forgiveness and life satisfaction across different age groups in adults
Kaleta, Kinga / Mróz, Justyna | 2018
The prospective role of defeat and entrapment in caregiver burden and depression amongst formal caregivers
Griffiths, Alys Wyn / Wood, Alex M. / Tai, Sara | 2018
Pro-social personality traits, helping behavior, and ego-depletion: Is helping really easier for the dispositionally pro-social?
Ruci, Lorena / van Allen, Zachary M. / Zelenski, John M. | 2018
Personality and health: Impacts of romantic relationship characteristics
Cotter, Kelly A. / Kerschner, Barbara J. | 2018
Value change in men and women entering parenthood: New mothers' value priorities shift towards Conservation values
Lönnqvist, Jan-Erik / Leikas, Sointu / Verkasalo, Markku | 2018
Diminished UV radiation enhances national cognitive ability, wealth, and institutions through health and education
León, Federico R. | 2018
Emotional intelligence and cortisol responses: Can laboratory findings be replicated in classrooms and using other EI measures?
Wilbraham, Susan J. / Qualter, Pamela / Roy, Mark P. | 2018
I'll get there because I'm great, or am I? Narcissistic vulnerability moderates the narcissistic grandiosity – goal persistence relationship
Manley, Harry / Roberts, Ross / Beattie, Stuart / Woodman, Tim | 2018
Psychological processes common to social conservatism and terrorism
Stankov, Lazar | 2018
A prospective study of homesickness in soldiers during military deployment
Niziurski, Julie A. / Berntsen, Dorthe | 2018
P3 amplitude and psychopathic traits in youths: Distinct contributions of the grandiose-manipulative and daring-impulsivity traits
Gao, Yu / Zhang, Wei / Eisenbarth, Hedwig / Fung, Annis Lai-Chu / Lu, Matthew / Raine, Adrian / Lee, Tatia M.C. / Li, Xiaobo | 2018
Faking amoralism: An ability elusive to both measures of substance and style
Perunicic Mladenovic, Ivana / Knezevic, Goran | 2018
Seeing the world in black or white: The Dark Triad traits and dichotomous thinking
Jonason, Peter K. / Oshio, Atsushi / Shimotsukasa, Tadahiro / Mieda, Takahiro / Csathó, Árpád / Sitnikova, Maria | 2018
The Dark Triad traits and views of time in three countries
Jonason, Peter K. / Sitnikova, Maria / Oshio, Atsushi | 2018
Trait self-control: Why people with a higher approach (avoidance) temperament can experience higher (lower) subjective wellbeing
Briki, Walid | 2018
Individual differences in time perspectives and risky financial choices
Sekścińska, Katarzyna / Rudzinska-Wojciechowska, Joanna / Maison, Dominika | 2018
Contradicting effects of self-insight: Self-insight can conditionally contribute to increased depressive symptoms
Nakajima, Miho / Takano, Keisuke / Tanno, Yoshihiko | 2018
Relationship between measures of impulsivity in opioid-dependent individuals
Kras, Marni / Youssef, George J. / Garfield, Joshua B.B. / Yücel, Murat / Lubman, Dan I. / Stout, Julie C. | 2018
Relationship between loneliness and symptoms of anxiety and depression in African American men and women: Evidence for gender as a moderator
Chang, Edward C. | 2018
Personality, equity sensitivity, and discretionary workplace behavior
Bourdage, Joshua S. / Goupal, Anna / Neilson, Tessa / Lukacik, Eden-Raye / Lee, Naomi | 2018
No relation between digit ratio (2D:4D) and visual attention patterns to sexually preferred and non-preferred stimuli
Vásquez-Amézquita, Milena / Leongómez, Juan David / Seto, Michael C. / Bonilla, Fidel Mauricio / Rodríguez-Padilla, Alexa / Salvador, Alicia | 2018
Development of a new abbreviated form of the Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised
Colledani, Daiana / Robusto, Egidio / Anselmi, Pasquale | 2018
Associations between personality and distress tolerance among trauma-exposed young adults
Chowdhury, Nadia / Kevorkian, Salpi / Hawn, Sage E. / Amstadter, Ananda B. / Dick, Danielle / Kendler, Kenneth S. / Berenz, Erin C. | 2018
Profiles of teacher personality and relations with teacher self-efficacy, work engagement, and job satisfaction
Perera, Harsha N. / Granziera, Helena / McIlveen, Peter | 2018
Cognitive mechanisms for worry in early adolescence: Re-examining the role of high verbal intelligence
Francis, Rosanna / Hawes, David J. / Abbott, Maree J. / Costa, Daniel S.J. | 2018
Psychometric parameters of an abbreviated vengeance scale across two countries
Coelho, Gabriel L.H. / Monteiro, Renan P. / Hanel, Paul H.P. / Vilar, Roosevelt / Gouveia, Valdiney V. / Maio, Gregory R. | 2018
Is the use of humor associated with anger management? The assessment of individual differences in humor styles in Spain
Torres-Marín, Jorge / Navarro-Carrillo, Ginés / Carretero-Dios, Hugo | 2018
Dark triad traits and romantic relationship attachment, accommodation, and control
Brewer, Gayle / Bennett, Charlotte / Davidson, Lauren / Ireen, Alisha / Phipps, Amy-Jo / Stewart-Wilkes, David / Wilson, Bernadette | 2018
The roles of hedonic and eudaimonic motives in emotion regulation
Ortner, Catherine N.M. / Corno, Daniela / Fung, Tsz Yin / Rapinda, Karli | 2018
Relationship between interparental functioning and adolescents' level of Machiavellianism: A multi-perspective approach
Láng, András / Abell, Loren | 2018
Self- and other-focused emotional intelligence: Development and validation of the Rotterdam Emotional Intelligence Scale (REIS)
Pekaar, Keri A. / Bakker, Arnold B. / van der Linden, Dimitri / Born, Marise Ph. | 2018
The Dark Triad and the self-presentation variables of socially desirable responding and self-monitoring
Kowalski, Christopher Marcin / Rogoza, Radosław / Vernon, Philip A. / Schermer, Julie Aitken | 2018
Test of three conceptual models of influence of the big five personality traits and self-efficacy on academic performance: A meta-analytic path-analysis
Stajkovic, Alexander D. / Bandura, Albert / Locke, Edwin A. / Lee, Dongseop / Sergent, Kayla | 2018
Editorial for young researcher award 2016
| 2018
The associations between callous-unemotional traits and emotional awareness in youth
Baroncelli, Andrea / Roti, Benedetta / Ciucci, Enrica | 2018
Should I say thank you? Gratitude encourages cognitive reappraisal and buffers the negative impact of ambivalence over emotional expression on depression
Bryan, Jennifer L. / Young, Chelsie M. / Lucas, Sydnee / Quist, Michelle C. | 2018
The influence of personality and coping style on the affective outcomes of nostalgia: Is nostalgia a healthy coping mechanism or rumination?
Garrido, Sandra | 2018
Trust toward a group of strangers as a function of stereotype-based social identification
Kong, Dejun Tony | 2018
Psychometric properties and correlates of the Polish version of the Squire Subjective Memory Questionnaire (SSMQ)
Kuczek, Marta / Szpitalak, Malwina / Polczyk, Romuald | 2018
Integrating molecular genetics and evolutionary psychology: Sexual jealousy and the androgen receptor (AR) gene
Lewis, David M.G. / Al-Shawaf, Laith / Janiak, Mareike C. / Akunebu, Sarah P. | 2018
Why attractive women want gay male friends: A previously undiscovered strategy to prevent mating deception and sexual exploitation
Russell, Eric M. / Babcock, Meghan J. / Lewis, David M.G. / Ta, Vivian P. / Ickes, William | 2018
Facet Benchmarking: Advanced application of a new instrument refinement method
Siegling, Alex B. / Furnham, Adrian / Petrides, K.V. | 2018
The cascade of positive events: Does exercise on a given day increase the frequency of additional positive events?
Young, Kevin C. / Machell, Kyla A. / Kashdan, Todd B. / Westwater, Margaret L. | 2018
| 2018
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