An evaluation of climate change effects in estuarine salinity patterns: Application to Ria de Aveiro shallow water system (English)

In: Estuarine, coastal and shelf science   ;  189 ;  33-45  ;  2017
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Dynamics of water and salt exchange at Maryland Coastal Bays
Kang, Xinyi / Xia, Meng / Pitula, Joseph S. / Chigbu, Paulinus | 2017
Parametric analysis of three dimensional flow models applied to tidal energy sites in Scotland
Rahman, Anas / Venugopal, Vengatesan | 2017
An evaluation of climate change effects in estuarine salinity patterns: Application to Ria de Aveiro shallow water system
Vargas, Catarina I.C. / Vaz, Nuno / Dias, João M. | 2017
The potential effects of pre-settlement processes on post-settlement growth and survival of juvenile northern rock sole (Lepidopsetta polyxystra) in Gulf of Alaska nursery habitats
Fedewa, Erin J. / Miller, Jessica A. / Hurst, Thomas P. / Jiang, Duo | 2017
The fast expansion of Pyropia aquaculture in "Sansha" regions should be mainly responsible for the Ulva blooms in Yellow Sea
Zhang, Jianheng / Zhao, Peng / Huo, Yuanzi / Yu, Kefeng / He, Peimin | 2017
Functional and energetic consequences of climate change on a predatory whelk
Giacoletti, A. / Maricchiolo, G. / Mirto, S. / Genovese, L. / Umani, M. / Sarà, G. | 2017
Factors influencing prokaryotes in an intertidal mudflat and the resulting depth gradients
Lavergne, Céline / Agogué, Hélène / Leynaert, Aude / Raimonet, Mélanie / De Wit, Rutger / Pineau, Philippe / Bréret, Martine / Lachaussée, Nicolas / Dupuy, Christine | 2017
Assessing N2 fixation in estuarine mangrove soils
Shiau, Yo-Jin / Lin, Ming-Fen / Tan, Chen-Chung / Tian, Guanglong / Chiu, Chih-Yu | 2017
Modeling hydrodynamics of large lagoons: Insights from the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System
Clunies, Gregory J. / Mulligan, Ryan P. / Mallinson, David J. / Walsh, J.P. | 2017
Geochemical factors promoting die-back gap formation in colonizing patches of Spartina densiflora in an irregularly flooded marsh
Mirlean, Nicolai / Costa, Cesar S.B. | 2017
Tidal dynamics on the North Patagonian Argentinean Gulfs
Tonini, Mariano H. / Palma, Elbio D. | 2017
Biogeochemical impact of submarine ground water discharge on coastal surface sands of the southern Baltic Sea
Donis, Daphne / Janssen, Felix / Liu, Bo / Wenzhöfer, Frank / Dellwig, Olaf / Escher, Peter / Spitzy, Alejandro / Böttcher, Michael E. | 2017
The diversity and structure of marine protists in the coastal waters of China revealed by morphological observation and 454 pyrosequencing
Liu, Yun / Song, Shuqun / Chen, Tiantian / Li, Caiwen | 2017
Does the hydrodynamic, morphometric and sedimentary environment explain the structure of soft-bottom benthic assemblages in the Eastern Bay of Seine (English Channel)?
Dauvin, Jean-Claude / Lucas, Sabrina / Navon, Maxime / Lesourd, Sandric / Mear, Yann / Poizot, Emmanuel / Alizier, Sandrine | 2017
Mobility of maerl-siliciclastic mixtures: Impact of waves, currents and storm events
Joshi, Siddhi / Duffy, Garret Patrick / Brown, Colin | 2017
Decline of cold-water fish species in the Bay of Somme (English Channel, France) in response to ocean warming
Auber, Arnaud / Gohin, Francis / Goascoz, Nicolas / Schlaich, Ivan | 2017
Three-dimensional temperature fields of the North Patagonian Sea recorded by Magellanic penguins as biological sampling platforms
Sala, Juan E. / Pisoni, Juan P. / Quintana, Flavio | 2017
Interspecific differences in habitat selection of syngnathids in the Ria Formosa lagoon, Portugal
Müller, Carolin / Erzini, Karim | 2017
Size distributions of coastal ocean suspended particulate inorganic matter: Amorphous silica and clay minerals and their dynamics
Zhang, Xiaodong / Stavn, Robert H. / Falster, Alexander U. / Rick, Johannes J. / Gray, Deric / Gould, Richard W. | 2017
Hydro-sedimentary processes of a shallow tropical estuary under Amazon influence. The Mahury Estuary, French Guiana
Orseau, Sylvain / Lesourd, Sandric / Huybrechts, Nicolas / Gardel, Antoine | 2017
Distribution and sources of organic matter in size-fractionated nearshore sediments off the Barcelona city (NW Mediterranean)
Quirós-Collazos, Lucía / Pedrosa-Pàmies, Rut / Sanchez-Vidal, Anna / Guillén, Jorge / Duran, Ruth / Cabello, Patricia | 2017