2D:4D digit ratio and types of adult paranormal belief: An attempted replication and extension of Voracek (2009) with a UK sample (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  104 ;  92-97  ;  2017
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Social decision making in narcissism: Reduced generosity and increased retaliation are driven by alterations in perspective-taking and anger
Böckler, Anne / Sharifi, Marjan / Kanske, Philipp / Dziobek, Isabel / Singer, Tania | 2017
Relationship between body mass index and moral disapproval rating for ethical violations
Vicario, Carmelo M. / Rafal, Robert D. | 2017
Wake up for the environment: An association between sleepiness and pro-environmental behavior
Kaida, Kosuke / Kaida, Naoko | 2017
Mate value both positively and negatively predicts intentions to commit an infidelity
Starratt, Valerie G. / Weekes-Shackelford, Viviana / Shackelford, Todd K. | 2017
Autonomy-connectedness in collectivistic cultures: An exploratory cross-cultural study among Portuguese natives, Cape-Verdean and Chinese people residing in Portugal
Moleiro, Carla / Ratinho, Inês / Bernardes, Sonia | 2017
Prevailing to the peers' detriment: Organizational constraints motivate Machiavellians to undermine their peers
Castille, Christopher M. / Kuyumcu, Daniel / Bennett, Rebecca J. | 2017
“I fear, therefore, I shop!” exploring anxiety sensitivity in relation to compulsive buying
Gallagher, Catherine E. / Watt, Margo C. / Weaver, Angela D. / Murphy, Keely A. | 2017
Vocational interests and dark personality: Are there dark career choices?
Kowalski, Christopher Marcin / Vernon, Philip A. / Schermer, Julie Aitken | 2017
Narcissism and self-presentation: Profiling grandiose and vulnerable Narcissists' self-presentation tactic use
Hart, William / Adams, John / Burton, K. Alex / Tortoriello, Gregory K. | 2017
PID-5 trait mediation of childhood maltreatment effects
Veith, Amy C. / Russell, Tiffany D. / King, Alan R. | 2017
Comparison of depression, anxiety, stress, quality of life, and alexithymia between people with type II diabetes and non-diabetic counterparts
Shahi, Marjan / Mohammadyfar, Mohammad Ali | 2017
Constraint is associated with earlier circadian phase and morningness: Confirmation of relationships between personality and circadian phase using a constant routine protocol
Bullock, B. / Murray, G. / Anderson, J.L. / Cooper-O'Neill, T. / Gooley, J.J. / Cain, S.W. / Lockley, S.W. | 2017
What makes sense in our body? Personality and sensory correlates of body awareness and somatosensory amplification
Ferentzi, Eszter / Köteles, Ferenc / Csala, Barbara / Drew, Raechel / Tihanyi, Benedek T. / Pulay-Kottlár, Gabriella / Doering, Bettina K. | 2017
Anxiety mediates the relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and insomnia disorder
Akram, Umair / Ellis, Jason G. / Myachykov, Andriy / Chapman, Ashley J. / Barclay, Nicola L. | 2017
The personality traits of consensually supportive people
Fles, Elizabeth / Lakey, Brian | 2017
2D:4D digit ratio and types of adult paranormal belief: An attempted replication and extension of Voracek (2009) with a UK sample
Rogers, Paul / Caswell, Noreen / Brewer, Gayle | 2017
Revisiting the structural and nomological validity of the Zimbardo time perspective inventory
Davis, Mark A. / Cernas Ortiz, Daniel A. | 2017
Life satisfaction and delinquent behaviors among Korean adolescents
Jung, Sunyoung / Choi, Eunsil | 2017
Interaction between implicit aggression and dispositional self-control in explaining counterproductive work behaviors
Galić, Zvonimir / Ružojčić, Mitja | 2017
Can left-right differences in abortion support be explained by sexism?
Hodson, Gordon / MacInnis, Cara C. | 2017
A new day, a new me: Daily event domain and valence interact in relation to daily personality
Hadden, Benjamin W. / Smith, C. Veronica / Osborne, Ta'boris / Webster, Gregory D. | 2017
Uncovering the association between strategy video games and self-regulation: A correlational study
Gabbiadini, Alessandro / Greitemeyer, Tobias | 2017
Bullying victimization and depression in Chinese children: A moderated mediation model of resilience and mindfulness
Zhou, Zong-Kui / Liu, Qing-Qi / Niu, Geng-Feng / Sun, Xiao-Jun / Fan, Cui-Ying | 2017
The mate switching hypothesis
Buss, David M. / Goetz, Cari / Duntley, Joshua D. / Asao, Kelly / Conroy-Beam, Daniel | 2017
The tendency to ruminate and the dynamics of heart rate recovery after an ordinary, mildly stressful performance situation
Papousek, Ilona / Paechter, Manuela / Weiss, Elisabeth M. / Lackner, Helmut K. | 2017
Does biological endowment matter for demand for financial services? Evidence from 2D:4D ratio in the Russian household survey
Andrievskaya, Irina / Semenova, Maria | 2017
The Assessment of Sadistic Personality: Preliminary psychometric evidence for a new measure
Plouffe, Rachel A. / Saklofske, Donald H. / Smith, Martin M. | 2017
The Situational Triggers of Aggressive Responses scale in five countries: Factor structure and country clustering solutions
Mylonas, Kostas / Lawrence, Claire / Zajenkowska, Anna / Bower Russa, Mary | 2017
Good v. evil: Predicting sinning with dark personality traits and moral foundations
Jonason, Peter K. / Zeigler-Hill, Virgil / Okan, Ceylan | 2017
Does your résumé photograph tell who you are?
Fernandez, Sébastien / Stosic, Gorm / Terrier, Lohyd | 2017
Anger factors impacting on life satisfaction of mothers with young children in Korea: Does mother's age matter?
Chung, Kai-Sook / Kim, Mina | 2017
Exposure to workplace harassment and the Five Factor Model of personality: A meta-analysis
Nielsen, Morten Birkeland / Glasø, Lars / Einarsen, Ståle | 2017
Structure, validity, and development of a brief version of the Narcissistic Inventory-Revised and its relation to current measures of vulnerable and grandiose narcissism
Altmann, Tobias | 2017
Evaluative conditioning leads to differences in the social evaluation of prototypical faces
Kocsor, Ferenc / Bereczkei, Tamás | 2017
Greater need to belong predicts a stronger preference for extraverted faces
Brown, Mitch / Sacco, Donald F. | 2017
Gender differences in information quality of virtual communities: A study from an expectation-perception perspective
Liu, Yuewen / Li, Yahui / Zhang, Hongyun / Huang, Wei (Wayne) | 2017
Outside the box: Epistemic curiosity as a predictor of creative problem solving and creative performance
Hardy, Jay H. / Ness, Alisha M. / Mecca, Jensen | 2017
The longitudinal relationship between everyday sadism and the amount of violent video game play
Greitemeyer, Tobias / Sagioglou, Christina | 2017
Bowing and kicking: Rediscovering the fundamental link between generalized authoritarianism and generalized prejudice
Hodson, Gordon / MacInnis, Cara C. / Busseri, Michael A. | 2017
Mean girls: PID-5 personality traits and everyday sadism predict hostile femininity
Russell, Tiffany D. / King, Alan R. | 2017
Ask and you shall receive? Right-wing authoritarianism shapes reactions to religious accommodation requests at work
Butt, Saba M. / Dahling, Jason J. / Hansel, Katharine R. | 2017
Gender differences in intergroup conflict: The effect of outgroup threat priming on social dominance orientation
Sugiura, Hitomi / Mifune, Nobuhiro / Tsuboi, Sho / Yokota, Kunihiro | 2017
Self-regulation of learning and performance among students enrolled in a disciplinary alternative school
Herndon, J. Stephan / Bembenutty, Héfer | 2017
Sex differences in achievement: Distributions matter
Pargulski, Jennifer R. / Reynolds, Matthew R. | 2017
Examining the consistency and coherence of values in young children using a new Animated Values Instrument
Collins, Patricia R. / Lee, Julie A. / Sneddon, Joanne N. / Döring, Anna K. | 2017
The Big Five personality dimensions and mate retention behaviors in Iran
Atari, Mohammad / Barbaro, Nicole / Sela, Yael / Shackelford, Todd K. / Chegeni, Razieh | 2017
Conscientiousness, extraversion, and field sales performance: Combining narrow personality, social skill, emotional stability, and nonlinearity
Wihler, Andreas / Meurs, James A. / Momm, Tassilo D. / John, Julia / Blickle, Gerhard | 2017
Sex matters: Examination of disgust and morality judgments of transgressions committed by homosexuals and heterosexuals
Olatunji, Bunmi O. / Puncochar, Bieke David / Kramer, Lindsay | 2017
Perceived emotional intelligence as a predictor of depressive symptoms during mid-adolescence: A two-year longitudinal study on gender differences
Gomez-Baya, Diego / Mendoza, Ramon / Paino, Susana / de Matos, Margarida Gaspar | 2017
Influence of sexual orientation, population, homogamy, and imprinting-like effect on preferences and choices for female buttock size, breast size and shape, and WHR
Varella Valentova, Jaroslava / Bártová, Klára / Štěrbová, Zuzana / Corrêa Varella, Marco Antonio | 2017
Manly to the core: Measuring men's implicit masculine self-concept via the Semantic Misattribution Procedure
Wong, Y. Joel / Burkley, Melissa / Bell, Angela C. / Wang, Shu-Yi / Klann, Elyssa M. | 2017
Narcissism, gender, and evolutionary theory: The role of private and public self-absorption
Barnett, Michael D. / Sharp, Kendall J. | 2017
The Dark Triad and long-term mate preferences in Iranian women
Atari, Mohammad / Chegeni, Razieh | 2017
Male height and marital status
Sorjonen, Kimmo / Enquist, Magnus / Melin, Bo | 2017
Differences in the way we decide: The effect of decision style diversity on process conflict in design teams
Fitzgerald, Dinora R. / Mohammed, Susan / Kremer, Gül Okudan | 2017
Fight or flight: Perceptions of men who confront versus ignore threats to themselves and others
O'Dea, Conor J. / Bueno, Angelica M. Castro / Saucier, Donald A. | 2017
Letter-Number Sequencing, Figure Weights, and Cancellation subtests of WAIS-IV administered to elders
Pezzuti, Lina / Rossetti, Serena | 2017
A process-oriented perspective examining the relationships among daily coping, stress, and affect
Blaxton, Jessica M. / Bergeman, C.S. | 2017
Role of thrill and adventure seeking in risky work-related driving behaviours
Wishart, Darren / Somoray, Klaire / Rowland, Bevan | 2017
Self-evaluations in social anxiety: The combined role of explicit and implicit social-rank
Berger, Uri / Keshet, Hadar / Gilboa-Schechtman, Eva | 2017
The relationship of the big-five with workplace network resources: More quadratic than linear
Bozionelos, Georgios | 2017
The advantages of partialling perfectionistic strivings and perfectionistic concerns: Critical issues and recommendations
Stoeber, Joachim / Gaudreau, Patrick | 2017
Angels everywhere? How beliefs in pure evil and pure good predict perceptions of heroic behavior
Webster, Russell J. / Saucier, Donald A. | 2017
Establishing the distinctiveness of relationship variables using the Big Five and self-esteem
Jones, Daniel N. | 2017
Does test anxiety increase as the exam draws near? – Students' state test anxiety recorded over the course of one semester
Lotz, Christin / Sparfeldt, Jörn R. | 2017
Psychopathy rather than Machiavellianism or narcissism facilitates intimate partner violence via fast life strategy
Kiire, Satoru | 2017
Putting a spotlight on daily humor behaviors: Dimensionality and relationships with personality, subjective well-being, and humor styles
Heintz, Sonja | 2017
Maternal knowledge, adolescent personality, and bullying
Farrell, Ann H. / Provenzano, Daniel A. / Dane, Andrew V. / Marini, Zopito A. / Volk, Anthony A. | 2017
Impulsivity traits as correlates of antisocial behaviour in adolescents
Maneiro, Lorena / Gómez-Fraguela, José Antonio / Cutrín, Olalla / Romero, Estrella | 2017
Assessing need-supportive and need-thwarting interpersonal behaviours: The Interpersonal Behaviours Questionnaire (IBQ)
Rocchi, Meredith / Pelletier, Luc / Cheung, Susanna / Baxter, Daniel / Beaudry, Simon | 2017
The Spearman's law of diminishing returns in chess
Blanch, Angel / García, Héctor / Llaveria, Anton / Aluja, Anton | 2017
How important is personality in the selection of medical school students?
McLarnon, Matthew J.W. / Rothstein, Mitchell G. / Goffin, Richard D. / Rieder, Michael J. / Poole, Amanda / Krajewski, Henryk T. / Powell, Deborah M. / Jelley, R. Blake / Mestdagh, Tracy | 2017
Adolescents consider the future differently depending on the domain in question: Results of an exploratory study in the United Kingdom
McKay, Michael.T. / Perry, John.L. / Cole, Jon.C. / Magee, Jennifer | 2017
A moderated mediation model of Machiavellianism, social undermining, political skill, and supervisor-rated job performance
Smith, Mickey B. / Webster, Brian D. | 2017
Exploring and assessing meaning in life in elementary school children: Development and validation of the meaning in life in children questionnaire (MIL-CQ)
Shoshani, Anat / Russo-Netzer, Pninit | 2017
The Dark Triad, emotional expressivity and appropriateness of emotional response: Fear and sadness when one should be happy?
Lyons, Minna / Brockman, Charlotte | 2017
Attachment, perceived parental trust and grandiose narcissism: Moderated mediation models
Zhang, Qingyao / Zhang, Lijuan / Li, Caina | 2017
Utilitarian preferences or action preferences? De-confounding action and moral code in sacrificial dilemmas
Crone, Damien L. / Laham, Simon M. | 2017
Narcissistic self-promotion is not moderated by the strength of situational cues
Maaß, Ulrike / Ziegler, Matthias | 2017
No relationship between abortion numbers and maternal cognitive ability
Woodley of Menie, Michael A. / Sänger, Justus / Meisenberg, Gerhard | 2017
Relationship between belief in a just world and Internet altruistic behavior in a sample of Chinese undergraduates: Multiple mediating roles of gratitude and self-esteem
Jiang, Huaibin / Chen, Gui / Wang, Ting | 2017
You remind me of someone awesome: Narcissistic tolerance is driven by perceived similarity
Burton, K. Alex / Adams, John Milton / Hart, William / Grant, Brett / Richardson, Kyle / Tortoriello, Greg | 2017
Ethnic variations in other-oriented perfectionism's associations with depression and suicide behaviour
Chen, Chang / Hewitt, Paul L. / Flett, Gordon L. | 2017
Workplace loneliness, leader-member exchange and creativity: The cross-level moderating role of leader compassion
Peng, Jian / Chen, Yushuai / Xia, Ying / Ran, Yaxuan | 2017
Shedding light on the dark side: Associations between the dark triad and the DSM-5 maladaptive trait model
Grigoras, Mihaela / Wille, Bart | 2017
Measuring self-esteem instability through a single-administration scale: Still a fruitless endeavor?
Howard, Matt C. | 2017
Impulsivity is not related to the ability and position components of intelligence: A comment on Lozano (2015)
Ren, Xuezhu / Gong, Qin / Chu, Pei / Wang, Tengfei | 2017
Identity change between late adolescence and adulthood
Cramer, Phebe | 2017
From drug laws to recreational substance use: The adaptationist role of disgust sensitivity
Oosterhoff, Benjamin / Shook, Natalie J. | 2017
A person-centric investigation of personality types, job performance, and attrition
Conte, Jeffrey M. / Heffner, Tonia S. / Roesch, Scott C. / Aasen, Bryan | 2017
Book review
Corr, Philip J. | 2017
Corrigendum to "The broad factor of working memory is virtually isomorphic to fluid intelligence tested under time pressure" [Personality and Individual Differences 85 (2015) 98–104]
Chuderski, Adam | 2017
Corrigendum to Baby was a black sheep: Digit ratio (2D:4D), maternal bonding and primary and secondary psychopathy [Paid 99C (2016) 67–71]
Blanchard, Alyson | 2017
Corrigendum to "Effects of field dependence-independence and frame of reference on navigation performance using multi-dimensional electronic maps" [Personality and Individual Differences 97 (2016) 289–299]
Li, Hongting / Zhang, Yiqi / Wu, Changxu / Mei, Dan | 2017
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