Who is the most demanding of them all? A multisource investigation of other-oriented perfectionism, socially prescribed perfectionism, and depressive symptoms (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  138 ;  328-332  ;  2019
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Pathogen disgust predicts homosexual men's preference for feminine cues in male voices in China
Zhang, Jing / Zheng, Lijun / Zheng, Yong | 2019
Trait negative affect moderates the effects of expressive versus experiential emotion suppression
Boland, Matthew / Papa, Anthony / del Carlo, Robert Eugene | 2019
Associations between life history speed and sexually coercive behavior
Kavish, Nicholas / Anderson, Jaime L. | 2019
A clinical interpretation of shame regulation in maladaptive perfectionism
Schalkwijk, Frans / Van Someren, Eus J.W. / Wassing, Rick | 2019
The dimensionality of the hare psychopathy checklist-revised, revisited: Its purported multidimensionality might well be artifactual
Maraun, Michael D. / Metta, Alessandro / Hart, Stephen D. / Fraser-Maraun, Jason / Heene, Moritz | 2019
The more you judge the worse you feel. A judgemental attitude towards one's inner experience predicts depression and anxiety
Barcaccia, Barbara / Baiocco, Roberto / Pozza, Andrea / Pallini, Susanna / Mancini, Francesco / Salvati, Marco | 2019
Neurocognitive deficits in shy college students: An event-related potential analysis of the P3 component evoked by evaluations of others
Yang, Yu / Hong, Sun / Fengqiang, Gao / Lei, Han | 2019
Costly female appearance-enhancement provides cues of short-term mating effort: The case of cosmetic surgery
Bradshaw, Hannah K. / Leyva, Randi Proffitt / Nicolas, Sylis C.A. / Hill, Sarah E. | 2019
The behavioral inhibition and activation systems and function in patients with chronic pain
Serrano-Ibáñez, Elena R. / López-Martínez, Alicia E. / Ramírez-Maestre, Carmen / Esteve, Rosa / Jensen, Mark P. | 2019
The general factor of personality is very robust under faking conditions
Schermer, Julie Aitken / Holden, Ronald R. / Krammer, Georg | 2019
Resting heart rate variability moderates the relationship between trait emotional competencies and depression
Batselé, Elise / Stefaniak, Nicolas / Fantini-Hauwel, Carole | 2019
Academic misconduct: An examination of its association with the dark triad and antisocial behavior
Ternes, Marguerite / Babin, Coady / Woodworth, Amber / Stephens, Skye | 2019
Authoritarian personality and subjective well-being in Chinese college students: The moderation effect of the organizational culture context
Liu, Huan-huan / Peng, Fei / Zeng, Xi-hua / Zhao, Jiu-bo / Zhang, Xiao-yuan | 2019
Do right-wing and left-wing authoritarianism predict election outcomes?: Support for Obama and Trump across two United States presidential elections
Conway, Lucian Gideon / McFarland, James D. | 2019
Faking it! Individual differences in types and degrees of faking behavior
McLarnon, Matthew J.W. / DeLongchamp, Amanda C. / Schneider, Travis J. | 2019
Adult attachment and self-disclosure on social networking site: A content analysis of Sina Weibo
Chen, Liang / Hu, Na / Shu, Cong / Chen, Xu | 2019
Why Pillory Hillary? Testing the endemic sexism hypothesis regarding the 2016 U.S. election
Rothwell, Valerie / Hodson, Gordon / Prusaczyk, Elvira | 2019
Regulatory focus and regulatory mode – Keys to narcissists' (lack of) life satisfaction?
Hanke, Stephanie / Rohmann, Elke / Förster, Jens | 2019
Are perfectionism dimensions risk factors for bulimic symptoms? A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies
Kehayes, Ivy-Lee L. / Smith, Martin M. / Sherry, Simon B. / Vidovic, Vanja / Saklofske, Donald H. | 2019
"Evil" intentions: Examining the relationship between the Dark Tetrad and victim selection based on nonverbal gait cues
Ritchie, Mary B. / Blais, Julie / Forth, Adelle E. | 2019
CEO facial masculinity and bank risk-taking
Ahmed, Shaker / Sihvonen, Jukka / Vähämaa, Sami | 2019
Dispositional mindfulness buffers against incivility outcomes: A moderated mediation model
Tarraf, Rima C. / McLarnon, Matthew J.W. / Finegan, Joan E. | 2019
Greedy bastards: Testing the relationship between wanting more and unethical behavior
Seuntjens, Terri G. / Zeelenberg, Marcel / van de Ven, Niels / Breugelmans, Seger M. | 2019
Masculinity might be more toxic than we think: The influence of gender roles on trait emotional manipulation
Grieve, Rachel / March, Evita / Van Doorn, George | 2019
Right-wing authoritarianism as a predictor of pro-establishment versus anti-establishment conspiracy theories
Wood, Michael J. / Gray, Debra | 2019
Incentive salience & psychopathy: A bio-behavioral exploration
Jones, Daniel Nelson / Neria, Adon Lee | 2019
Are your emotions under your control or not? Implicit theories of emotion predict well-being via cognitive reappraisal
King, Ronnel B. / dela Rosa, Elmer D. | 2019
Influence of biological sex, trait gender, and state gender on pain threshold, pain tolerance, and ratings of pain severity
Martin, Rebecca M. | 2019
The emotional cost of poor mating performance
Apostolou, Menelaos / Shialos, Marios / Georgiadou, Polyxeni | 2019
On the willingness to admit wrongness: Validation of a new measure and an exploration of its correlates
Fetterman, Adam K. / Curtis, Shelby / Carre, Jessica / Sassenberg, Kai | 2019
Unpredictable and competitive cues affect prosocial behaviors and judgments
Zhu, Nan / Hawk, Skyler T. / Chang, Lei | 2019
Testing the developmental theory of sex differences in intelligence using latent modeling: Evidence from the TEA Ability Battery (BAT-7)
Arribas-Aguila, David / Abad, Francisco J. / Colom, Roberto | 2019
Beyond the Big Five: The fear of being laughed at as a predictor of body shame and appearance control beliefs
Moya-Garófano, Alba / Torres-Marín, Jorge / Carretero-Dios, Hugo | 2019
Green teens: Investigating the role of emotional intelligence in adolescent environmentalism
Robinson, Alexia C. / Downey, Luke A. / Ford, Talitha C. / Lomas, Justine E. / Stough, Con | 2019
Oxytocin and its association with reward-based personality traits: A multilocus genetic profile (MLGP) approach
Davis, Caroline / Zai, Clement C. / Adams, Nicole / Bonder, Revi / Kennedy, James L. | 2019
Modes of personal identity formation: A preliminary picture from the lifespan perspective
Topolewska-Siedzik, Ewa / Cieciuch, Jan | 2019
Facial masculinity preferences according to relationship status and sociosexual orientation in gay and bisexual men in China
Zheng, Lijun | 2019
Ice and fire: Two paths to provoked aggression
Book, Angela / Visser, Beth A. / Volk, Anthony / Holden, Ronald R. / D'Agata, Madeleine T. | 2019
The purrfect match: The influence of personality on owner satisfaction with their domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus)
Evans, Rebecca / Lyons, Minna / Brewer, Gayle / Tucci, Sonia | 2019
The moderating effect of dispositional fear of retaliation on the relationship between provocation and aggressive behavior
Barlett, Christopher P. / Madison, Cory / DeWitt, Caroline C. / Bailey Heath, J. | 2019
Relationships among autonomy support, psychological control, coping, and loneliness: Comparing victims with nonvictims
Li, Ruoxuan / Yao, Meilin / Liu, Hongrui / Chen, Yunxiang | 2019
From entrepreneurial alertness to entrepreneurial behavior: The role of trait competitiveness and proactive personality
Neneh, Brownhilder Ngek | 2019
From personality to passion: The role of the Big Five factors
Dalpé, Julien / Demers, Martin / Verner-Filion, Jérémie / Vallerand, Robert J. | 2019
Longitudinal study predicting burnout in Spanish nurses: The role of neuroticism and emotional coping
Fornés-Vives, Joana / García-Banda, Gloria / Frias-Navarro, Dolores / Pascual-Soler, Marcos | 2019
The moderating role of narcissism on the relationship between posttraumatic growth and PTSD symptoms
Levi, Ehud / Bachar, Eytan | 2019
Working Memory and Processing Speed mediate the effect of age on a General Ability Construct: Evidence from the Italian WAIS-IV standardization sample
Pezzuti, Lina / Lauriola, Marco / Borella, Erika / De Beni, Rossana / Cornoldi, Cesare | 2019
General mental ability and decision-making competence: Theoretically distinct but empirically redundant
Blacksmith, Nikki / Behrend, Tara S. / Dalal, Reeshad S. / Hayes, Theodore L. | 2019
The core self-evaluation scale: A replication of bi-factor dimensionality, reliability, and criterion validity
Henderson, Trent / Gardiner, Elliroma | 2019
Comparison of original and revised reinforcement sensitivity theory in clinically-stable schizophrenia and bipolar disorder patients
Afshari, Behrooz / Rasouli-Azad, Morad / Ghoreishi, Fatemeh Sadat | 2019
Who is the most demanding of them all? A multisource investigation of other-oriented perfectionism, socially prescribed perfectionism, and depressive symptoms
Smith, Martin M. / Sherry, Simon B. / Glowacka, Maria / Speth, Tamara A. / Stewart, Sherry H. / Saklofske, Donald H. / Etherson, Marianne E. | 2019
Further evidence for associations between short-term mating strategy and sexual disgust
O'Shea, Kieran J. / DeBruine, Lisa M. / Jones, Benedict C. | 2019
Age- and gender-related differences in the structure and the meaning of personal values
Borg, Ingwer | 2019
On the relationship between Openness to Experience, political orientation, and pro-environmental behavior
Klein, Sina A. / Heck, Daniel W. / Reese, Gerhard / Hilbig, Benjamin E. | 2019
Who needs friends? Personality as a predictor of social surrogate use
Derrick, Jaye L. / Keefer, Lucas A. / Troisi, Jordan D. | 2019
A Flynn Effect in Kuwait, 1985–1998
Dutton, Edward / Bakhiet, Salaheldin Farah Attallah / Alhossein, Abdulkarim Hussein / Essa, Yossry Ahmed Sayed | 2019
The more similar, the more warmth: The effect of parent-child perceived facial resemblance on parenting behavior
Yu, Quanlei / Zhang, Qiuying / Xiong, Qing / Jin, Shenghua / Zou, Hong / Guo, Yafei | 2019
Self-concept clarity and psychological adjustment in adolescence: The mediating role of emotion regulation
Parise, Miriam / Canzi, Elena / Olivari, Maria Giulia / Ferrari, Laura | 2019
Meaning in life as a predictor of optimism: How parents mattering matters to Asian and European Americans
Yu, Elizabeth A. / Chang, Edward C. | 2019
Does your messy office make your mind look cluttered? Office appearance and perceivers' judgments about the owner's personality
Horgan, Terrence G. / Herzog, Noelle K. / Dyszlewski, Sarah M. | 2019
Performance while distracted: The effect of cognitive styles and working memory
Brown, Shanique G. / Tenbrink, Andrew P. / LaMarre, Georgia | 2019
Birds of odd feather flock together? Assortative partner preferences, and attractiveness of schizotypy in long and short term partners
Lyons, Minna / Witcher, Millie | 2019
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