Corrigendum to "Taking a knee: Perceptions of NFL player protests during the National Anthem" [Personality and Individual Differences 137(2019) 204–213] (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  139 ;  362  ;  2019
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The Dark Triad's inverse relations with cognitive and emotional empathy: High-powered tests with multiple measures
Turner, Imani N. / Foster, Joshua D. / Webster, Gregory D. | 2019
Congruence and measurement invariance of self-report and informant-ratings of the Big Five dimensions
Fronczyk, Krzysztof | 2019
Shyness, alcohol use disorders and 'hangxiety': A naturalistic study of social drinkers
Marsh, Beth / Carlyle, Molly / Carter, Emily / Hughes, Paige / McGahey, Sarah / Lawn, Will / Stevens, Tobias / McAndrew, Amy / Morgan, Celia J.A. | 2019
Deficits in mindfulness account for the link between borderline personality features and maladaptive humor styles
Geiger, Paul J. / Herr, Nathaniel R. / Peters, Jessica R. | 2019
Different mechanisms of moral disengagement as multiple mediators in the association between harsh parenting and adolescent aggression
Wang, Mingzhong / Wu, Xiujuan / Chong, Daohan | 2019
Emotion dysregulation mediates the relationship between trauma type and PTSD symptoms in a diverse trauma-exposed clinical sample
Raudales, Alexa M. / Short, Nicole A. / Schmidt, Norman B. | 2019
Benevolent and hostile sexism differentially predicted by facets of right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation
Austin, Darren E.J. / Jackson, Mervyn | 2019
Narcissism and devaluing others: An exploration of impaired control over drinking as a mediating mechanism of alcohol-related problems
Naidu, E.S. / Patock-Peckham, J.A. / Ruof, A. / Bauman, D.C. / Banovich, P. / Frohe, T. / Leeman, R.F. | 2019
Reinforcement sensitivity theory and relationship satisfaction via mastery
Shahzadi, Kimiya / Walker, Benjamin R. | 2019
Is smart sexy? Examining the role of relative intelligence in mate preferences
Jonason, Peter K. / Marsh, Kristine / Dib, Omir / Plush, Danielle / Doszpot, Mark / Fung, Ewing / Crimmins, Kathleen / Drapski, Michael / Di Pietro, Katrina | 2019
A dual process model of generation and evaluation: A theoretical framework to examine cross-cultural differences in the creative process
Ivancovsky, Tal / Shamay-Tsoory, Simone / Lee, Joo / Morio, Hiroaki / Kurman, Jenny | 2019
Personality profiles and persuasion: An exploratory study investigating the role of the Big-5, Type D personality and the Dark Triad on susceptibility to persuasion
Wall, Helen J. / Campbell, Claire C. / Kaye, Linda K. / Levy, Andy / Bhullar, Navjot | 2019
Persistence: Defining the multidimensional construct and creating a measure
Howard, Matt C. / Crayne, Matthew P. | 2019
The associations of basic psychological needs and autonomous-related self with time perspective: The cultural and familial antecedents of balanced time perspective
Akirmak, Umit / Tuncer, Nursen / Akdogan, Meliscan / Erkat, Orhan Batuhan | 2019
Exploring the relation between religiosity and narcissism in an Iranian sample
Daghigh, Ahmad / DeShong, Hilary L. / Daghigh, Vahid / Niazi, Mohsen / Titus, Caitlin E. | 2019
Personality moderates the relationship between uncertainty and political violence: Evidence from two large U.S. samples
Gøtzsche-Astrup, Oluf | 2019
Life history theory and human behavior: Testing associations between environmental harshness, life history strategies and testosterone
Aronoff, Jacob E. / DeCaro, Jason A. | 2019
The bright side of dark: Exploring the positive effect of narcissism on perceived stress through mental toughness
Papageorgiou, Kostas A. / Gianniou, Foteini-Maria / Wilson, Paul / Moneta, Giovanni B. / Bilello, Delfina / Clough, Peter J. | 2019
Further examining the potential association between birth order and personality: Null results from a national sample of American siblings
Boccio, Cashen M. / Beaver, Kevin M. | 2019
In good time: A longitudinal investigation of trait self-control in determining changes in motivation quality
Holding, Anne / Hope, Nora / Verner-Filion, Jeremie / Koestner, Richard | 2019
The personality of populists: How the Big Five traits relate to populist attitudes
Fatke, Matthias | 2019
Comparing effects of active and passive procrastination: A field study of behavioral delay
Wessel, Jason / Bradley, Graham L. / Hood, Michelle | 2019
Do certain personality traits provide a mating market competitive advantage? Sex, offspring & the big 5
Whyte, Stephen / Brooks, Robert C. / Chan, Ho Fai / Torgler, Benno | 2019
Where I am and where I want to be: Perceptions of and aspirations for status and inclusion differentially predict psychological health
Mahadevan, Nikhila / Gregg, Aiden P. / Sedikides, Constantine | 2019
It's not unusual to be unusual (or: A different take on multivariate distributions of personality)
van Tilburg, Wijnand A.P. | 2019
'Is she really going out with him?': Attractiveness exchange and commitment scripts for romantic relationships
Hoplock, Lisa B. / Stinson, D.A. / Joordens, Chantele T. | 2019
Religiosity or ideology? On the individual differences predictors of sexism
Van Assche, Jasper / Koç, Yasin / Roets, Arne | 2019
The O'Reilly factor: An ideological bias in judgments about sexual harassment
van der Linden, Sander / Panagopoulos, Costas | 2019
Emotional intelligence and emotion regulation in self-induced emotional states: Physiological evidence
Zysberg, Leehu / Raz, Sivan | 2019
Trait emotional intelligence and problematic online behaviors among adolescents: The mediating role of mindfulness, rumination, and depression
Kircaburun, Kagan / Griffiths, Mark D. / Billieux, Joël | 2019
Are dark triad cues really visible in faces?
Shiramizu, Victor Kenji M. / Kozma, Luca / DeBruine, Lisa M. / Jones, Benedict C. | 2019
The five factor model of personality and emotion regulation: A meta-analysis
Barańczuk, Urszula | 2019
The relationship between hostile attribution bias and aggression and the mediating effect of anger rumination
Quan, Fangying / Yang, Rujiao / Zhu, Wenfeng / Wang, Yueyue / Gong, Xinyu / Chen, Yunli / Dong, Yan / Xia, Ling-Xiang | 2019
Harsh environment facilitates psychopathy's involvement in mating-parenting trade-off
Međedović, Janko | 2019
Cognitive style and competence motivation in creative problem solving
Martinsen, Øyvind Lund / Furnham, Adrian | 2019
Does the Boredom Proneness Scale capture traitness of boredom? Results from a six-year longitudinal trait-state-occasion model
Gana, Kamel / Broc, Guillaume / Bailly, Nathalie | 2019
Emotional stability and citizenship fatigue: The role of emotional exhaustion and job stressors
Liu, Xiaoyan / Yu, Kun | 2019
Bridging music and organizational psychology: Everyday music uses and preferences and the prediction of organizational behaviour
Halliday, Aaron J. | 2019
Social media addiction in romantic relationships: Does user's age influence vulnerability to social media infidelity?
Abbasi, Irum Saeed | 2019
Personality traits moderate the association between conflict resolution and subsequent relationship satisfaction in dating couples
Taggart, Tenille C. / Bannon, Sarah M. / Hammett, Julia F. | 2019
Interpersonal emotion regulation: Associations with attachment and reinforcement sensitivity
Altan-Atalay, Ayşe | 2019
Multidimensional perfectionism, depression, and anxiety: Tests of a social support mediation model
Gnilka, Philip B. / Broda, Michael D. | 2019
Perfectionism, worry, rumination, and distress: A meta-analysis of the evidence for the perfectionism cognition theory
Xie, Yu / Kong, Yan / Yang, Jiyu / Chen, Faxiang | 2019
A person-centered view of prejudice: The Big Five, Dark Triad, and prejudice
Koehn, Monica A. / Jonason, Peter K. / Davis, Mark D. | 2019
Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory and the 2 × 2 Standpoints Model of Achievement Goals
Farrell, Nicola / Walker, Benjamin R. | 2019
Self-perception and life satisfaction
Miller, Brian K. / Zivnuska, Suzanne / Kacmar, K. Michele | 2019
Calibrating fear of rape: Threat likelihood and victimization costs
McDonald, Melissa M. / Coleman, Brenna / Brindley, Samantha | 2019
Is individual reliability responsible for the differences in personality differentiation across ability levels?
Escorial, Sergio / Navarro-González, David / Ferrando, Pere Joan / Vigil-Colet, Andreu | 2019
The relationship between mindfulness and resilience: The mediating role of self compassion and emotion regulation in a sample of underprivileged Turkish adolescents
Aydin Sünbül, Zeynep / Yerin Güneri, Oya | 2019
A latent profile analysis of the Five Factor Model of personality: A constructive replication and extension
Fisher, Peter A. / Robie, Chet | 2019
Examining the domain specificity of grit
Cormier, Danielle L. / Dunn, John G.H. / Causgrove Dunn, Janice | 2019
Psychological reactance as a motivation in psychopathy
Lewing, C. Allen / Caraway, S. Jean | 2019
Corrigendum to "Exposure to weapon pictures and subsequent aggression during adolescence" [Pers. Individ. Dif. 90 (2016) 113–118]
Zhang, Qian / Tian, JingJin / Cao, Jian / Zhang, Da-Jun / Rodkin, Philip | 2019
Corrigendum to "Taking a knee: Perceptions of NFL player protests during the National Anthem" [Personality and Individual Differences 137(2019) 204–213]
Stratmoen, Evelyn / Lawless, Tiffany J. / Saucier, Donald A. | 2019
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