Dark Triad traits, Facebook intensity, and intrasexual competition (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  141 ;  157-159  ;  2019
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Association between family economic hardship and university students' risky alcohol use: Mediating and moderating roles of perceived discrimination and impulsivity
Zhu, Jianjun / Chen, Yuanyuan / Zhang, Wei | 2019
From four to nine styles: An update on individual differences in humor
Heintz, Sonja / Ruch, Willibald | 2019
Social comparisons on Facebook and offline: The relationship to depressive symptoms
Faranda, Madison / Roberts, Lynne D. | 2019
Predicting STEM performance in a Hispanic serving institution
Fagan, Marcus A. / Hull, Darrell M. / Gray, Reginald / Bolen, Judy A. | 2019
The relationship between flow proneness in everyday life and variations in the volume of gray matter in the dopaminergic system: A cross-sectional study
Salehzadeh Niksirat, Kavous / Park, Kaechang / Silpasuwanchai, Chaklam / Wang, Zhenxin / Ren, Xiangshi | 2019
Understanding greed as a unified construct
Lambie, Glenn W. / Haugen, Jaimie Stickl | 2019
The relationship between dispositional gratitude and quality of life: The mediating role of perceived stress and mental health
Valikhani, Ahmad / Ahmadnia, Fatemeh / Karimi, Alma / Mills, Paul J. | 2019
Grammar matters: The tainting effect of grammar usage errors on judgments of competence and character
Bleske-Rechek, April / Paulich, Katie / Shafer, Paige / Kofman, Chloe | 2019
The role of mindfulness and self-control in the relationship between mind-wandering and metacognition
Deng, Yuqin / Zhang, Bin / Zheng, Xinyan / Liu, Ying / Wang, Xiaochun / Zhou, Chenglin | 2019
State mindfulness and positive emotions in daily life: An upward spiral process
Du, Jiaxuan / An, Yuanyuan / Ding, Xu / Zhang, Qian / Xu, Wei | 2019
Transfer of training process. When proactive personality matters? A three-wave investigation of proactive personality as a trigger of the transfer of training process
Vignoli, Michela / Depolo, Marco | 2019
Transitioning to university: Coping styles as mediators between adaptive-maladaptive perfectionism and test anxiety
Vanstone, Daisy Mary / Hicks, Richard Edward | 2019
The effects of lack of meaning on trait and state loneliness: Correlational and experience-sampling evidence
Tam, Katy Y.Y. / Chan, Christian S. | 2019
Big Five personality traits in inmates and normal adults in Japan
Shimotsukasa, Tadahiro / Oshio, Atsushi / Tani, Masayuki / Yamaki, Mayuko | 2019
Associations between Psychopathic Traits and Readiness for Change: An exploratory analysis
Salcido, Christine Galvan / Ray, James V. / Caudy, Michael / Viglione, Jill / Walter, Rebecca J. | 2019
Examining the relationship between bright and dark personality traits in two management samples
Wiens, Thomas K. / Walker, Lawrence J. | 2019
Psychological flexibility as a mediator of the association between early life trauma and psychological symptoms
Richardson, Clarissa M.E. / Jost, Steven A. | 2019
Individual differences in women's pornography use, perceptions of pornography, and unprotected sex: Preliminary results from South Korea
Wright, Paul J. / Sun, Chyng / Miezan, Ekra | 2019
Planning for the future: The relationship between conscientiousness, temporal focus and implicit space-time mappings
Li, Heng / Cao, Yu | 2019
Political orientation and physical health: The role of personal responsibility
Chan, Eugene Y. | 2019
Being in the moment later? Testing the inverse relation between mindfulness and procrastination
Cheung, Rebecca Y.M. / Ng, Melody C.Y. | 2019
East Asian low marriage and birth rates: The role of life history strategy, culture, and social status affordance
Yong, Jose C. / Li, Norman P. / Jonason, Peter K. / Tan, Yi Wen | 2019
Psychopathy, sadism, empathy, and the motivation to cause harm: New evidence confirms malevolent nature of the Internet Troll
March, Evita | 2019
Neuroticism and extraversion are differentially related to between- and within-person variation of daily negative emotion and physical symptoms
Zhang, Jieting / Zheng, Yao | 2019
Reward-punishment sensitivity bias predicts narcissism subtypes: Implications for the etiology of narcissistic personalities
Miles, Gabrielle J. / Smyrnios, Kosmas X. / Jackson, Mervyn / Francis, Andrew J.P. | 2019
Gendertrolls just want to have fun, too
Paananen, Amanda / Reichl, Arleigh J. | 2019
Dark Triad traits, Facebook intensity, and intrasexual competition
Lyons, Minna / Gillies, Naomi / Brewer, Gayle | 2019
Gender differences moderate Machiavellianism and impulsivity: Implications for Dark Triad research
Szabó, Edit / Jones, Daniel N. | 2019
On the associations between delay discounting and temporal thinking
Macaskill, Anne C. / Hunt, Maree J. / Milfont, Taciano L. | 2019
House of Cards or West Wing? Self-reported HEXACO Traits of Danish Politicians
Schumacher, Gijs / Zettler, Ingo | 2019
Sources of variances in personality change during adolescence
Kawamoto, Tetsuya / Endo, Toshihiko | 2019
The first glance is the weakest: "Tasteful" individuals are slower to judge visual art
Myszkowski, Nils | 2019
The relationship between narcissism and consumption behaviors: A comparison of measures
Martin, Brett A.S. / Jin, Hyun Seung / O'Connor, Peter J. / Hughes, Chris | 2019
The psychological roots of intellectual humility: The role of intelligence and cognitive flexibility
Zmigrod, Leor / Zmigrod, Sharon / Rentfrow, Peter Jason / Robbins, Trevor W. | 2019
Social status as one key indicator of successful psychopathy: An initial empirical investigation
Persson, Björn N. / Lilienfeld, Scott O. | 2019
On the associations between indicators of resting arousal levels, physiological reactivity, sensation seeking, and psychopathic traits
Kavish, Nicholas / Boisvert, Danielle / Wells, Jessica / Lewis, Richard / Cooke, Eric / Woeckener, Matthias / Armstrong, Todd | 2019
Personality traits differentiate Pakistani males in recovery versus relapse from substance use disorders
Hanif, Rabia / Kliewer, Wendy / Riaz, Rabia | 2019
Young adult marijuana use: The influence of individual differences and legalization
Parnes, Jamie E. / Rahm-Knigge, Ryan L. / Smith, Joey K. / Conner, Bradley T. | 2019
Narcissistic neuroticism and elevated reward learning
Spencer, Christopher C. / Foster, Joshua D. / Bedwell, Jeffrey S. | 2019
The relations between values and prosocial behavior among children: The moderating role of age
Benish-Weisman, Maya / Daniel, Ella / Sneddon, Joanne / Lee, Julie | 2019
Sociosexual attitudes differentially predict men and women's preferences for agreeable male faces
Brown, Mitch / Sacco, Donald F. / Medlin, Mary M. | 2019
Cyberbullying detection on twitter using Big Five and Dark Triad features
Balakrishnan, Vimala / Khan, Shahzaib / Fernandez, Terence / Arabnia, Hamid R. | 2019
What lies beneath? Predictors of identification with all humanity
Hamer, Katarzyna / McFarland, Sam / Penczek, Marta | 2019
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