Self-esteem as an adaptive sociometer of mating success: Evaluating evidence of sex-specific psychological design across 10 world regions (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  143 ;  13-20  ;  2019
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Imposter syndrome among Russian students: The link between perfectionism and psychological distress
Wang, Kenneth T. / Sheveleva, Marina S. / Permyakova, Tatiana M. | 2019
Cross-country analysis of alternative five factor personality trait profiles
Kövi, Zsuzsanna / Aluja, Anton / Glicksohn, Joseph / Blanch, Angel / Morizot, Julien / Wang, Wei / Barry, Oumar / Hansenne, Michel / Carvalho, André / Valdivia, Mauricio et al. | 2019
Self-esteem as an adaptive sociometer of mating success: Evaluating evidence of sex-specific psychological design across 10 world regions
Schmitt, David P. / Jonason, Peter K. | 2019
Personality traits of the alternative DSM-5 model and the attachment dimensions in Portuguese adults
Rosa-Mendes, Marco / Pires, Rute / Ferreira, Ana Sousa | 2019
School satisfaction differentially predicts multidimensional perfectionism one year later
Stricker, Johannes / Schneider, Michael / Preckel, Franzis | 2019
Adolescent self-compassion moderates the relationship between perceived stress and internalizing symptoms
Lathren, Christine / Bluth, Karen / Park, Jinyoung | 2019
The effects of celebrity gossip on trust are moderated by prosociality of the gossipers
Rudnicki, Konrad / De Backer, Charlotte J.S. / Declerck, Carolyn | 2019
Trait self-compassion predicts different responses to failure depending on the interpersonal context
Waring, Sydney V. / Kelly, Allison C. | 2019
When choice is a double-edged sword: Understanding maximizers' paradoxical experiences with choice
Cheek, Nathan N. / Ward, Andrew | 2019
The role of the dark tetrad and impulsivity in social media addiction: Findings from Malaysia
Chung, Kai Li / Morshidi, Izzat / Yoong, Lee Chen / Thian, Kher Nin | 2019
The mediating role of perceived control and hopelessness in the relation between personal belief in a just world and life satisfaction
Kiral Ucar, Gözde / Hasta, Derya / Kaynak Malatyali, Meryem | 2019
The role of social worldviews and self-control in moral disengagement
Alexandra, Valerie | 2019
Internalized transphobia and well-being: The moderating role of attachment
Cronin, Timothy J. / Pepping, Christopher A. / Lyons, Anthony | 2019
Noncompliant responding: Comparing exclusion criteria in MTurk personality research to improve data quality
Barends, Ard J. / de Vries, Reinout E. | 2019
Reasons to pretend to orgasm and the mating psychology of those who endorse them
Jonason, Peter K. | 2019
Game-like personality testing: An emerging mode of personality assessment
McCord, John-Luke / Harman, Jason L. / Purl, Justin | 2019
Perfectionism, wellbeing, and university performance: A sample validation of the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (FMPS) in New Zealand
Sotardi, Valerie A. / Dubien, Danielle | 2019
The social shapes test: A new measure of social intelligence, mentalizing, and theory of mind
Brown, Matt I. / Ratajska, Adrianna / Hughes, Shannon L. / Fishman, Julie B. / Huerta, Elisa / Chabris, Christopher F. | 2019
Be yourself: Authenticity as a long-term mating strategy
Josephs, Lawrence / Warach, Benjamin / Goldin, Kirby L. / Jonason, Peter K. / Gorman, Bernard S. / Masroor, Sanya / Lebron, Nixza | 2019
Pornography, permissiveness, and sex differences: An evaluation of social learning and evolutionary explanations
Wright, Paul J. / Vangeel, Laurens | 2019
Who meets online? Personality traits and sociodemographic characteristics associated with online partnering in Germany
Danielsbacka, Mirkka / Tanskanen, Antti O. / Billari, Francesco C. | 2019
Individual differences in feedback processing affect perceptual learning
Muller-Gass, Alexandra / Duncan, Matthew / Tavakoli, Paniz / Campbell, Kenneth | 2019
Does Eysenck's personality model capture psychosis-proneness? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Knežević, Goran / Lazarević, Ljiljana B. / Purić, Danka / Bosnjak, Michael / Teovanović, Predrag / Petrović, Boban / Opačić, Goran | 2019
Is there an ideological asymmetry in the moral approval of spreading misinformation by politicians?
De keersmaecker, Jonas / Roets, Arne | 2019
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