Mate poaching strategies are differentially associated with pathological personality traits and risk-taking in men and women (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  142 ;  110-115  ;  2019
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Psychopathy and suicide: The mediating effects of emotional and behavioral dysregulation
Fadoir, Nicholas A. / Lutz-Zois, Catherine J. / Goodnight, Jackson A. | 2019
Religious practices and mental health outcomes among Korean adults
You, Sukkyung / Yoo, Ji Eun / Koh, Yunsung | 2019
Examining stability of personality profile solutions between Likert-type and multidimensional forced choice measure
Lee, Philseok / Joo, Seang-Hwane / Lee, Sunhee | 2019
'It might be time to accept'. Exploring the dynamics between affect regulation strategies, anxiety and timing of regulation
Guiller, Théo / Dauvier, Bruno / Pavani, Jean-Baptiste / Chakri, Khelifa Hichem / Congard, Anne | 2019
Savage or satire: Individual differences in perceptions of disparaging and subversive racial humor
Miller, Stuart S. / O'Dea, Conor J. / Lawless, Tiffany J. / Saucier, Donald A. | 2019
Dark triad traits and women's use of sexual deception
Brewer, Gayle / De Griffa, Demi / Uzun, Ezgi | 2019
Using multidimensional item response theory to develop an abbreviated form of the Italian version of Eysenck's IVE questionnaire
Colledani, Daiana / Anselmi, Pasquale / Robusto, Egidio | 2019
Trait emotional intelligence profiles, burnout, anxiety, depression, and stress in secondary education teachers
Martínez-Monteagudo, María Carmen / Inglés, Cándido J. / Granados, Lucía / Aparisi, David / García-Fernández, José Manuel | 2019
Mindfulness as a mediator of the relationship between trait anxiety, attentional control and cognitive failures. A multimodel inference approach
Jankowski, Tomasz / Bąk, Wacław | 2019
The role of belief in a just world for (dis)honest behavior
Schindler, Simon / Wenzel, Kristin / Dobiosch, Sandra / Reinhard, Marc-André | 2019
Elaborating on the effect of culture on the relations of extraversion and neuroticism to life satisfaction
Lun, Vivian Miu-Chi / Yeung, June Chun | 2019
2D:4D and individual satisfaction: Evidence from the Russian social survey
Nye, John V.C. / Bryukhanov, Maksym / Polyachenko, Sergiy | 2019
A neglected tenet of achievement goal theory: Associations between life aspirations and achievement goal orientations
Janke, Stefan / Dickhäuser, Oliver | 2019
New insights into the association of maximizing with facets of perfectionism
Kokkoris, Michail D. | 2019
Not close enough for comfort: Facebook users eschew high intimacy negative disclosures
Saling, Lauren L. / Cohen, Daniel B. / Cooper, Dana | 2019
Mate poaching strategies are differentially associated with pathological personality traits and risk-taking in men and women
Mitchell, Virginia E. / Mogilski, Justin K. / Zeigler-Hill, Virgil / Welling, Lisa L.M. | 2019
Regulatory focus in relationships and conflict resolution strategies
Rodrigues, David L. / Huic, Aleksandra / Lopes, Diniz / Kumashiro, Madoka | 2019
Mindfulness and stress appraisals mediate the effect of neuroticism on physical health
O'Loughlin, Ryan E. / Fryer, James W. / Zuckerman, Miron | 2019
The effects of passion and mindfulness on the intrinsic motivation of Japanese athletes
Amemiya, Rei / Sakairi, Yosuke | 2019
Getting to know you: Associations between judge and target personality with personality judgment accuracy during a dyadic social interaction task
Cochran, R. Nick / vanDellen, Michelle R. / Haas, Brian W. | 2019
Emotion Experience and Expressive Suppression Scale: Psychometric properties and relationships with depression and schizotypy
Bedwell, Jeffrey S. / Cohen, Alex S. / Spencer, Christopher C. / Simpson, Samantha D. | 2019
Individual differences in attitudes and perceptions toward posttraumatic growth and illusory growth
Orille, Alex / Harrison, Lauren / Taku, Kanako | 2019
Personality and disinhibitory psychopathology in alcohol consumption: A study from the biological-factorial personality models of Eysenck, Gray and Zuckerman
Aluja, A. / Lucas, I. / Blanch, A. / Blanco, E. | 2019
Narcissism and creativity
Martinsen, Øyvind Lund / Arnulf, Jan Ketil / Furnham, Adrian / Lang-Ree, Ole Christian | 2019
Person-task fit: Emotional consequences of performing divergent versus convergent thinking tasks depend on need for cognitive closure
Wronska, Marta K. / Bujacz, Aleksandra / Gocłowska, Małgorzata A. / Rietzschel, Eric F. / Nijstad, Bernard A. | 2019
The sensitive, open creator
Bridges, David / Schendan, Haline E. | 2019
Sensitive individuals are more creative
Bridges, David / Schendan, Haline E. | 2019
Inhibition, friend or foe? Cognitive inhibition as a moderator between mathematical ability and mathematical creativity in primary school students
Stolte, Marije / Kroesbergen, Evelyn H. / Van Luit, Johannes E.H. | 2019
Family factors and development of creative thinking
Jankowska, Dorota M. / Karwowski, Maciej | 2019
Formal-informal musical learning, sex and musicians' personalities
Rose, D. / Jones Bartoli, A. / Heaton, P. | 2019
The moderating influence of idea sequence: A re-analysis of the relationship between category switch and latency
Acar, Selcuk / Runco, Mark A. / Ogurlu, Uzeyir | 2019
The trickle-down effects of creative work involvement: The joint moderating effects of proactive personality and leader creativity expectations
Zhao, Hongdan / Guo, Limin | 2019
Exploring links between creative abilities, creative personality and subclinical autistic traits
Jankowska, Dorota M. / Omelańczuk, Iwona / Czerwonka, Marta / Karwowski, Maciej | 2019
Perceptions of organizational politics, knowledge hiding, and employee creativity: The moderating role of professional commitment
Malik, Omer Farooq / Shahzad, Asif / Raziq, Muhammad Mustafa / Khan, Muhammad Majid / Yusaf, Saquib / Khan, Arooj | 2019
Sex differences and similarities in negative creativity
Kapoor, Hansika | 2019
The emotionally intelligent use of attention and affective arousal under creative frustration and creative success
Agnoli, Sergio / Franchin, Laura / Rubaltelli, Enrico / Corazza, Giovanni Emanuele | 2019
Exploring shy minds: Relations between shyness and creativity
Kwiatkowska, Maria Magdalena / Rogoza, Radosław / Poole, Kristie L. | 2019
The politics of intent: Political ideology influences organ donation intentions
Chan, Eugene Y. | 2019
Fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis: Personality and psychopathology differences from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2
Gonzalez, Bárbara / Novo, Rosa / Peres, Rodrigo / Baptista, Telmo | 2019
Teachers' caring behavior and problem behaviors in adolescents: The mediating roles of cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression
Zhang, Ting / Wang, Zhi / Liu, Guangzeng / Shao, Jingjin | 2019
Are immediate-oriented people unlikely to adopt a healthy lifestyle? The moderation effect of prevention focus
Li, Ao-Si-Ka / Hu, Tian-Yi | 2019
The mediating role of emotion dysregulation as a transdiagnostic factor in the relationship between pathological personality dimensions and emotional disorders symptoms severity
Abdi, Reza / Pak, Razieh | 2019
General risk or individual vulnerability? Individual differences in young adults' health risk behaviour after childhood trauma
Laceulle, Odilia M. / Rentfrow, Jason / Lamb, Michael E. / Alisic, Eva | 2019
Romantic relationship and appearance-based rejection sensitivity: A moderated mediation model of self-rated attractiveness and appearance-contingent self-worth
Deng, Yanhe / Chen, Yunxiang / Liu, Xiangping | 2019
Assessment of the Type D personality distress in coronary heart disease patients and healthy subjects in Spain
Aluja, Anton / Malas, Olga / Lucas, Ignacio / Worner, Fernando / Bascompte, Ramon | 2019
Personality traits and the use of manual, alternative, and mental healthcare services and medication in Norwegian musicians
Langvik, Eva / Bjerkeset, Ottar / Vaag, Jonas | 2019
Robert Michael Stelmack
Campbell, Kenneth | 2019
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