A drunk heart speaks a sober mind: Alcohol does not influence the selection of short-term partners with dark triad traits (English)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  140 ;  61-64  ;  2019
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Editorial to special issue "Personality pathologies in the world: Beyond dichotomies"
Gritti, Emanuela S. / Plouffe, Rachel / Blanch, Angel | 2019
Pleasing or withdrawing: Differences between dependent and self-critical depression in psychosocial functioning following rejection
Deng, Yanhe / Wang, Shuo / Leng, Lu / Chen, Henry / Yang, Ting / Liu, Xiangping | 2019
Anger rumination is not uniquely characteristic of obsessive-compulsive disorder
Jessup, Sarah C. / Knowles, Kelly A. / Berg, Hannah / Olatunji, Bunmi O. | 2019
Grandiose and entitled, but still fragile: A network analysis of pathological narcissistic traits
Di Pierro, Rossella / Costantini, Giulio / Benzi, Ilaria Maria Antonietta / Madeddu, Fabio / Preti, Emanuele | 2019
Personality assessment of intellectually gifted adults: A dimensional trait approach
Matta, Michael / Gritti, Emanuela Saveria / Lang, Margherita | 2019
A dimensional understanding of borderline personality features in adolescence: The relationship between the MMPI-A PSY-5 scales and PAI-A borderline features
Stokes, John M. / Sapoff, Mallory / Pogge, David L. / Zaccario, Michele / Barbot, Baptiste | 2019
Maladaptive personality traits and psychological distress in adolescence: The moderating role of personality functioning
Benzi, Ilaria M.A. / Preti, Emanuele / Di Pierro, Rossella / Clarkin, John F. / Madeddu, Fabio | 2019
The associations between cyberbullying and callous-unemotional traits among adolescents: The moderating effect of online disinhibition
Wright, Michelle F. / Harper, Bridgette D. / Wachs, Sebastian | 2019
A "fast" life history strategy affects intimate partner violence through the Dark Triad and mate retention behavior
Kiire, Satoru | 2019
Destroying things for pleasure: On the relation of sadism and vandalism
Pfattheicher, Stefan / Keller, Johannes / Knezevic, Goran | 2019
A psychometric investigation of the Assessment of Sadistic Personality
Plouffe, Rachel A. / Smith, Martin M. / Saklofske, Donald H. | 2019
A drunk heart speaks a sober mind: Alcohol does not influence the selection of short-term partners with dark triad traits
Brewer, Gayle / Christiansen, Paul / Dorozkinaite, Diana / Ingleby, Beth / O'Hagan, Lauren / Williams, Charlotte / Lyons, Minna | 2019
Bargaining with characters: How personality pathology affects behavior in the ultimatum and dictator games
Reed, Lawrence Ian / Harrison, Eleanor Grace / Best, Cheryl K. / Hooley, Jill M. | 2019
Predicting moral decision-making with dark personalities and moral values
Karandikar, Sampada / Kapoor, Hansika / Fernandes, Sharlene / Jonason, Peter K. | 2019
Normal and pathological communal narcissism in relation to personality traits and values
Rogoza, Radosław / Fatfouta, Ramzi | 2019
Pathological personality traits and immoral tendencies
Vrabel, Jennifer K. / Zeigler-Hill, Virgil / McCabe, Gillian A. / Baker, Angela D. | 2019
Twenty candidate genes predicting neuroticism and sensation seeking personality traits: A multivariate analysis association approach
Aluja, Anton / Balada, Ferran / Blanco, Eduardo / Fibla, Joan / Blanch, Angel | 2019
Genetic and environmental contributions to the association between violent victimization and major depressive disorder
Kavish, Nicholas / Connolly, Eric J. / Boutwell, Brian B. | 2019
| 2019
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