Assessment of impacts of diphenyl phosphate on groundwater and near-surface environments: Sorption and toxicity (Unknown language)

In: Journal of contaminant hydrology   ;  221 ;  50-57  ;  2019
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Laboratory spectral induced polarisation signatures associated with iron and manganese oxide dissolution because of anaerobic degradation
Fernandez, Perrine M. / Binley, Andrew / Bloem, Esther / French, Helen K. | 2019
Characterizing the immiscible transport properties of diesel and water in peat soil
Gharedaghloo, Behrad / Price, Jonathan S. | 2019
Spatial analysis of total dissolved solids in Dezful Aquifer: Comparison between universal and fixed rank kriging
Sakizadeh, Mohamad | 2019
A simple contaminant fate and transport modelling tool for management and risk assessment of groundwater pollution from contaminated sites
Locatelli, Luca / Binning, Philip J. / Sanchez-Vila, Xavier / Søndergaard, Gitte Lemming / Rosenberg, Louise / Bjerg, Poul L. | 2019
Assessment of impacts of diphenyl phosphate on groundwater and near-surface environments: Sorption and toxicity
Funk, Sean P. / Duffin, Lisa / He, Yuhe / McMullen, Craig / Sun, Chenxing / Utting, Nicholas / Martin, Jonathan W. / Goss, Greg G. / Alessi, Daniel S. | 2019
Modeling fate and transport of hydraulic fracturing fluid in the presence of abandoned wells
Taherdangkoo, Reza / Tatomir, Alexandru / Anighoro, Tega / Sauter, Martin | 2019
Numerical modelling of the impact of surfactant partitioning on surfactant-enhanced aquifer remediation
Babaei, Masoud / Copty, Nadim K. | 2019
Experimental and numerical investigations on the effect of fracture geometry and fracture aperture distribution on flow and solute transport in natural fractures
Stoll, M. / Huber, F.M. / Trumm, M. / Enzmann, F. / Meinel, D. / Wenka, A. / Schill, E. / Schäfer, T. | 2019
Investigation of transient freshwater storage in island aquifers
Bedekar, Vivek S. / Memari, Sama S. / Clement, T. Prabhakar | 2019
Effective removal of Aroclor 1254 and hexachlorobenzene in river sediments by coupling in situ phase-inversion emulsification with biological reductive dechlorination
Chang, Shu-Chi / Lee, Szu-Kuang / Chen, Tzu-Wen | 2019
Contaminant transport in a largely-deformed aquitard affected by delayed drainage
Li, Zhaofeng / Zhou, Zhifang / Dai, Yunfeng / Dai, Beibing | 2019
Diffusion of solutes from depleting sources into and out of finite low-permeability zones
Yang, Minjune / McCurley, Kathryn L. / Annable, Michael D. / Jawitz, James W. | 2019
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