CD-ROM proceedings, user's guide - Twenty-Third Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference : September 25 - 28, 2006, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (English)

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    CD-ROM proceedings, user's guide - Twenty-Third Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference : September 25 - 28, 2006, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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    Proceedings // Twenty-Third Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference
    Coal - energy, environment and sustainable development
    Proceedings / Twenty-Third Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference
  • Conference:
    Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference ; 23; 2006; Pittsburgh, Pa.
    PCC ; 23; 2006; Pittsburgh, Pa.
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    Univ. of Pittsburgh
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    Pittsburgh, Pa.
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    1 CD-ROM
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    Kongr.-Thema: Coal - energy, environment and sustainable development
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    Conference Proceedings
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    BKL:    58.21 Brennstoffe, Kraftstoffe, Explosivstoffe
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Table of contents conference proceedings

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The Rheology of Coal-Oil Mixtures (COM)
Atesok, G. / Ozer, M. / Boylu, F. | 2006
Utilization of Energy Grasses for Combustion
Juchelkova, D. / Raclavska, H. / Cech, B. / Frydrych, J. / Andert, D. | 2006
The Char-CO~2 Reaction at High Temperatures and Pressures
Hodge, E. / Roberts, D. / Harris, D. / Stubington, J. | 2006
CO~2 Reduction Potential on the Czech Condition
Juchelkova, D. / Raclavska, H. / Roubicek, V. / Kolat, P. / Bilik, J. / Noskievicova, D. / Pustejovska, P. | 2006
Importance of the Lignite for Energy in Turkey
Senguler, I. / Dagistan, H. | 2006
Regenerable Sorbent Development for Sulfur and Chloride Removal from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas
Siriwardane, R. / Webster, T. | 2006
The Impact of Trace Impurities in Coal Gasification Products on the Performance of Solid Acid Catalysts for Phenolics Transformations
Fletcher, J. C. Q. / Bohringer, W. / Dwyer, C. L. | 2006
Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide - Systems Analysis for IGCC Application
Newby, R. A. / Keairns, D. L. / Alvin, M. | 2006
Solvent Extraction of South African Coal - A Review
van Dyk, J. / van de Walt, T. J. | 2006
Removal of H~2S in Gas from Coal Gasification Using a Polymer Sorbent Supported on Mesoporous Molecular Sieves
Wang, X. / Ma, X. / Song, C. | 2006
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Separation Techniques for Advanced Power Generation Point Sources
Pennline, H. / Luebke, D. / Morsi, B. / Heintz, Y. J. / Jones, K. L. / Ilconich, J. B. | 2006
Assessment and Environmental Performance of Coal and Biomass Based Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP)
Reddy, D. N. / Basu, K. | 2006
Thermogravimetric characteristics and kinetic of coal/plastic blends co-pyrolysis
Zhou, L. / Wang, Y. / Huang, Q. / Cai, J. | 2006
Optimization of Heat Recovery Steam Generators for IGCC Power Plants
Reddy, D. N. | 2006
Investigating Reactive Ball Milling of Anthracite Coal
Sakti, A. / Clifford, C. E. B. / Lueking, A. D. | 2006
Syngas Fuel Composition Sensitivities of Combustor Flashback and Blowout
Noble, D. / Zhang, Q. / Lieuwen, T. | 2006
Low Temperature Oxygen Activation and Transport over Doped Lanthanum Ferrites for Use as SOFC Cathodes
Kuhn, J. / Ozkan, U. | 2006
Development of a Fuel Flexible Catalytic Combustor for IGCC Applications
Laster, W. R. / Nag, P. / Anaoshkina, E. / Folkedahl, B. C. | 2006
Effect of Syngas Composition on Emissions from an Idealized Gas Turbine Combustor
Williams, T. C. / Shaddix, C. R. / Schefer, R. W. | 2006
SOFC Reaction Process Suitable for Use with Sulfur-Containing Fuels
Cooper, M. / Bayless, D. | 2006
Study on the Orderly Growth of High-Content Mesophase Pitch
Jin, M. / Zhang, H. / Zhang, Z. / Chen, J. / Li, H. | 2006
Performance Difference of Coke from CDQ and CWQ
Shi, S. / Xu, W. | 2006
Effect of Coking Coal Ash Composition on the Coke Thermal Performance
Shi, S. / Jin, M. | 2006
Sulfur Transfer Law from Coking Coal to Coke
Shi, S. / Liu, Z. | 2006
A New Approach for Semi-Dry Flue Gas Desulphurization
Wang, F. / Wang, H. / Zhang, F. / Wang, J. / Hao, Y. / Lin, J. / Jin, D. | 2006
MSTLFLO Process for Waste Coal Beneficiation
Zhong, J. F. / Antoine, A. / Hong, L. / Morsi, B. I. / Cooper, M. H. / Chiang, S. H. | 2006
Dynamics of Gas Isolation at Pyrolysis
Saranchuk, V. / Chernova, O. / Zbykovskiy, E. | 2006
Conceptual Design of a Supersonic CO~2 Compressor
Steele, R. / Lawlor, S. / Baldwin, P. | 2006
Metal Compounds of Benzene-1,3-diamidoethanethiol (BDETH~2), a Thiol Based Ligand
Atwood, D. / Zaman, K. | 2006
Coal Pyrolysis under Synthesis Gas, Hydrogen and Nitrogen
Li, B. / Li, W. / Liu, F. / Bai, Z. / Wang, G. / Ariunaa, A. / Purevsuren, B. / Munkhjargal, S. | 2006
Study of Temperature-Programme-Reduction (TPR) on Bifunctional Catalysts for Ether
Su, Y. / Wang, H. / Tian, Y.-M. / Guo, Y.-Q. / Xu, L. / Liu, Z.-M. | 2006
A Gaming Framework for Analyzing Market Potentials and Risks of CTL
Tuzuner, A. / Yu, Z. | 2006
Novel Magnetic Method for Separation of Iron Catalysts from Fischer-Tropsch Wax
Oder, R. R. | 2006
Copper, a Selectivity Promoter in Iron Based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis?
Claeys, M. / Cairns, P. S. / Dry, M. E. / van Steen, E. | 2006
Comparison of Microwave-Assisted Extraction and Soxhlet Extraction
Hong, C. / Junqing, L. / Lingmei, G. / Jianwei, L. / Anning, Z. | 2006
R&D of a New Technology of Conversion of Coke Oven Gas from Bituminous Coal into Syngas
Zhang, Y. / Xie, K. / Wan, P. / Liu, G. / Chen, X. / Liang, Y. / Zhang, J. / Yang, L. | 2006
X-Ray Diffraction Analysis on the Macerals of coals with Different Type-Reductivity
Chang, H. / Wang, C. / Li, J. / Li, W. / Xie, K. / Zeng, F. | 2006
Niobium and Tantalum Content at Kuzbass Coals
Nifantov, B. F. / Potapov, V. P. / Zaostorvskiy, A. N. / Zanina, O. P. | 2006
Cleaning Potentality of Natural Coke (jhama) through Washability Investigation and Its Suitability for Different End Uses
Singh, A. K. / Shukla, N. K. / Mukherjee, A. / Sharma, M. / Choudhury, N. / Gauricharan, T. / Haldar, D. D. | 2006
The Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether over Hybrid Catalysts Composed of Cu-Zn Based Catalysts and Solid Acid Catalysts
Lee, T. J. / Kim, E. J. / Park, N.-K. / Han, G. B. / Ryu, S. O. | 2006
Feasibility of Activated Char Production for Mercury Capture from Chicken Waste and Coal
Pan, W.-P. / Cui, H. / Cao, Y. | 2006
Enhanced Hydrogen Production with in-situ CO~2 Capture in a Single Stage Reactor
Fan, L.-S. / Iyer, M. / Ramkumar, S. / Wong, D. | 2006
Effects of CO~2 and Aquifer Brine on Well Plugging Cements
Gerdemann, S. / Rush, G. E. / O Connor, B. | 2006
Experimental Measurements of the Solubility of CO~2 in the Oriskany Sandstone Aquifer
Dilmore, R. M. / Pique, P. / Hedges, S. / Soong, Y. / Jones, R. J. / Allen, D. | 2006
The WMPI Coal-To-Liquids Program
Sorensen, J. C. / Rich, J. W. | 2006
The U.S. Department of Energy's Phase II Mercury Control Technology Field Testing Program
Feeley, T. | 2006
Novel Sorption Enhanced Reaction Process for Production of H~2 and CO~2 from Synthesis Gas
Sircar, S. / Caram, H. / Lee, K. B. / Beaver, M. | 2006
Numerical Modeling of CO~2 Sequestration in Unmineable Coal Seams
Liu, G. / Smirnov, A. | 2006
Beluga Coal Gasification Feasibility Study Phase 1
Schoff, R. / Chaney, R. | 2006
Current Status of Development of Sieving Electrostatic Precipitator
Pasic, H. / Khan, Z. | 2006
SCR/SNCR Optimization with In-Situ Ammonium Bisulfate Fouling Measurement
Lockert, C. | 2006
Use of Coal Mine Methane in a Microturbine at CONSOL Energy's Bailey Mine
Kosmack, D. / Winschel, R. A. / Rienks, P. / Johnson, J. | 2006
Effect of Nanocrystalline Catalysts on the Desorption Temperature of MgH~2 for Hydrogen Storage Applications
Seehra, M. S. / Dutta, P. / Pal, S. / Fortune, J. | 2006
Issues in Modeling Entrained Flow Coal Gasifiers
Bockelie, M. / Denison, M. / Shim, H.-S. / Senior, C. / Sarofim, A. | 2006
Effects of Fuel Injection Angles on Performance of a Two-Stage Coal Gasifier
Silaen, A. / Wang, T. | 2006
Mesoporous Metal-Promoted Ceria Catalysts for the Water Gas Shift Reaction
Dunn, B. / Gasser, J. / Kim, D.-J. / Fillerup, E. / Hunyh, G. / Turpin, G. C. / Ernest, R. D. / Pugmire, R. J. / Eyring, E. M. / Ramirez, D. W. | 2006
Carbon Dioxide Removal from Flue Gas of Coal-Fired Power Plants Using Dry Regenerable Carbonate Sorbents in a Thermal-Swing Process
Nelson, T. / Green, D. / Box, P. / Gupta, R. / Weber, A. | 2006
Economic Optimization of the Integrated Hot Metal, Heat and Power Generation Based on the Coal Gasification Process
Liszka, M. / Ziebik, A. | 2006
Experimental Study of Heat Transfer in a Horizontal Swirling Fluidized Bed
Pan, W.-P. / Lu, P. / Wu, A. / Cao, Y. | 2006
The Development of Tangential Coal-Fired Burner to Reduce Unburned Carbon and Enhance Flame Stability
Kim, H.-P. / Song, S.-H. / Kim, S.-H. / Kim, H.-J. | 2006
Advanced Mercury/Trace Metal Control with Monolith Traps
Swanson, M. / Olson, E. / Sharma, R. / Dunham, G. / Musich, M. / Tennant, J. / Shi, Y. / Johnson, B. / Hogue, L. | 2006
Mercury Vapor Capture from Coal Derived Fuel Gas in the Presence of Hydrogen Chloride over Iron Based Sorbents
Wu, S. / Ozaki, M. / Uddin, M. A. / Sasaoka, E. | 2006
Beneficial Land Application Uses of FGD Products
Dick, W. / Kost, D. A. / Chen, L. | 2006
A Novel Catalytic Coal Gasification Process to Produce SNG
Lau, F. | 2006
High Temperature Corrosion Probes: How Well Do They Work?
Bullard, S. / Covino, B. / Holcomb, G. / Ziomek-Moroz, M. | 2006
A Measurement technique for Coal Ash Emissivity in High Temperature Atmospheres
Shimogori, M. / Yoshizako, H. / Shimogori, Y. | 2006
Promotion of Sulfur-fixing Capability in Coal Water Mixture Combustion by Alkali Metal Salt
Bo, H. | 2006
Environmental Concerns Related to the Use of Coal Combustion By-products in Mine Placement
Vandivort, T. / Ziemkiewicz, P. F. | 2006
Development of a Coal Feeder for Continuous Injection into Gasification Operating Pressures of 1000 psi - DOE Funded Phase III Program Review
Saunders, T. / Aaldred, D. | 2006
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon in Soil from Beijing, China
Xu, X. / Ling-Ling, M. / Xiao-bail, X. / Xing-hong, L. / Hang-xin, C. | 2006
Distinguishing Free Crystalline Quartz in Coal Fly Ash Using Electron Microscopy Techniques
Huffman, G. / Cprek, N. / Shah, N. / Huggins, F. | 2006
Geology and Mineralogy of Coal and Combustible Shale World Deposits as a Resources Forecast Basement of Energy - Chemical and Mineral Raw Materials in View of Valuable and Potentiality Toxic Rare Elements it Contains
Povarennykh, M. / Shpirt, M. | 2006
Characteristics of Hyper-Coal (Ash Free Coal) for Coke Production
Komatsu, N. / Okuyama, N. / Furuya, A. / Shigehisa, T. | 2006
Global Experience with Coal Gasification Coal-To-Gas, Coal-To-Liquids, and IGCC Coal-To-Power
Hart, W. M. | 2006
Quantifying the Real Option Value of Coal Gasification Polygeneration
Leatherman, G. | 2006
Shell Coal Gasification Process
Bos, H. T. P. / van Dongen, F. G. | 2006
Energy investment of the future - Nuon Magnum IGCC Power Plant
Pulles, L. / van der Burg, N. | 2006
Use of Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts with Coal Derived Synthesis Gas
LeViness, S. / Robota, H. / Espinoza, R. | 2006
Impact of NO and SO~2 on Measurement of Mercury Speciation in a Wet Chemical Conditioning System
Fry, A. / Lightly, J. / Silcox, G. D. / Cauch, B. / Wendt, J. O. L. / Senior, C. L. | 2006
Sorption of Gases by Argonne Premium Coals at Supercritical Pressures
Sakurovs, R. / Day, S. / Weir, S. / Duffy, G. | 2006
A Multi-Pollutant Wet Scrubber for Capture of SO~2, NO~x and Hg
Hutson, N. / Srivastava, R. / Attwood, B. / Singer, C. | 2006
Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Aerodynamics on NO~x Emissions and Char Burnout for Combustion of Coal in O~2/CO~2
Pisupati, S. V. / Naredi, P. | 2006
Studies on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Gas-Solid Tapered Fluidized Beds
Reddy, D. N. | 2006
A Parametric Study for Regenerative Ammonia-Based Scrubbing for the Capture of CO~2
Resnik, K. / Yeh, J. T. / Pennline, H. W. / Garber, W. / Hreha, D. C. | 2006
Synthesis and Reactivity Test of Nanostructure ZuO for Hot Gas Cleanup on the IGFC
Ryu, S. O. / Park, N.-K. / Lee, Y. J. / Han, G. B. / Lee, T. J. / Chang, C. H. | 2006
Comparison of Thermodynamic Equilibrium Compositions for Indian Coals
Aghalayam, P. / Khadse, A. / Qayyumi, M. / Mahajani, S. | 2006
Benefits to IGCC Gas Turbines of Advanced Vortex Combustion
Steele, R. / Baldwin, P. | 2006
A Theoretical Cluster Approach to Understanding Mercury Adsorption to Halogen-Embedded Activated Carbon
Padak, B. / Brunetti, M. / Wilcox, J. | 2006
Survey of Catalysts for Oxidation of Mercury in Flue Gas
Granite, E. J. / Presto, A. A. | 2006
Advanced Unmixed Combustion/Gasification: Potential Long Term Technology for Production of H~2 and Electricity from Coal with CO~2 Capture
Kulkarni, P. / Wei, W. / Subia, R. / Zamansky, V. / Rizeq, G. / Gillette, G. / Cui, Z. / Shisler, R. / McNulty, T. | 2006
Development of Iron-Based Perovskite Materials as Carbon and Sulfur Tolerant SOFC Anodes
Kuhn, J. / Ozkan, U. | 2006
Effect of Hydrogen Chloride in Coal Combustion Flue Gas on the Mercury Removal Performance of Activated Carbon from Coal Combustion Flue Gas
Yamada, T. / Yamaji, Y. / Sasaoka, E. / Uddin, M. A. / Wu, S. | 2006
Simulation Material Experiment Research on the Coupling of Seepage Field and Stress Field in Underground Mining
Jie, Z. / Jie, H. Z. | 2006
Using Fly Ash-Based Foundry Composition for Molds and Cores (FASAND) to Pour Iron Castings
Purgert, R. / Baliski, A. / Darlak, P. / Sobczak, J. | 2006
Preparation of High-Performance Activated Carbon from Shenfu Coal for Absorptive Desulfurization of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels
Zhou, A. / Ma, X. / Song, C. | 2006
Process Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Updraft Coal Gasifiers
Tola, V. / Cau, G. | 2006
Application of Bacteria Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans by Desulphurization of Coal
Fecko, P. / Sitavancova, Z. / Cvesper, L. / Koval, L. | 2006
Influence of Residence Time on Fly Ash Leachability: Long-Term Implications
Das, G. / Hill, M. E. / Daniels, J. L. / Ogunro, V. O. | 2006
Effect of the Coking-Coal Property Change on Blend Quality and Coke Microstructure
Xue, G. / Chen, P. / Liu, S. | 2006
A Study on the Ash from Coal Gangue Fired Power Plant-Characteristics and Application
Yu, J. / Song, H. / Chang, L. / Xie, W. / Xie, K. | 2006
Comparison of Integrated Gas Cleanup Technologies for Gasification-Based Energy Systems
Alvin, M. / Newby, R. A. / Keairns, D. L. | 2006
Low Rank Coal Upgrading with Syncrude Oil Production Using "SynCrude-SynCoal™" Mediam Temperature Pyrolysis Processing
Skov, E. / Rinker, F. G. / Moore, K. A. | 2006
Requirements and Issues towards Obtainment of Ultra-Low NO Levels
Facchiano, T. | 2006
Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Boiler Design and Boiler Materials
Kutney, J. | 2006
US DOE Office of Fossil Energy's Hydrogen from Coal Activities
Wright, R. / Miller, L. / Cicero, D. / Ackiewicz, M. / Anderson, J. / Schmetz, E. / Winslow, J. | 2006
Evaluation of CO~2 Flood on the Geomechanics of Whole Core Samples
Gerdemann, S. / Rush, H. / O Connor, B. | 2006
Coal Conversion - A Rising Star?
Miller, C. L. / Cicero, D. / Ackiewicz, M. / Anderson, J. / Schmetz, E. / Winslow, J. | 2006
Orlando Gasification Project: Demonstration of a Nominal 285 MW Coal-Based Transport Gasifier
Morton, F. / Pinkston, T. / Salazar, N. / Stalls, D. | 2006
Selective Coal Liquefaction Through Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Schulz, H. | 2006
Predicting Mercury Retention in Utility Gas Cleaning Systems
Niksa, S. / Krishnakumar, B. / Naik, C. V. | 2006
Mercury Speciation and Emissions from Bituminous Coal-Fired Facilities: A Compilation of CONSOL's Test Results Since 1994
Withum, J. A. | 2006
A New Non-Carbon Sorbent for Removing Mercury
Alptekin, G. / Dubovik, M. / Cesario, M. | 2006
Development of Hydrogen Storage Materials
Sankar, S. G. / Zande, B. / Pan, L. / Li, J. / Liu, J. / Johnson, K. | 2006
Determination of Coalbed Methane Potential and Gas Adsorption Capacity in Western Kentucky Coals
Mardon, S. / Takacs, K. G. / Hower, J. C. / Eble, C. F. / Mastalerz, M. | 2006
Alloy Membranes for Hydrogen Permeation
Alptekin, G. / DeVoss, S. / Amalfitano, R. / Way, J. D. / Thoen, P. / Lusk, M. | 2006
Utilization of Carbon Dixoide from Coal-Fired Power Plant for the Production of Value-Added Products
Van Niekerk, D. / Markley, B. / Li, Y. / Mohan, A. R. / Rodriguez-Santiago, V. / Thompson, D. / Elsworth, D. / Matthews, J. P. / Pisupati, S. / Song, C. | 2006
Development of Highly Efficient Hot-gas Cleanup Technology for Advanced IGCC System Involving Coproduction of Hydrogen and Liquid Fuels
Ishimori, M. / Yamaguchi, Y. / Furusawa, K. / Katsuta, M. | 2006
A Detailed Look inside a Transport Reactor
Guenther, C. / Breault, R. | 2006
Photocatalytic Decomposition of NO Originated from Coal Analog Compound
Hanling, X. / Jianwei, L. / Lingmei, G. / Anning, Z. | 2006
THERMACT - A Revolutionary breakthrough in Fire-Side Technology
Kumar, S. | 2006
Thermodynamic Modeling of Gasification Processes with Respect to Trace Elements
Guhl, S. / Bruggemann, P. / Meyer, B. / Jockhamann, A. | 2006
Coal-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Plant Development
Ghezel-Ayagh, H. / Doyon, J. | 2006
The Efficacy of Dry Coal Cleaning for High-Density Separations
Honaker, R. Q. / Patil, D. / Luttrell, G. H. / Bratton, R. | 2006
Industrial Size Gasification for Syngas, SNG, Hydrogen and Small Power Production Using the BGL 1000 Gasifier Module
Shellhorse, V. / Hoffmann, J. | 2006
Genesis of Natural Coke and Its Industrial Utilisation
Singh, A. K. / Shukla, N. K. / Sharma, M. / Choudhury, S. K. / Roy, B. N. / Ghose, G. / Srivastava, S. K. | 2006
Substitute Natural Gas from Coal Co-Production Project - A Status Report
Ruby, J. / Kramer, S. / Hobbs, R. / Bryan, B. | 2006
Detection of Mercuric Chloride Using a Fiber Laser
Reichardt, T. / Hoops, A. A. / Kliner, D. A. V. / Koplow, J. P. / Moore, S. W. | 2006
A Business Opportunity in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands: An Environmentally Sound and Cost Effective Solution for Filling Underground Voids to Mitigate Hazards
Jenkins, J. / Giacinto, J. F. / Rafalko, L. G. / Petzrick, P. | 2006
Advanced Efficient Equipment for Coal Concentration in China
Li, X. / Chen, K. / Zhang, M. | 2006
Uneven Distribution of Sulfurs and Their Transformation During Coal Pyrolysis
Li, B. / Liu, F. / Li, W. / Chen, H. | 2006
Effect of KOH in Preparation of Activated Carbon with Low Ash Content and High Specific Surface Area from Law Rank Bituminous Coal
Lei, J. / Xie, Q. | 2006
Experimental Research on Coke Braise as a Cokemaking Additive
Shi, S. / Zhou, X. | 2006
Surface Modification of Fe~3O~4 Nanoparticles
Liu, Y. / Zhuang, H. / Jia, H. | 2006
Hydrogen Production through Coal Gasification in Updraft Gasifiers with Syngas Treating Sections
Pettinau, A. / Tola, V. / Deiana, P. | 2006
Hydrogen-Assisted IC Engine Combustion as a Route to Hydrogen Implementation
Boehman, A. / Haworth, D. / Chapman, E. / Fox, M. / Nese, B. / Priyadarshi, S. / Lilik, G. / Zhang, Y. / Kung, E. | 2006
The Exergy UCG Technology and its Commercial Applications
Blinderman, M. S. | 2006
Control of Mercury Emissions from Clean Coal Power Plants with CO~2 Capture
Zanganeh, K. E. / Shafeen, A. / Gupta, M. / Dureau, R. | 2006
Feasibility of Generating Sulphur Impregnated Activated Carbon Using Petroleum Coke and Flue Gases from a Copper Smelter
Morris, E. / Jia, C. Q. / Tong, S. | 2006
Coproduction of Hydrogen and Methyl Formate by Dehydrogenation of Methanol
Zhang, Y. / Shi, F. / Fan, X. / Tierney, J. / Wender, I. | 2006
Effects of Structural Rearrangements on Sorption Capacity of Coals
Romanov, V. / Soong, Y. / Warzinski, R. / Lynn, R. | 2006
2006 Cost and Performance Estimates of Fossil Energy Power Plants
Ciferno, J. P. / Klara, J. | 2006
GE and Bechtel's IGCC Reference Plant Update
Rapagnani, R. | 2006
Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide - IGCC Applications
Alvin, M. / Stevens, R. / Newby, R. A. / Keairns, D. L. | 2006
Kimberlina - A Zero-Emission Multi-Fuel Power Plant and Demonstration Facility
MacAdam, S. / Anderson, R. / Viteri, F. / Pronske, K. | 2006
A Novel Ammonia-Based FGD Process: Experiences of a 60MW Demonstration
De Xiao, W. | 2006
Gas-Phase Incorporation of Palladium onto Ceria-doped Silica Aerogel for Water-Gas Shift Catalysis
Turpin, G. C. / Dunn, B. C. / Shi, Y. / Fillerup, E. P. / Pugmire, R. J. / Eyring, E. M. / Ernst, R. D. / Dutta, P. / Seehra, M. / Singh, V. | 2006
Carbon Dioxide Separation through Supported Ionic Liquids Membranes in Polymeric Matrixes
Ilconich, J. / Luebke, D. / Myers, C. / Pennline, H. | 2006
CO~2 Control Technology Effects on IGCC Plant Performance and Cost
Rubin, E. S. / Chen, C. / Berkenpas, M. B. | 2006
Study of the Effect of FeCl3 on the Ignition Point of Coal
Yang, Q. / Xu, D. / Li, W. / Cheng, A. / Cao, J. / Wang, L. | 2006
Development of Turbo Machinery for a Zero CO~2 Emissions Oxy-Fuel Cycle
Hebber, M. A. / Dinkar, S. / Gutierrez, J. P. / Downs, J. | 2006
Coal IGCC Turbine Technology Improvements for Carbon Free Fuels
Anand, A. / Mancuso, B. / Collins, K. / Wotzak, G. | 2006
Current and Future IGCC Technologies: Bituminous Coal to Electric Power
Gray, D. / White, C. / Plunkett, J. / Salerno, S. / Tomlinson, G. | 2006
Experimenting and Operating Coal Gasification in a 2 ton/day Entrained Bed Gasifier
Shen, C.-H. / Hsu, H.-W. / Lo, M.-C. / Shieh, C.-L. / Chen, W.-C. / Chen, M.-Y. | 2006
A Study of the Transport of Coal Syngas Species Through a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode
Trembly, J. / Gemmen, R. S. / Bayless, D. J. | 2006
Influence of Coal Composition on the Release of Na-,K-,Cl- and S-species during the Combustion of Brown Coal
Oleschko, H. / Schimrosczyk, A. / Muller, M. | 2006
Nanocrystalline Sorbents for Mercury Removal from Warm Fuel Gas
Jadhav, R. / Meyer, H. / Winecki, S. / Breault, R. | 2006
The Effect of a Current Collection Layer Containing a Sulfur Tolerant Material on the Operation of a PSOFC Utilizing Coal Derived Syngas Containing H~2S as Fuel
Trembly, J. / Bayless, D. J. / Gemmen, R. S. | 2006
Recent Developments in Modularized Air-Blown Coal Gasification Systems for Industrial Applications
d Ambrosi, F. D. / Jackson, R. G. | 2006
Practical Applications of Innovative Mercury Control Technologies
Armet, B. W. / Batorski, J. E. | 2006
Removing Trace Metals from Coal-Derived Syngas at Elevated Temperatures: A Progress Report on Sorbent Development
Albritton, J. R. / Turk, B. S. / Gangwal, S. / Gupta, R. | 2006
Occurrence of Potentially Hazardous Elements in High Sulphur Nagaland Coal
Baruah, B. P. / Goswamee, R. L. / Rao, P. G. | 2006
Impacts on Trace Metal Leaching from Fly Ash Due to the Co-Combustion of Switchgrass with Coal
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Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of Coal Mines
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