Dark Energy Present and Future (English)

In: AIP Conference Proceedings   ;  689 ,  1  ;  197-206  ;  2003

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By studying the present cosmological data, particularly on CMB, SNeIA and LSS, we find that the future fate of the universe, for simple linear models of the dark energy equation‐of‐state, can vary between the extremes of (I) a divergence of the scale factor in as little as 7 Gyr; (II) an infinite lifetime of the universe with dark energy dominant for all future time; (III) a disappearing dark energy where the universe asymptotes as t → ∞ to a(t) ∼ t2/3 i.e. matter domination. Precision cosmological data hint that a dark energy with equation of state w = P/ρ < −1 and hence dubious stability is viable. Here we discuss for any w nucleation from Λ > 0 to Λ = 0 in a first‐order phase transition. The critical radius is argued to be at least of galactic size and the corresponding nucleation rate glacial, thus underwriting the dark energy’s stability and rendering remote any microscopic effect.

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The Radio Ice Cherenkov Experiment
Adams, J. / Baird, A. / Bean, A. / Besson, D. / Byleen‐Higley, K. / Chambers, S. / Drees, J. / Graham, S. / Harris, P. / Kravchenko, I. et al. | 2003
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Klein, Joshua R. | 2003
The Status of the Booster Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab (MiniBooNE)
Mills, Geoffrey B. | 2003
K2K Experiment
Nakaya, T. | 2003
Neutrino Physics Without Oscillations
Thomas, Anthony W. | 2003
Neutrinos under Strong Magnetic Fields
Ferrer, Efrain J. / de la Incera, Vivian | 2003
Some Remarks on Neutrino Oscillation and Masses
Zee, A. | 2003
Semileptonic and Rare B Decays at B Factories
Emery, Sandrine | 2003
Search for New States of Matter with the STAR Experiment at RHIC
Lange, Jens Sören | 2003
QCD Factorization in B Decays into ρπ
Guo, X.‐H. / Leitner, O. M. A. / Thomas, A. W. | 2003
CP Violation, Dark Matter and Extra Dimensions in the D‐Zero Experiment at the Tevatron
Ratoff, Peter Neil | 2003
B Physics (Theory)
Rosner, Jonathan L. | 2003
Dark Matter Detection
Caldwell, David O. | 2003
Coherent Phase Argument for Inflation
Dodelson, Scott | 2003
Dark Energy Present and Future
Frampton, Paul H. | 2003