The Limiting High Temperature Rotational Partition Function of Nonrigid Molecules VI. The Methanol Equilibrium (English)

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In: The Journal of Chemical Physics   ;  4 ,  8  ;  493-496  ;  1936

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The entropy of methanol and the equilibrium constant for methanol synthesis are calculated for two molecular models, one of which rotates freely about the CO bond, while the other possesses a torsional oscillation of frequency 700 cm—1 about that bond. The latter model is indicated by spectroscopic evidence and gives an entropy in close agreement with the third law value and an equilibrium constant close to the mean of the widely scattered experimental results. The former model is supported strongly by valence theory; it can be made to agree with the third law entropy by assuming a zero‐point entropy of R log 3, and its rather poor agreement with experimental equilibrium data is not conclusive evidence against it. The true equilibrium constant probably lies between these two calculated values, or at worst slightly beyond one of them.

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