A multi-probe thermophoretic soot sampling system for high-pressure diffusion flames (English)

In: Review of Scientific Instruments   ;  87 ,  5  ;  8  ;  2016

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Optical diagnostics and physical probing of the soot processes in high pressure combustion pose challenges that are not faced in atmospheric flames. One of the preferred methods of studying soot in atmospheric flames is in situ thermophoretic sampling followed by transmission electron microscopy imaging and analysis for soot sizing and morphology. The application of this method of sampling to high pressures has been held back by various operational and mechanical problems. In this work, we describe a rotating disk multi-probe thermophoretic soot sampling system, driven by a microstepping stepper motor, fitted into a high-pressure chamber capable of producing sooting laminar diffusion flames up to 100 atm. Innovative aspects of the sampling system design include an easy and precise control of the sampling time down to 2.6 ms, avoidance of the drawbacks of the pneumatic drivers used in conventional thermophoretic sampling systems, and the capability to collect ten consecutive samples in a single experimental run. Proof of principle experiments were performed using this system in a laminar diffusion flame of methane, and primary soot diameter distributions at various pressures up to 10 atm were determined. High-speed images of the flame during thermophoretic sampling were recorded to assess the influence of probe intrusion on the flow field of the flame.

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Tunable hard X-ray spectrometer utilizing asymmetric planes of a quartz transmission crystal
Seely, John F. / Henins, Albert / Feldman, Uri | 2016
A mobile system for a comprehensive online-characterization of nanoparticle aggregates based on wide-angle light scattering and laser-induced incandescence
Huber, Franz J. T. / Altenhoff, Michael / Will, Stefan | 2016
A cylindrical quadrupole ion trap in combination with an electrospray ion source for gas-phase luminescence and absorption spectroscopy
Stockett, Mark H. / Houmøller, Jørgen / Støchkel, Kristian / Svendsen, Annette / Brøndsted Nielsen, Steen | 2016
A highly versatile optical fibre vacuum feed-through
Davidson, Ian A. / Azzouz, Hatim / Hueck, Klaus / Bourennane, Mohamed | 2016
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Lucibello, Andrea / Sardi, Giovanni Maria / Capoccia, Giovanni / Proietti, Emanuela / Marcelli, Romolo / Kasper, Manuel / Gramse, Georg / Kienberger, Ferry | 2016
A broadband micro-machined far-infrared absorber
Wollack, E. J. / Datesman, A. M. / Jhabvala, C. A. / Miller, K. H. / Quijada, M. A. | 2016
Time-frequency energy density precipitation method for time-of-flight extraction of narrowband Lamb wave detection signals
Zhang, Y. / Huang, S. L. / Wang, S. / Zhao, W. | 2016
Pulse wave detection method based on the bio-impedance of the wrist
He, Jianman / Wang, Mengjun / Li, Xiaoxia / Li, Gang / Lin, Ling | 2016
A multi-probe thermophoretic soot sampling system for high-pressure diffusion flames
Vargas, Alex M. / Gülder, Ömer L. | 2016
Simple locking of infrared and ultraviolet diode lasers to a visible laser using a LabVIEW proportional-integral-derivative controller on a Fabry-Perot signal
Kwolek, J. M. / Wells, J. E. / Goodman, D. S. / Smith, W. W. | 2016
Method for measuring settling phenomena by means of frequency domain instrumentation
D’Apuzzo, M. / D’Arco, M. / Liccardo, A. / Vadursi, M. | 2016
Large aperture Fizeau interferometer commissioning and preliminary measurements of a long x-ray mirror at European X-ray Free Electron Laser
Vannoni, M. / Freijo Martín, I. | 2016
High-speed digital holography for neutral gas and electron density imaging
Granstedt, E. M. / Thomas, C. E. / Kaita, R. / Majeski, R. / Baylor, L. R. / Meitner, S. J. / Combs, S. K. | 2016
An absolute instrument for determination of the speed of sound in water
Li, Zhiwei / Zhu, Junchao / Li, Tao / Zhang, Baofeng | 2016
Development of a multi-lane X-ray mirror providing variable beam sizes
Laundy, D. / Sawhney, K. / Nistea, I. / Alcock, S. G. / Pape, I. / Sutter, J. / Alianelli, L. / Evans, G. | 2016
Miniature hemispherical shell resonator with large-scale effective electrodes based on piezoelectric drive mechanism
Tang, Jian / Zhang, Weiping / Cheng, Yuxiang / Liu, Wu / Wang, Yinghai / Sun, Dianjun | 2016
Force measurement using strain-gauge balance in a shock tunnel with long test duration
Wang, Yunpeng / Liu, Yunfeng / Luo, Changtong / Jiang, Zonglin | 2016
Calibration of imaging plates to electrons between 40 and 180 MeV
Rabhi, N. / Bohacek, K. / Batani, D. / Boutoux, G. / Ducret, J.-E. / Guillaume, E. / Jakubowska, K. / Thaury, C. / Thfoin, I. | 2016
Eddy current-shielded x-space relaxometer for sensitive magnetic nanoparticle characterization
Bauer, L. M. / Hensley, D. W. / Zheng, B. / Tay, Z. W. / Goodwill, P. W. / Griswold, M. A. / Conolly, S. M. | 2016
Optical imaging module for astigmatic detection system
Wang, Wei-Min / Cheng, Chung-Hsiang / Molnar, Gabor / Hwang, Ing-Shouh / Huang, Kuang-Yuh / Danzebrink, Hans-Ulrich / Hwu, En-Te | 2016
Development of a spectroscopic Mueller matrix imaging ellipsometer for nanostructure metrology
Chen, Xiuguo / Du, Weichao / Yuan, Kui / Chen, Jun / Jiang, Hao / Zhang, Chuanwei / Liu, Shiyuan | 2016
Grazing incidence off Rowland spectrometer with shifted slit
Antsiferov, P. S. / Dorokhin, L. A. / Krainov, P. V. | 2016
Measurements of fluid viscosity using a miniature ball drop device
Tang, Jay X. | 2016
A cylindrically symmetric “micro-Mott” electron polarimeter
Clayburn, N. B. / Brunkow, E. / Burtwistle, S. J. / Rutherford, G. H. / Gay, T. J. | 2016
Nine-channel mid-power bipolar pulse generator based on a field programmable gate array
Haylock, Ben / Lenzini, Francesco / Kasture, Sachin / Fisher, Paul / Streed, Erik W. / Lobino, Mirko | 2016
Note: Arc discharge plasma source with plane segmented LaB6 cathode
Akhmetov, T. D / Davydenko, V. I / Ivanov, A. A / Kreter, A / Mishagin, V. V / Savkin, V. Ya / Shulzhenko, G. I / Unterberg, B | 2016
Atmospheric pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy apparatus: Bridging the pressure gap
Velasco-Vélez, J. J. / Pfeifer, V. / Hävecker, M. / Wang, R. / Centeno, A. / Zurutuza, A. / Algara-Siller, G. / Stotz, E. / Skorupska, K. / Teschner, D. et al. | 2016
Erratum: “Concepts of magnetic filter fields in powerful negative ion sources for fusion” [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 02B315 (2016)]
Kraus, W. / Fantz, U. / Heinemann, B. / Wünderlich, D. | 2016
Preface: The 5th International Workshop on X-ray Mirror Design, Fabrication, and Metrology
Assoufid, Lahsen / Goldberg, Kenneth / Yashchuk, Valeriy V. | 2016
Operando x-ray photoelectron emission microscopy for studying forward and reverse biased silicon p-n junctions
Barrett, N. / Gottlob, D. M. / Mathieu, C. / Lubin, C. / Passicousset, J. / Renault, O. / Martinez, E. | 2016
Invited Article: Quantitative imaging of explosions with high-speed cameras
McNesby, Kevin L. / Homan, Barrie E. / Benjamin, Richard A. / Boyle, Vincent M. / Densmore, John M. / Biss, Matthew M. | 2016
Construction and characterization of a frequency-controlled, picometer-resolution, displacement encoder-actuator
Koulakis, John P. / Stein, Michael / Holczer, Károly | 2016
New Products
Mandelis, Andreas | 2016
Neutron temporal diagnostic for high-yield deuterium–tritium cryogenic implosions on OMEGA
Stoeckl, C. / Boni, R. / Ehrne, F. / Forrest, C. J. / Glebov, V. Yu. / Katz, J. / Lonobile, D. J. / Magoon, J. / Regan, S. P. / Shoup, M. J. et al. | 2016
X-ray metrology and performance of a 45-cm long x-ray deformable mirror
Poyneer, Lisa A. / Brejnholt, Nicolai F. / Hill, Randall / Jackson, Jessie / Hagler, Lisle / Celestre, Richard / Feng, Jun | 2016
Broadband, large-area microwave antenna for optically detected magnetic resonance of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Sasaki, Kento / Monnai, Yasuaki / Saijo, Soya / Fujita, Ryushiro / Watanabe, Hideyuki / Ishi-Hayase, Junko / Itoh, Kohei M. / Abe, Eisuke | 2016
Design of single-phase driven screw-thread-type ultrasonic motor
Chang, Lien-Kai / Tsai, Mi-Ching | 2016
A simple counter-flow cooling system for a supersonic free-jet beam source assembly
Barr, M. / Fahy, A. / Martens, J. / Dastoor, P. C. | 2016
Note: Space qualified photon counting detector for laser time transfer with picosecond precision and stability
Prochazka, Ivan / Kodet, Jan / Blazej, Josef | 2016
TAKASAGO-6 apparatus for cryogenic coherent X-ray diffraction imaging of biological non-crystalline particles using X-ray free electron laser at SACLA
Kobayashi, Amane / Sekiguchi, Yuki / Takayama, Yuki / Oroguchi, Tomotaka / Shirahama, Keiya / Torizuka, Yasufumi / Manoda, Masahiro / Nakasako, Masayoshi / Yamamoto, Masaki / 小林周 et al. | 2016
A simple spectroscopic method to determine the degree of dissociation in hydrogen plasmas with wide-range spectrometer
Dang, Jeong-Jeung / Chung, Kyoung-Jae / Hwang, Y. S. | 2016
Ultrafast time measurements by time-correlated single photon counting coupled with superconducting single photon detector
Shcheslavskiy, V. / Morozov, P. / Divochiy, A. / Vakhtomin, Yu. / Smirnov, K. / Becker, W. | 2016
Stress measurements of planar dielectric elastomer actuators
Osmani, Bekim / Aeby, Elise A. / Müller, Bert | 2016
Time-resolved pump and probe x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy at beamline P11 at PETRA III
Göries, D. / Dicke, B. / Roedig, P. / Stübe, N. / Meyer, J. / Galler, A. / Gawelda, W. / Britz, A. / Geßler, P. / Sotoudi Namin, H. et al. | 2016
High precision tilt stage as a key element to a universal test mirror for characterization and calibration of slope measuring instruments
Yashchuk, Valeriy V. / Artemiev, Nikolay A. / Centers, Gary / Chaubard, Arthur / Geckeler, Ralf D. / Lacey, Ian / Marth, Harry / McKinney, Wayne R. / Noll, Tino / Siewert, Frank et al. | 2016
An improved model to predict bandwidth enhancement in an inductively tuned common source amplifier
Reza, Ashif / Misra, Anuraag / Das, Parnika | 2016
Linear chirped slope profile for spatial calibration in slope measuring deflectometry
Siewert, F. / Zeschke, T. / Arnold, T. / Paetzelt, H. / Yashchuk, V. V. | 2016
Bunker probe: A plasma potential probe almost insensitive to its orientation with the magnetic field
Costea, S. / Fonda, B. / Kovačič, J. / Gyergyek, T. / Schneider, B. S. / Schrittwieser, R. / Ionita, C. | 2016
A new streaked soft x-ray imager for the National Ignition Facility
Benstead, J. / Moore, A. S. / Ahmed, M. F. / Morton, J. / Guymer, T. M. / Soufli, R. / Pardini, T. / Hibbard, R. L. / Bailey, C. G. / Bell, P. M. et al. | 2016
Characteristics of a four element gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission line array high power microwave source
Johnson, J. M. / Reale, D. V. / Krile, J. T. / Garcia, R. S. / Cravey, W. H. / Neuber, A. A. / Dickens, J. C. / Mankowski, J. J. | 2016
Novel pulsed particle accelerator for energy dependent positron re-emission experiments
Grill, Niklas / Piochacz, Christian / Zimnik, Samantha / Hugenschmidt, Christoph | 2016
Simultaneous, single-pulse, synchrotron x-ray imaging and diffraction under gas gun loading
Fan, D. / Huang, J. W. / Zeng, X. L. / Li, Y. / E, J. C. / Huang, J. Y. / Sun, T. / Fezzaa, K. / Wang, Z. / Luo, S. N. | 2016
Injection locking of a low cost high power laser diode at 461 nm
Pagett, C. J. H. / Moriya, P. H. / Celistrino Teixeira, R. / Shiozaki, R. F. / Hemmerling, M. / Courteille, Ph. W. | 2016
Active stabilization of ion trap radiofrequency potentials
Johnson, K. G. / Wong-Campos, J. D. / Restelli, A. / Landsman, K. A. / Neyenhuis, B. / Mizrahi, J. / Monroe, C. | 2016
Note: A novel dielectric barrier discharge system for generating stable patterns in wide range
Liu, Weibo / Wang, Yongjie / Zhang, Hao / Pan, Yuyang / Dong, Lifang | 2016
Transport and trapping of dust particles in a potential well created by inductively coupled diffused plasmas
Choudhary, Mangilal / Mukherjee, S / Bandyopadhyay, P | 2016
Note: A sub-sampling technique for frequency locking in Doppler wind lidar
Yao, Yuan / Li, Feng / Chen, Lian / Jin, Ge | 2016
Real-time diamagnetic flux measurements on ASDEX Upgrade
Giannone, L. / Geiger, B. / Bilato, R. / Maraschek, M. / Odstrčil, T. / Fischer, R. / Fuchs, J. C. / McCarthy, P. J. / Mertens, V. / Schuhbeck, K. H. | 2016
At-wavelength metrology facility for soft X-ray reflection optics
Sokolov, A. / Bischoff, P. / Eggenstein, F. / Erko, A. / Gaupp, A. / Künstner, S. / Mast, M. / Schmidt, J.-S. / Senf, F. / Siewert, F. et al. | 2016
Optical pseudomotors for soft x-ray beamlines
Pedreira, P / Sics, I / Sorrentino, A / Pereiro, E / Aballe, L / Foerster, M / Pérez-Dieste, V / Escudero, C / Nicolas, J | 2016
High-resolution fully vectorial scanning Kerr magnetometer
Flajšman, Lukáš / Urbánek, Michal / Křižáková, Viola / Vaňatka, Marek / Turčan, Igor / Šikola, Tomáš | 2016
A method for coincidence timing resolution enhancement
Ermis, E. E. / Celiktas, C. / Pilicer, E. | 2016
A microchip laser source with stable intensity and frequency used for self-mixing interferometry
Zhang, Shaohui / Zhang, Shulian / Tan, Yidong / Sun, Liqun | 2016
Publisher’s Note: “High sensitivity measurement system for the direct-current, capacitance-voltage, and gate-drain low frequency noise characterization of field effect transistors” [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 044702 (2016)]
Giusi, G. / Giordano, O. / Scandurra, G. / Rapisarda, M. / Calvi, S. / Ciofi, C. | 2016
Development and implementation of a portable grating interferometer system as a standard tool for testing optics at the Advanced Photon Source beamline 1-BM
Assoufid, Lahsen / Shi, Xianbo / Marathe, Shashidhara / Benda, Erika / Wojcik, Michael J. / Lang, Keenan / Xu, Ruqing / Liu, Wenjun / Macrander, Albert T. / Tischler, Jon Z. | 2016
High power microwave source with a three dimensional printed metamaterial slow-wave structure
French, David M. / Shiffler, Don | 2016
Oscillator metrology with software defined radio
Sherman, Jeff A. / Jördens, Robert | 2016
Energy deposition evaluation for ultra-low energy electron beam irradiation systems using calibrated thin radiochromic film and Monte Carlo simulations
Matsui, S. / Mori, Y. / Nonaka, T. / Hattori, T. / Kasamatsu, Y. / Haraguchi, D. / Watanabe, Y. / Uchiyama, K. / Ishikawa, M. | 2016
Characteristics and performance of offset phase locked single frequency heterodyned laser systems
Tulchinsky, David A. / Hastings, Alexander S. / Williams, Keith J. | 2016
Ultrasonic power measurement system based on acousto-optic interaction
He, Liping / Zhu, Fulong / Chen, Yanming / Duan, Ke / Lin, Xinxin / Pan, Yongjun / Tao, Jiaquan | 2016
An apparatus to measure frictional, anelastic, and viscous behavior in ice at temperate and planetary conditions
McCarthy, C. / Savage, H. M. / Koczynski, T. / Nielson, M. A. | 2016
High-resolution three-dimensional spin- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectrometer using vacuum ultraviolet laser light
Yaji, Koichiro / Harasawa, Ayumi / Kuroda, Kenta / Toyohisa, Sogen / Nakayama, Mitsuhiro / Ishida, Yukiaki / Fukushima, Akiko / Watanabe, Shuntaro / Chen, Chuangtian / Komori, Fumio et al. | 2016
A highly miniaturized vacuum package for a trapped ion atomic clock
Schwindt, Peter D. D. / Jau, Yuan-Yu / Partner, Heather / Casias, Adrian / Wagner, Adrian R. / Moorman, Matthew / Manginell, Ronald P. / Kellogg, James R. / Prestage, John D. | 2016
Ultra-precision fabrication of 500 mm long and laterally graded Ru/C multilayer mirrors for X-ray light sources
Störmer, M. / Gabrisch, H. / Horstmann, C. / Heidorn, U. / Hertlein, F. / Wiesmann, J. / Siewert, F. / Rack, A. | 2016
An improved hydrothermal diamond anvil cell
Li, Jiankang / Bassett, W. A. / Chou, I-Ming / Ding, Xin / Li, Shenghu / Wang, Xinyan | 2016
A picosecond beam-timing system for the OMEGA laser
Donaldson, W. R. / Katz, J. / Huff, R. / Hill, E. M. / Kelly, J. H. / Kwiatkowski, J. / Brannon, R. B. / Boni, R. | 2016
Aperture alignment in autocollimator-based deflectometric profilometers
Geckeler, R. D. / Artemiev, N. A. / Barber, S. K. / Just, A. / Lacey, I. / Kranz, O. / Smith, B. V. / Yashchuk, V. V. | 2016
A low noise and high precision linear power supply with thermal foldback protection
Carniti, P. / Cassina, L. / Gotti, C. / Maino, M. / Pessina, G. | 2016
Development of a magnetized coaxial plasma gun for compact toroid injection into the C-2 field-reversed configuration device
Matsumoto, T. / Sekiguchi, J. / Asai, T. / Gota, H. / Garate, E. / Allfrey, I. / Valentine, T. / Morehouse, M. / Roche, T. / Kinley, J. et al. | 2016
Stitching interferometry for ellipsoidal x-ray mirrors
Yumoto, Hirokatsu / Koyama, Takahisa / Matsuyama, Satoshi / Yamauchi, Kazuto / Ohashi, Haruhiko | 2016
Automatic outdoor monitoring system for photovoltaic panels
Stefancich, Marco / Simpson, Lin / Chiesa, Matteo | 2016
Note: The expansion of possibilities for plasma probe diagnostics
Masherov, P. E. / Riaby, V. A. / Abgaryan, V. K. | 2016
New procedure to measure simultaneously the surface tension and contact angle
Champmartin, S. / Ambari, A. / Le Pommelec, J. Y. | 2016
Speckle-based at-wavelength metrology of X-ray mirrors with super accuracy
Kashyap, Yogesh / Wang, Hongchang / Sawhney, Kawal | 2016
Automated force controller for amplitude modulation atomic force microscopy
Miyagi, Atsushi / Scheuring, Simon | 2016
Note: Digital laser frequency auto-locking for inter-satellite laser ranging
Luo, Yingxin / Li, Hongyin / Yeh, Hsien-Chi | 2016
Damage threshold of coating materials on x-ray mirror for x-ray free electron laser
Koyama, Takahisa / Yumoto, Hirokatsu / Miura, Takanori / Tono, Kensuke / Togashi, Tadashi / Inubushi, Yuichi / Katayama, Tetsuo / Kim, Jangwoo / Matsuyama, Satoshi / Yabashi, Makina et al. | 2016
Development and evaluation of a collection apparatus for recoil products for study of the deexcitation process of 235mU
Shigekawa, Y. / Kasamatsu, Y. / Shinohara, A. | 2016
Development and performance of a suprathermal electron spectrometer to study auroral precipitations
Ogasawara, Keiichi / Grubbs, Guy / Michell, Robert G. / Samara, Marilia / Stange, Jason L. / Trevino, John A. / Webster, James / Jahn, Jörg-Micha | 2016
Stitching methods at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)
Vivo, A. / Lantelme, B. / Baker, R. / Barrett, R. | 2016
Detecting leaks in gas-filled pressure vessels using acoustic resonances
Gillis, K. A. / Moldover, M. R. / Mehl, J. B. | 2016
Optimized mirror shape tuning using beam weightings based on distance, angle of incidence, reflectivity, and power
Goldberg, Kenneth A. / Yashchuk, Valeriy V. | 2016
High-speed, high-voltage pulse generation using avalanche transistor
Yong-sheng, Gou / Bai-yu, Liu / Yong-lin, Bai / Jun-jun, Qin / Xiao-hong, Bai / Bo, Wang / Bing-li, Zhu / Chuan-dong, Sun | 2016
Autonomous portable pulsed-periodical generator of high-power radiofrequency-pulses based on gas discharge with hollow cathode
Bulychev, Sergey V. / Dubinov, Alexander E. / L’vov, Igor L. / Popolev, Vyacheslav L. / Sadovoy, Sergey A. / Sadchikov, Eugeny A. / Selemir, Victor D. / Valiulina, Valeria K. / Vyalykh, Dmitry V. / Zhdanov, Victor S. | 2016
Note: A portable laser induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument for rapid sampling and analysis of silicon-containing aerosols
McLaughlin, R. P. / Mason, G. S. / Miller, A. L. / Stipe, C. B. / Kearns, J. D. / Prier, M. W. / Rarick, J. D. | 2016
Nano-metrology: The art of measuring X-ray mirrors with slope errors <100 nrad
Alcock, Simon G. / Nistea, Ioana / Sawhney, Kawal | 2016
Cold and intense OH radical beam sources
Ploenes, Ludger / Haas, Dominik / Zhang, Dongdong / van de Meerakker, Sebastiaan Y. T. / Willitsch, Stefan | 2016
High accuracy calibration of a dynamic vapor sorption instrument and determination of the equilibrium humidities using single salts
Rörig-Dalgaard, Inge / Svensson, Staffan | 2016
Application of advanced shearing techniques to the calibration of autocollimators with small angle generators and investigation of error sources
Yandayan, T. / Geckeler, R. D. / Aksulu, M. / Akgoz, S. A. / Ozgur, B. | 2016
Development of high-order harmonic focusing system based on ellipsoidal mirror
Motoyama, H. / Sato, T. / Iwasaki, A. / Takei, Y. / Kume, T. / Egawa, S. / Hiraguri, K. / Hashizume, H. / Yamanouchi, K. / Mimura, H. | 2016
Note: Design and implementation of a home-built imaging system with low jitter for cold atom experiments
Hachtel, A. J. / Gillette, M. C. / Clements, E. R. / Zhong, S. / Weeks, M. R. / Bali, S. | 2016
An instrument to measure fast gas phase radical kinetics at high temperatures and pressures
Stone, Daniel / Blitz, Mark / Ingham, Trevor / Onel, Lavinia / Medeiros, Diogo J. / Seakins, Paul W. | 2016
Note: An improved solenoid driver valve for miniature shock tubes
Lynch, P. T. | 2016
An X-band waveguide measurement technique for the accurate characterization of materials with low dielectric loss permittivity
Allen, Kenneth W. / Scott, Mark M. / Reid, David R. / Bean, Jeffrey A. / Ellis, Jeremy D. / Morris, Andrew P. / Marsh, Jeramy M. | 2016
Design and analysis of a high-accuracy flexure hinge
Liu, Min / Zhang, Xianmin / Fatikow, Sergej | 2016
Room temperature optically detected magnetic resonance (photoluminescence detected magnetic resonance) of radical ion pairs induced by vacuum ultraviolet in thin polymeric films
Verkhovlyuk, V. N. / Fedotov, K. Yu. / Anisimov, O. A. | 2016
Fast time-resolved electrostatic force microscopy: Achieving sub-cycle time resolution
Karatay, Durmus U. / Harrison, Jeffrey S. / Glaz, Micah S. / Giridharagopal, Rajiv / Ginger, David S. | 2016
Nanosecond-resolved temperature measurements using magnetic nanoparticles
Xu, Wenbiao / Liu, Wenzhong / Zhang, Pu | 2016
Femtosecond broadband fluorescence upconversion spectroscopy: Spectral coverage versus efficiency
Gerecke, Mario / Bierhance, Genaro / Gutmann, Michael / Ernsting, Nikolaus P. / Rosspeintner, Arnulf | 2016
In-vacuum scattered light reduction with black cupric oxide surfaces for sensitive fluorescence detection
Norrgard, E. B. / Sitaraman, N. / Barry, J. F. / McCarron, D. J. / Steinecker, M. H. / DeMille, D. | 2016
A compact high-resolution X-ray ion mobility spectrometer
Reinecke, T. / Kirk, A. T. / Heptner, A. / Niebuhr, D. / Böttger, S. / Zimmermann, S. | 2016
Ultralow-frequency Raman system down to 10 cm−1 with longpass edge filters and its application to the interface coupling in t(2+2)LGs
Lin, M.-L. / Ran, F.-R. / Qiao, X.-F. / Wu, J.-B. / Shi, W. / Zhang, Z.-H. / Xu, X.-Z. / Liu, K.-H. / Li, H. / Tan, P.-H. | 2016
Note: Development of leg size sensors for fluid accumulation monitoring
Zhang, Song / Rajamani, Rajesh / Alexander, Lee / Serdar Sezen, A. | 2016
Comparison measurements of low-pressure between a laser refractometer and ultrasonic manometer
Egan, Patrick F / Stone, Jack A / Ricker, Jacob E / Hendricks, Jay H | 2016
Three-dimensional tomographic imaging for dynamic radiation behavior study using infrared imaging video bolometers in large helical device plasma
Sano, Ryuichi / Peterson, Byron J. / Teranishi, Masaru / Iwama, Naofumi / Kobayashi, Masahiro / Mukai, Kiyofumi / Pandya, Shwetang N. | 2016
Simultaneous measurement of heat capacity and internal relaxation time
Nagasawa, Mitsuharu | 2016
Development of a low noise induction magnetic sensor using magnetic flux negative feedback in the time domain
Wang, X. G / Shang, X. L / Lin, J | 2016
Temperature calibration for diffusion experiments to sub-Kelvin precision
Zaum, Christopher / Bertram, Cord / Meyer auf der Heide, Kastur M. / Mehlhorn, Michael / Morgenstern, Karina | 2016
Charge exchange recombination spectroscopy on the T-10 tokamak
Klyuchnikov, L. A. / Krupin, V. A. / Nurgaliev, M. R. / Korobov, K. V. / Nemets, A. R. / Dnestrovskij, A. Yu. / Tugarinov, S. N. / Serov, S. V. / Naumenko, N. N. | 2016
Open ISEmeter: An open hardware high-impedance interface for potentiometric detection
Salvador, C. / Mesa, M. S. / Durán, E. / Alvarez, J. L. / Carbajo, J. / Mozo, J. D. | 2016
Waveguide transition with vacuum window for multiband dynamic nuclear polarization systems
Rybalko, Oleksandr / Bowen, Sean / Zhurbenko, Vitaliy / Ardenkjær-Larsen, Jan Henrik | 2016
Performance improvements of wavelength-shifting-fiber neutron detectors using high-resolution positioning algorithms
Wang, C. L. | 2016
Contactless electrical conductivity measurement of metallic submicron-grain material: Application to the study of aluminum with severe plastic deformation
Mito, M. / Matsui, H. / Yoshida, T. / Anami, T. / Tsuruta, K. / Deguchi, H. / Iwamoto, T. / Terada, D. / Miyajima, Y. / Tsuji, N. | 2016