Time-resolved determination of the potential of zero charge at polycrystalline Au/ionic liquid interfaces (English)

In: The Journal of Chemical Physics   ;  148 ,  19  ;  9  ;  2018

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The potential of zero charge (PZC) is a fundamental property that describes the electrode/electrolyte interface. The determination of the PZC at electrode/ionic liquid interfaces has been challenging due to the lack of models that fully describe these complex interfaces as well as the non-standardized approaches used to characterize them. In this work, we present a method that combines electrode immersion transient and impedance measurements for the determination of the PZC. This combined approach allows the distinction of the potential of zero free charge (pzfc), related to fast double layer charging on a millisecond timescale, from a potential of zero charge on a timescale of tens of seconds related to slower ion transport processes at the interface. Our method highlights the complementarity of these electrochemical techniques and the importance of selecting the correct timescale to execute experiments and interpret the results.

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Semiclassical initial value theory of rotationally inelastic scattering: Some remarks on the phase index in the interaction picture
Bonnet, L. | 2018
Free energy of adhesion of lipid bilayers on silica surfaces
Schneemilch, M. / Quirke, N. | 2018
A simulation study of CS2 solutions in two related ionic liquids with dications and monocations
Lynden-Bell, R. M. / Quitevis, E. L. | 2018
Molecular dynamics study of thermodynamic stability and dynamics of [Li(glyme)]+ complex in lithium-glyme solvate ionic liquids
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Cation effect on small phosphonium based ionic liquid electrolytes with high concentrations of lithium salt
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A shell-resolved analysis of preferential solvation of coffee ingredients in aqueous mixtures of the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate
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Structure formation and surface chemistry of ionic liquids on model electrode surfaces—Model studies for the electrode | electrolyte interface in Li-ion batteries
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Dynamics of an excess hole in the 1-methyl-1-butyl-pyrrolidinium dicyanamide ionic-liquid
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A molecular dynamics study of lithium-containing aprotic heterocyclic ionic liquid electrolytes
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Dielectric response and transport properties of alkylammonium formate ionic liquids
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Synthesis of the zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-4 from the ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium imidazolate
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Rotational and translational dynamics and their relation to hydrogen bond lifetimes in an ionic liquid by means of NMR relaxation time experiments and molecular dynamics simulation
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Mechanical heterogeneity in ionic liquids
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Capillary evaporation of the ionic liquid [EMIM][BF4] in nanoscale solvophobic confinement
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Time-resolved determination of the potential of zero charge at polycrystalline Au/ionic liquid interfaces
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Lattice model of ionic liquid confined by metal electrodes
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Quasi-variational coupled-cluster theory: Performance of perturbative treatments of connected triple excitations
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Communication: From close-packed to topologically close-packed: Formation of Laves phases in moderately polydisperse hard-sphere mixtures
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Structure and dynamics of mica-confined films of [C10C1Pyrr][NTf2] ionic liquid
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Thermodynamics and proton activities of protic ionic liquids with quantum cluster equilibrium theory
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Mixtures of glyme and aprotic-protic ionic liquids as electrolytes for energy storage devices
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Change of hydrogen bonding structure in ionic liquid mixtures by anion type
Cha, Seoncheol / Kim, Doseok / 차선철 / 김도석 | 2018
Finding the best density functional approximation to describe interaction energies and structures of ionic liquids in molecular dynamics studies
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Deriving uniform semiclassical approximations for one-dimensional fermionic systems
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Spectroscopy and formation of lanthanum-hydrocarbon radicals formed by association and carbon-carbon bond cleavage of isoprene
Cao, Wenjin / Hewage, Dilrukshi / Yang, Dong-Sheng | 2018
Sum frequency generation spectroscopy of tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquids at the air–liquid interface
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Simulating structure and dynamics in small droplets of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate
Brehm, Martin / Sebastiani, Daniel | 2018
Nanostructure of propylammonium nitrate in the presence of poly(ethylene oxide) and halide salts
Stefanovic, Ryan / Webber, Grant B. / Page, Alister J. | 2018
A comment on the position dependent diffusion coefficient representation of structural heterogeneity
Wolfson, Molly / Liepold, Christopher / Lin, Binhua / Rice, Stuart A. | 2018
Vapor-liquid equilibrium and equation of state of two-dimensional fluids from a discrete perturbation theory
Trejos, Víctor M. / Santos, Andrés / Gámez, Francisco | 2018
Electro-responsivity of ionic liquid boundary layers in a polar solvent revealed by neutron reflectance
Pilkington, Georgia A. / Harris, Kathryn / Bergendal, Erik / Reddy, Akepati Bhaskar / Palsson, Gunnar K. / Vorobiev, Alexei / Antzutkin, Oleg. N. / Glavatskih, Sergei / Rutland, Mark W. | 2018
A classical density functional theory for the asymmetric restricted primitive model of ionic liquids
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Ionic liquids at the surface of graphite: Wettability and structure
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Relaxation times measurement in single and multiply excited xenon clusters
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Nanoscale organization in the fluorinated room temperature ionic liquid: Tetraethyl ammonium (trifluoromethanesulfonyl)(nonafluorobutylsulfonyl)imide
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Stability and activity of lysozyme in stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric protic ionic liquid (PIL)-water systems
Wijaya, Emmy C. / Separovic, Frances / Drummond, Calum J. / Greaves, Tamar L. | 2018
Orientational dynamics in a room temperature ionic liquid: Are angular jumps predominant?
Das, Suman / Mukherjee, Biswaroop / Biswas, Ranjit | 2018
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and boundary conditions for reaction and transport in heterogeneous media
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Blurring out hydrogen: The dynamical structure of teflic acid
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