Temperature trends and correlation between SQUID superparamagnetic relaxometry and dc-magnetization on model iron-oxide nanoparticles (English)

In: Journal of Applied Physics   ;  127 ,  4  ;  12  ;  2020

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Structural properties of iron-oxide nanoparticles deeply affect their magnetic performance in many applications such as with superparamagnetic relaxometry, when employed as cell-targeted magnetic nanoparticles for in vivo diagnostics. In this work, we present a detailed characterization of model nanoparticles for this application, with an average size of 25  nm and a narrow size dispersion ( σ < 7 % ). Considering the intrinsic structural properties of these model nanoparticles, the study of temperature dependence and correlation between dc-magnetization and superconducting quantum interference detector-relaxometry are discussed based on known theoretical predictions and computer simulations of the magnetic dipole moment and characteristic decay constants. Furthermore, computer simulations provide support in clarifying how important the overall collective magnetization is affected by particle size dispersion, which has a direct role on sustaining the magnetic relaxation signal in the temperature range required in preclinical and clinical settings.

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Identification of the donor and acceptor states of the bond-centered hydrogen–carbon pair in Si and diluted SiGe alloys
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Erratum: “Review of zincblende ZnO: Stability of metastable ZnO phases” [J. Appl. Phys. 102, 071101 (2007)]
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Li, You / Wang, Yi / Cao, Qunsheng | 2020
Temperature dependence of inter-dot electron-spin transfer among laterally coupled excited states in high-density InGaAs quantum dots
Sato, Shino / Hiura, Satoshi / Takayama, Junichi / Murayama, Akihiro | 2020