Geographical Profile of the Lena Delta Area and a History of Hydrologic Investigation of the Lena River Lower Reach and Delta (English)

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in Polarforschung ; 87 , 2 ; 81-88


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Table of contents – Volume 87, Issue 2

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Russian – German Cooperation in the Siberian Arctic (LenaDNM Project) – a preface
Fofonova, Vera / Fütterer, Dieter K / Wiltshire, Karen H | 2018
Geographical Profile of the Lena Delta Area and a History of Hydrologic Investigation of the Lena River Lower Reach and Delta
Magritsky, Dmitriy V / Mikhailov, Vadim N / Aybulatov, Denis N / Fofonova, Vera V / Bolshiyanov, Dmitry Yu | 2018
Features and Evaluations of Spatial and Temporal Changes of Water Runoff, Sediment Yield and Heat Flux in the Lena River Delta
Magritsky, Dmitriy / Alexeevsky, Nikolai / Aybulatov, Denis / Fofonova, Vera / Gorelkin, Alexey | 2018
Hydrological and Hydrochemical Characteristics of Lakes in the Lena River Delta (Northeast-Siberia, Russia)
Chetverova, Antonina / Skorospekhova, Tatiana / Morgenstern, Anne / Alekseeva, Natalia / Spiridonov, Igor / Fedorova, Irina | 2018
Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter Variability in Tundra Lakes of the Central Lena River Delta (N-Siberia)
Skorospekhova, Tatiana / Heim, Birgit / Chetverova, Antonina / Fedorova,Irina / Alekseeva, Natalia / Bobrova, Olga / Dvornikov, Yury / Eulenburg, Antje / Rössler, Sebastian / Morgenstern, Anne | 2018
Features of the Water Temperature Long-Term Observations on the Lena River at Basin Outlet
Fofonova, Vera / Zhilyaev, Igor / Kraineva, Marina / Iakshina, Dina / Tananaev, Nikita / Volkova, Nina / Sander, Lasse / Papenmeier, Svenja / Michaelis, Rune / Wiltshire, Karen H | 2018
A new Hydromorphological Typification of the Russian Arctic River Mouths
Aybulatov, Denis / Shkolnyi, Danila | 2018
Long-term Changes of Water Flow, Water Temperature and Heat Flux of the Largest Siberian Rivers
Georgiadi, Alexander G / Kashutina, Еkaterina A / Milyukova, Irina P | 2018
Long-term Changes of River Water Inflow into the Seas of the Russian Arctic Sector
Magritsky, Dmitry V / Frolova, Natalya L / Evstigneev, Valeriy M / Povalishnikova, Elena S / Kireeva, Maria B / Pakhomova, Olga M | 2018
Modelling the Long-Term and Inter-Annual Variability in the Laptev Sea Hydrography and Subsea Permafrost State
Golubeva, Elena / Platov, Gennady / Malakhova, Valentina / Kraineva, Marina / Iakshina, Dina | 2018
On the Tangential Stresses at the Boundary Between the Layers for Two-Layer Sedimentation Models
Shiryaeva, Elena V / Zhukov, Michael Yu | 2018
On the Completeness Problem of the Equations for Two-Layer Sedimentation Models
Zhukov, Michael Yu / Shiryaeva, Elena V | 2018

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