Pingos on Bylot Island, N.W.T., Canada (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  53 ,  2  ;  43-48  ;  1983
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Table of contents – Volume 53, Issue 2

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Edward Watson 1916-1982
French, H. M. | 1983
The Significance of Periglacial Phenomena in Iceland
Priesnitz, K. / Schunke, E. | 1983
Icelandic Perspectives on Periglacial Research
Clark, M. J. | 1983
Seasonal Snowpack Variability and Alpine Periglacial Geomorphology
Thorn, C. E. | 1983
Périglaciaire Comparé de Deux Territoires Arctiques: Cartes Géomorphologiques au 1:50.000 de la Presqu`ile de Brögger (Spitsberg) et du Sud de l`ile d`Axel Heiberg (Canada)
Joly, F. / Dewolf, Y. | 1983
Pingos on Bylot Island, N.W.T., Canada
Zoltai, S. C. | 1983
Infilled Fissures in Loess, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
Harris, S. A. | 1983
Stratified Slope-Waste Deposits in the Esino River Basin, Umbria-Marche Apennines, Central Italy
Coltorti, M. / Dramis, F. / Pambianchi, G. | 1983
Grèzes Litées as a Special Type of Periglacial Slope Sediments in the German Highlands
Karte, J. | 1983
Struktur und Alter von Resten periglazialer Hügel im Hohen Venn (Belgien)
Pissart, A. / Juvigne, E. | 1983
Cryogenic Structures in the Weichselian Deposits of Northern Belgium and their Significance
De Moor, G. | 1983
Cryoturbation Types in Eolian Würm Late Glacial Sediments in Flanders, Belgium
Heyse, I. | 1983
Some Periglacial Phenomena and their Stratigraphical Position in Weichselian Deposits in the Netherlands
Vandenberghe, J. | 1983