Paleozoic Accretion at the Paleopacitic Margin of Antarctica (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  57 ,  1-2  ;  1-8  ;  1987
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Paleozoic Accretion at the Paleopacitic Margin of Antarctica
Kleinschmidt, G. / Tessensohn, F. / Vetter, U. | 1987
Different Zoning Pattern in Tourmalines from north Victoria land Pegmatites, Antarctica
Olesch, M. / Schubert, W. | 1987
Metamorphic Processes in the Transantarctic Crystalline Basement, Pacitic Section, Antarctica
Schubert, W. / Olesch, M. | 1987
Subglacial to Emergent Volcanism at Shield Nunatak, Mt. Melbourne Volcanic Field, Antarctica
Wörner, G. / Viereck, L. | 1987
Petrographie der mesozoischen Magmatite im Gebiet des Palmer Archipels (Antarktische Halbinsel) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von geochemisch-lagerstättenkundlichen Gesichtspunkten
Hoecker, G. / Amstutz, G. C. | 1987
Zircon Provenance and Gondwana Reconstruction: U-Pb Data of Detrital Zircons from Triassic Trinity Peninsula Formation Metasandstones
Miller, H. / Loske, W. / Kramm, U. | 1987
Structural Investigations in the Precambrian of Western Neuschwabenland, Antarctica
Spaeth, G. / Fielitz, W. | 1987
A Survey of Mesozoic Dolerite Dikes from Western Neuschwabenland, Antarctica, and their geotectonic Significance
Spaeth, G. / Schüll, P. | 1987
The Importance of Biogenic Opal Sediment Input for the Fluorine Chemistry of Antarctic Marine Sediments (Bransfield Strait and Weddell Sea)
Matthies, D. / Troll, G. | 1987