Neoglacial Glacier Changes around Storstrommen, North-East Greenland (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  64 ,  3  ;  95-108  ;  1996
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Neoglacial Glacier Changes around Storstrommen, North-East Greenland
Weidick, A. / Andreasen, C. / Oerter, H. / Reeh, N. | 1996
Growth and Collapse History of Pingos, Kuganguaq, Disko Island, Greenland
Yoshikawa, K. / Nakamura, T. / Igarashi, Y. | 1996
Plant Formations and Their Bio-Products from Western Banks Island (N.W.T., Canada)
Kuc, M. | 1996
Dynamics of the Littoral Zone of Arctic Seas (State of the Art and Goals)
Are, F. E. | 1996
An Algorithm for Approximate Paleotemperature Calculations of Mountain Rock from Temperature Measurements in Deep Bore Holes
Khrutsky, S. F. / Baranova, N. A. | 1996
In Memoriam Paul-Emile Victor
Möller, D. / Lorius, C. | 1996
Expeditionstätigkeit der Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe in der Antarktis
Hinz, K. | 1996
18. Internationale Polartagung in Potsdam, Begrüßung und Eröffnung am 18. März 1996 durch den Vorsitzenden der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Polarforschung Prof. Dr. Dietrich Möller
Möller, D. / Miller, H. | 1996