A new Topographic Map 1: 7500 of Cierva Point (Danco Coast, Antarctic Peninsula) (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  67 ,  1-2  ;  87-90  ;  2000
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Table of contents – Volume 67, Issue 1-2

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Investigating Dynamic Snow and Ice Processes of Various Antarctic Geo-Systems by Means of Remote Sensing Techniques
Goßmann, H. / Sievers, J. | 2000
The German Antarctic Receiving Station within the International Ground Segment for Remote Sensing
Reiniger, K. D. / Zimmer, A. M. | 2000
Horizontal Ice Velocity Estimation and Grounding Zone Detection in the Surroundings of Schirmacheroase, Antarctica, Using SAR Interferometry
Metzig, R. / Dietrich, R. / Korth, W. / Perlt, J. / Hartmann, R. / Winzer, W. | 2000
Glacio-Kinematic Analysis of ERS-1/2 SAR Data of the Antarctic Ice Shelf Ekströmisen and the Adjoining Inland Ice Sheet
Müller, U. / Sandhäger, H. / Sievers, J. / Blindow, N. | 2000
Monitoring Multi-Year Snow Cover Dynamics on the Antarctic Peninsula Using SAR Imagery
Rau, F. / Braun, M. / Saurer, H. / Goßmann, H. / Kothe, G. / Weber, F. / Ebel, M. / Beppler, D. | 2000
Fluctuations and Ice-Flow Velocity of the Northeast and McClary Glacier on the Antarctic Peninsula Derived from Remote Sensing Data and SAR Interferometry
Wunderle, S. / Schmidt, J. | 2000
A Topographical Data Set of the Glacier Region at San Martin, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, Generated by Digital Photogrammetry
Wrobel, B. P. / Walter, H. / Friehl, M. / Hoppe, U. / Schlüter, M., Steineck, D. | 2000
Energy and Mass Balance at the Surface in the Wet Snow Zone of Northeast Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula
Schneider, C. | 2000
Ice-Sheet Geometry in Western Neuschwabenland, Antarctica
Sandhäger, H. / Blindow, N. | 2000
A new Topographic Map 1: 7500 of Cierva Point (Danco Coast, Antarctic Peninsula)
Rau, F. / Betgen, T. / Beppler, D. / Agraz, J. L. | 2000