New Insights in Composition and Structure of the Sedimentary Cover on the Lomonosov Ridge (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  68 ;  65-70  ;  2000
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ICAM III Third International Conference on Arctic Margins A Preface
Tessensohn, F. / Roland / N. W. | 1998
The Eurasia Basin: An Update from a Decade of Geoscientific Research
Kristoffersen, Y. | 2000
Basaltic Dykes in the Kap Washington and Frigg Fjord Areas (North Greenland)
Estrada, S. | 2000
Cretaceous Magmatism South and East of Svalbard: Evidence from Seismic Reflection and Magnetic Data
Grogan, P. / Nyberg, K. / Fotland, B. / Myklebust, R. / Dahlgren, S. / Riis, F. | 2000
Joint Compilation of Russian and US Navy Aeromagnetic Data in the Central Arctic Seas
Glebovsky, V. Y. / Kovacs, L. C. / Maschenkov, S. P. / Brozena, J. M. | 2000
Laptev Sea Rifted Continental Margin: Modern Knowledge and Unsolved Questions
Drachev, S. S. | 2000
Tectonic of the Laptev Sea Region in North-Eastern Siberia
Franke, D. / Hinz, K. / Block, M. / Drachev, S. S. / Neben, S. / Kos`ko, M. K. / Reichert, C. / Roeser, H. A. | 2000
New Results of the Moma Rift System and Coeval Structures in Yakutia, Russian Federation
Paech, H. J. / Prokopiev, A. V. / v. Gosen, W. / Grinenko, O. V. / Smetannikova, L. I. / Belolyubskij, I. N. | 2000
New Insights in Composition and Structure of the Sedimentary Cover on the Lomonosov Ridge
Kim, B. I. / Verba, V. V. / Poselov, V. A. / Sorokin, M. Y. / Jokat, W. | 2000
The Sediment Distribution below the North Greenland Continental Margin and the adjacent Lena Trough
Jokat, W. | 2000
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Evolution of East Greenland: Implications of a Reinterpreted Continent-Ocean Boundary Location
Scott, R. A. | 2000
Drift of Greenland and Correlation of Tertiary Tectonic Events in the West Spitsbergen and Eurekan Fold-Thrust Belts
Lepvrier, C. | 2000
Involvement of a Tertiary Foreland Basin in the Eurekan Foldbelt Deformation, NW Coast of Kane Basin, Ellesmere Island, Canada
Piepjohn, K. / Tessensohn, F. / Harrison, C. / Mayr, U. | 2000
Structural Evolution of the Tertiary West Spitsbergen Fold-and-Thrust Belt on Broggerhalvoya, NW-Spitsbergen
Saalmann, K. / Thiedig, F. | 2000
Eocene Compressive Deformation in Arctic Canada, North Greenland and Svalbard and Its Plate Tectonic Causes
Tessensohn, F. / Piepjohn, K. | 2000
Evolution of a Late Proterozoic Carbonate Ramp (Ymer O and Andrée Land Groups, Eleonore Bay Supergroup, East Greenland): Response to Relative Sea-Level Rise
Frederiksen, K. S. | 2000
Early Palaeozoic Basin Development of North Greenland - Part of the Franklinian Basin
Henriksen, N. / Higgins, A. K. | 2000
The Ellesmerian and Caledonian Orogenic Belts of Greenland
Higgins, A. K. / Soper, N. J. / Leslie, A. G. | 2000
Precambrian Evolution of North and North-East Greenland: Crystalline Basement and Sedimentary Basins
Jepsen, H. F. / Kalsbeek, F. | 2000
New, Single Zircon (Pb-Evaporation) Ages from Vendian Intrusions in the Basement beneath the Pechora Basin, Northeastern Baltica
Gee, D. G. / Beliakova, L. / Pease, V. / Larionov, A. / Dovshikova, L. | 2000
The Tectono-Magmatic Evolution of the Taimyr Peninsula: Further Constraints from New Ion-Microprobe Data
Pease, V. / Vernikovsky, V. | 2000
Petroleum Potential of Laptev Sea Basins: Geological, Tectonic and Geodynamic Factors
Sekretov, S. B. | 2000
The Southwestern Alaska Mercury Belt and Its Relationship to the circum-Pacitic Metallogenic Mercury Province
Gray, J. E. / Gent, C. A. / Snee, L. W. | 2000
Late Cenozoic Interactions between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans Inferred from Sublittoral Molluscan Faunas - a Review
Taldenkova, E. | 2000
Cryogenic Processes of Arctic Land-Ocean Interactions
Are, F. E. / Reimnitz, E. / Kassens, H. | 2000
Gas and Possible Gas Hydrates in the Permafrost of Bovanenkovo Gas Field, Yamal Peninsula, West Siberia
Chuvilin, E. M. / Yakushev, V. S. / Perlova, E. V. | 2000
Temporal Variability of Subsea Permafrost and Gas Hydrate Occurrences as Function of Climate Change in the Laptev Sea, Siberia
Delisle, G. | 2000
Onshore and Offshore Permafrost of the Laptev Sea Region during the Last Pleistocene-Holocene Glacial-Eustatic Cycle
Hubberten, H. W. / Romanovskii, N. N. | 2000
Coastal Bluff and Shoreface Comparison cver 34 Years Indicates Large Supply of Erosion Products to Arctic Seas
Reimnitz, E. / Are, F. E. | 2000
Environmental Evolution in the Laptev Sea Region During Late Pleistocene and Holocene
Romanovskii, N. N. / Gavrilov, A. V. / Tumskoy, V. E. / Kholodov, A. L. / Siegert, C. / Hubberten, H. W. / Sher, A. V. | 2000
Counterclockwise Rotation of the Arctic Alaska Plate: Best Available Model or Untenable Hypothesis for the Opening of the Amerasia Basin
Embry, A. F. | 2000
Facies Patterns and Conodont Biogeography in Arctic Alaska and the Canadian Arctic Islands: Evidence against Juxtaposition of These Areas during Early Paleozoic Time
Dumoulin, J. A. / Harris, A. G. / Bradley, D. C. / de Freitas, T. A. | 2000
Tectonics and Sedimentation of the Meso- to Neoproterozoic Timan-Varanger Belt along the Northeastern Margin of Baltica
Olovyanishnikov, V. G. / Roberts, D. / Siedlecka, A. | 2000
Tectonic Basement of the Eurasian Arctic Shelf: Age and Some Aspects of Evolution
Kos´ko, M. K. / Cecile, M. P. / Korago, E. A. / Lane, L. S. / Musatov, E. E. / Piskarev, A. L. / Suprunenko, O. I. / Ustinov, N. V. / Verba, V. V. | 2000
Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic Evolution of the Barents Sea and Kara Sea Continental Margins
Musatov, E. E. / Pogrebitskij, Y. E. | 2000
A New Computer Bathymetric Model of the Arctic Ocean
Daniel, E. D. / Maschenkov, S. P. | 2000
Paleomagnetism and Tectonics of the Kamchatka Region, Northeastern Russia: Implications for Development and Evolution of the Northwest Pacitic Basin
Harbert, W. / Kepezhinskas, P. / Krylov, K. / Grigoriev, V. / Sokolov, S. / Aleksuitin, M. / Heiphetz, A. / Layer, P. | 2000