The Reconstruction of the Early Paleozoic Structure of the Barents Sea Sedimentary Basin Inferred from Geophysical Surveys along Profile I-AR (English)

In: Polarforschung   ;  69 ;  85-94  ;  2001
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    The Reconstruction of the Early Paleozoic Structure of the Barents Sea Sedimentary Basin Inferred from Geophysical Surveys along Profile I-AR
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    Polarforschung ; 69 ; 85-94
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    Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung und Deutsche Gesellschaft für Polarforschung
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    Bremerhaven, Germany
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    10 pages
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In memoriam Sergey P. Maschenkov
N.N. | 1999
Eurasian Arctic Margin: Earth Science Problems and Research Challenges
Gramberg, I. S. / Glebovsky, V. Y. / Grikurov, G. E. / Ivanov, V. L. / Korago, E. A. / Kos´ko, M. K. Maschenkov, S. P. / Piskarev, A. L. / Pogrebitsky, Y. E. / Shipelkevitch, Y. V. / Suprunenko, O. I. | 2001
Cretaceous/Tertiary Volcanism in North Greenland: the Kap Washington Group
Estrada, S. / Höhndorf, A. / Henjes-Kunst, F. | 2001
First Highlights from NOGRAM´98 - Northern Gravity, Radio Echo Sounding and Magnetics
Meyer, U. / Damaske, D. / Steinhage, D. / Nixdorf, U. / Miller, H. | 2001
New Digital Compilation of Russian Aeromagnetic and Gravity Data over the North Eurasian Shelf
Maschenkov, S. P. / Glebovsky, V. Y / Zayonchek, A. V. | 2001
Potential Field Studies on the Crustal Structure of the Laptev Sea and the Western Part of the East Siberian Sea
Piskarev, A. L. / Roeser, H. A. / Hinz, K. / Kos´ko M. K. | 1999
Eurasian Basin - Laptev Sea Geodynamic System: Tectonic and Structural Evolution
Sekretov, S. B. | 2001
Paleomagnetic Investigations in Northeast Greenland and New Data from Devonian(?) and Late Carboniterous Rocks
Buggisch, W. / Bachtadse, V. / Paech, H. J. | 2001
Correlation and Non-Correlation of High Order Circum-Arctic Mesozoic Sequences
Mork, A. / Smelror, M. | 2001
Mesozoic Tectonic Events in the North Atlantic and Arctic: Stratigraphic Response in an Adjacent Rift-Flank Basin (Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada)
Scott, R. A. / Turton, M. A. K. | 2001
The Reconstruction of the Early Paleozoic Structure of the Barents Sea Sedimentary Basin Inferred from Geophysical Surveys along Profile I-AR
Verba, M. L. / Sakoulina, T. S. | 2001
The Eurekan Deformantion of North and Eastern North Greenland
Lyberis, N. / Manby, G. | 2001
The Tertiary and Cretaceous of Spitsbergen and North Greenland: Its Alpine Signature
Paech, H. J. | 2001
Kronprins Christian Land Orogeny Deformational Styles of the End Cretaceous Transpressional Mobile Belt in Eastern North Greenland
Schack-Pedersen, S. A. / Häkansson, E. | 2001
Tectonic Structure of Novaya Zemlya
Lopatin, B. G. / Pavlov, L. G. / Orgo, V. V. / Shkarubo, S. I. | 2001
Indications of an Ensimatic Island Arc of the Silurian-Early Devonian Paleo-Ocean in the Polar Urals
Silaev, V. I. / Sokerin, M. Y. | 2001
Alkali-Metasomatites from the Polar Urals
Udoratina, O. V. | 2001
Russian Arctic Sedimentary Megabasin and Its Reflection in Oil and Gas Properties of Its Borderlands
Burlin, Y. K. / Sokolov, B. A. | 2001
Northwestern Margin of the East Siberian Sea: Structure, Sedimentary Basin Development and Hydrocarbon Possibilities
Sekretov, S. B. | 2001
Placer Minerals of the Russian Arctic Shelf
Ivanova, A. M. / Ushakov, V. I. / Cherkashov, G. A. / Smirnov, A. N. | 2001
Some Aspects of the Tectonics of the Verkhoyansk Fold-and-Thrust Belt (Northeast Asia) and the Structural Setting of the Dyandi Gold Ore Cluster
Prokopiev, A. V. / Fridovsky, V. Y. / Deikunenko, A. V. | 2001
Ancient Deep Faults, Their Reactivation and Peculiarities under Different Geodynamic Conditions in Eastern Yakutia (Northeast Russia)
Sagir, A. | 2001
Lithology of Upper Quaternary Veneer and Late Cenozoic Paleogeography of the Laptev Sea Margin
Andreeva, I. / Kim, B. I. / Kosheleva, V. / Musatov, E. / Petrova, V. / Vanshtein, B. / Yashin, D. | 2001
Sources and Pathways of Organic Carbon in the Modern Laptev Sea (Arctic Ocean): Implication from Biological, Geochemical and Geological Data
Fahl, K. / Cremer, H. / Erlenkeuser, H. / Hanssen, H. / Hölemann, J. / Kassens, H. / Knickmeier, K. / Kosobokova, K. / Kunz-Pirrung, M. / Lindemann, F. et al. | 2001
On the Volume of Terrigenous Sedimentation in the Laptev Sea
Kosheleva, V. / Yashin, D. / Musatov, E. | 2001
Late Cenozoic Evolution of Northern Eurasian Marginal Seas Based on the Diatom Record
Polyakova, Y. I. | 2001
Modeling of the Offshore Permafrost Thickness on the Laptev Sea Shelf
Kholodov, A. L. / Romanovskii, N. N. / Gavrilov, A. V. / Tipenko, G. S. / Drachev, S. S. / Hubberten, H. W. / Kassens, H. | 2001
Simulation of the Offshore Permafrost and Gashydrate Stability Zone: Mathematical Solution, Numerical Realization and Preliminary Results
Tipenko, G. S. / Romanovskii, N. N. / Kholodov, A. L. | 2001
Lower Paleozoic Rocks around Today´s Arctic Ocean: Two Ancestral Continents and Associated Plates; Alaskan Rotation Unnecessary and Unlikely
Cecile, M. P. / Lane, L. S. / Khudoley, A. K. / Kos´ko, M. K. | 2001
Sedimentary Cover Thickness Map - Sedimentary Basins in the Arctic
Gramberg, I. S. / Verba, V. V. / Verba, M. L. / Kos´ko, M. K. | 2001
Southeastern Eurasian Basin Termination: Structure and Key Episodes of Tectonic History
Sekretov, S. B. | 2001
Petroleum Potential of Laptev Sea Basins: Geological, Tectonic and Geodynamic Factors
Sekretov, S. B. | 2001