Challenges for composites into the next millennium - a reinforcement perspective (English)

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
; 2001
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The article presents a survey including 35 references of investigations into fibre-reinforced composites published between 1995 and 1999. Special attention is placed on manufacturing methods for fibre/polymer composites such as filament winding, pultrusion, and the fabrication of reinforcing textile materials, with possible future developments being outlined.

Eine Literaturübersicht mit 35 Referenzen aus den Jahren 1995 bis 1999. Die Herstellungsverfahren der faserverstärkten Kunststofferzeugnisse und die vorausgesehenen zukünftigen Entwicklungen werden besprochen. Das Fasernwickelverfahren, die Pultrusion und die Verfahren zur Herstellung der Textilien als Verstärkungsstoffe (Gewirkherstellung und Nadeln) wurden näher betrachtet.

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Table of contents – Volume 32, Issue 7

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Challenges for composites into the next millennium - a reinforcement perspective
Bannister, M. | 2001
An integrated design system for the manufacture and analysis of 3-D woven preforms
Quinn, J. P. / Hill, B. J. / McIlhagger, R. | 2001
Process investigation of a liquid PA-12/carbon fibre moulding system
Mairtin, P.O. / McDonnell, P. / Connor, M.T. / Eder , R. / O Bradaigh, C.M. | 2001
Processing and mechanical properties evaluation of a commingled carbon-fibre/PA-12 composite
McDonnell, P. / McGarvey, K.P. / Rochford, L. / O Bradaigh, C.M. | 2001
In-plane permeability of sheared fabrics
Heardman, E. / Lekakou, C. / Bader, M. G. | 2001
Process modelling for liquid moulding of braided preforms
Long, A. C. | 2001
Automation of carbon fibre preform manufacture for affordable aerospace applications
Mills, A. | 2001
Laser drilling of blind via holes in aramid and glass/epoxy composites for multi-layer printed wiring boards
Hirogaki, T. / Aoyama, E. / Inoue, H. / Ogawa, K. / Maeda, S. / Katayama, T. | 2001
Monomer transfer moulding and rapid prototyping methods for fibre reinforced thermoplastics for medical applications
Christian, P. / Jones, I.A. / Rudd, C.D. / Campbell, R.I. / Corden, T.J. | 2001

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