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The invesTigaTion of The efficiency of public invesTmenT in The human capiTal developmenT ageenko a.v. The effectiveness of the economy social sector is a key factor in ensuring a decent stan-dard of living and competitiveness of municipalities in the struggle for the human capital. It depends on the quality of social services.And the budget expenditures for its provision can be regarded as a social investment in the population quality and we evaluate them as a long-term investment in improving the quality of life and the area attraction, which provide a return in the form of budget income. purpose: To investigate the efficiency of public investment in the human capital develop-ment. methodology. Using graphic techniques, as well as the comparative and structural analy-sis methods, we examined the development of the territorial budgets income from the value of state investment in the human capital and raising the life quality in the territory. We also calculated the efficiency of social investment at local and regional levels (for example, at the city of Norilsk and the Krasnoyarsk Krai). Results. We concluded that the calculation of the territorial indicator of the social invest-ment effectiveness enables the quality management of the territorial socio-economic develop-ment. The studying of the dynamics of this indicator value would optimize budget expenditures and maximize its income, as well as increase the investment efficiency and ensure the growth of the economic potential of the territory.

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