Why sucker rods fail (English)

in Oil and Gas Journal ; 61 , n 32 ; p 109-112

Sucker-rod failure mechanisms and ways of avoiding them; particular attention is paid to handling, running, pulling practices, material selection, and recent improvements; practically all rod failures are result of misapplication, mishandling, or are service induced; failures due to faulty steel are rare; factors that influence endurance level of steel; sucker-rod body, pin, and coupling failures are fatigue breaks caused by high order of cyclic stress variations at or above endurance limit, as governed by operating conditions. (See also - n 31 Aug 5 1963 p 94-8)

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  • Title:
    Why sucker rods fail
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    Oil Gas J
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    n 32
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    p 109-112
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    Engineering Index Backfile
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    4 pages
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    Article (Journal)
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