Effect of rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid on AGEs formation in vitro (English)

in Food Chemistry ; 221 ; 1057-1061
Food Chemistry
Elsevier Ltd ; 2016

Highlights RA and CA decrease the formation of fluorescent AGEs and non-fluorescent AGEs such as CML and CEL. CA decreases the GO and MGO contents, RA decreases only the MGO content in the BSA/Glucose model. RA and CA inhibit the reaction of GO and MGO with BSA.

Abstract This work aimed to investigate the effect of the two main components of rosemary extracts, namely rosmarinic acid (RA) and carnosic acid (CA), on the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) in vitro. In the bovine serum albumin (BSA)/glucose model, addition of RA and CA at 400μg/mL inhibited fluorescent AGEs by more than 90%, and carboxymethyl lysine (CML) and carboxyethyl lysine (CEL) by 82.7% and 75.2%, and 71.4% and 64.2%, respectively. Moreover, the addition of RA and CA at 400μg/mL inhibited fluorescent AGEs by more than 90% both in the BSA/glyoxal (GO) and BSA/methylglyoxal (MGO) models, the formation of CML by 64.9% and 53.9% in BSA/GO model, and CEL by 28.9% and 24.3% in BSA/MGO model, respectively. RA and CA also significantly decreased the concentration of MGO and protein carbonylation.

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Comparison of the physicochemical and volatile composition of wine fractions obtained by two different dealcoholization techniques
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Development and validation of a simple and fast method for simultaneous determination of aflatoxin B1 and sterigmatocystin in grains
Zhao, Yarong / Huang, Jianxiang / Ma, Liyan / Wang, Fuhua | 2016
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Characterization, classification and authentication of fruit-based extracts by means of HPLC-UV chromatographic fingerprints, polyphenolic profiles and chemometric methods
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Cloud point extraction and diffuse reflectance-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic determination of chromium(VI): A probe to adulteration in food stuffs
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Addition of calcium compounds to reduce soluble oxalate in a high oxalate food system
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Identification of phospholipids classes and molecular species in different types of egg yolk by using UPLC-Q-TOF-MS
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Single-step purification and characterization of an extreme halophilic, ethanol tolerant and acidophilic xylanase from Aureobasidium pullulans NRRL Y-2311-1 with application potential in the food industry
Yegin, Sirma | 2016
Magnetic solid phase extraction with CoFe2O4/oleic acid nanoparticles coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of alkylphenols in baby foods
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Molecularly imprinted polymer grafted paper-based method for the detection of 17β-estradiol
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Use of Raman spectroscopy for determining erucic acid content in canola oil
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Pectin from Opuntia ficus indica: Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction and preliminary characterization
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Cider fermentation process monitoring by Vis-NIR sensor system and chemometrics
Villar, Alberto / Vadillo, Julen / Santos, Jose I. / Gorritxategi, Eneko / Mabe, Jon / Arnaiz, Aitor / Fernández, Luis A. | 2016
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A recyclable protein resource derived from cauliflower by-products: Potential biological activities of protein hydrolysates
Xu, Yang / Li, Yuting / Bao, Tao / Zheng, Xiaodong / Chen, Wei / Wang, Jianxu | 2016
Thermal stability of oils added with avocado (Persea americana cv. Hass) or olive (Olea europaea cv. Arbequina) leaf extracts during the French potatoes frying
Jiménez, Paula / García, Paula / Bustamante, Andrés / Barriga, Andrés / Robert, Paz | 2016
Effects of the size and content of protein aggregates on the rheological and structural properties of soy protein isolate emulsion gels induced by CaSO4
Wang, Xufeng / He, Zhiyong / Zeng, Maomao / Qin, Fang / Adhikari, Benu / Chen, Jie | 2016
Sensitive determination of melamine in milk and powdered infant formula samples by high-performance liquid chromatography using dabsyl chloride derivatization followed by dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction
Faraji, M. / Adeli, M. | 2016
Structure of starch aerogel as affected by crosslinking and feasibility assessment of the aerogel for an anti-fungal volatile release
Abhari, Negar / Madadlou, Ashkan / Dini, Ali | 2016
Cellulose fibers extracted from rice and oat husks and their application in hydrogel
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Impact of preharvest and postharvest alginate treatments enriched with vanillin on postharvest decay, biochemical properties, quality and sensory attributes of table grapes
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Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of garlic essential oils evaluated in organic solvent, emulsifying, and self-microemulsifying water based delivery systems
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A strategy for the evaluation of an analytical approach for selected pesticide residues in complex agricultural product matrices—A case study of leek
Xu, Yanyan / Song, Ninghui / Zhang, Qin / Liu, Jining / Chen, Guosong / Shi, Lili / Wang, Jikui | 2016
Untargeted metabolomic analysis of human serum samples associated with different levels of red meat consumption: A possible indicator of type 2 diabetes?
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Potential health benefits and quality of dried fruits: Goji fruits, cranberries and raisins
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Phytanic acid consumption and human health, risks, benefits and future trends: A review
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Foam mat drying of Tommy Atkins mango: Effects of air temperature and concentrations of soy lecithin and carboxymethylcellulose on phenolic composition, mangiferin, and antioxidant capacity
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Chemical composition and physicochemical properties of tropical red seaweed, Gracilaria changii
Chan, Pei Teng / Matanjun, Patricia | 2016
Prediction of Chinese green tea ranking by metabolite profiling using ultra-performance liquid chromatography–quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UPLC–Q-TOF/MS)
Jing, Jin / Shi, Yuanzhi / Zhang, Qunfeng / Wang, Jie / Ruan, Jianyun | 2016
Synthesis and characterization of nontoxic chitosan-coated Fe3O4 particles for patulin adsorption in a juice-pH simulation aqueous
Luo, Ying / Zhou, Zhengkun / Yue, Tianli | 2016
Mashing with unmalted sorghum using a novel low temperature enzyme system: Impacts of sorghum grain composition and microstructure
Holmes, Calum P. / Casey, John / Cook, David J. | 2016
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Static headspace analysis of odorants in commercial rice proteins
Zhao, Jing / Boatright, William L. | 2016
A hybrid sorption – Spectrometric method for determination of synthetic anionic dyes in foodstuffs
Tikhomirova, Tatyana I. / Ramazanova, Gyulselem R. / Apyari, Vladimir V. | 2016
Differential responses of four biosynthetic pathways of aroma compounds in postharvest strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) under interaction of light and temperature
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Sun dried Corinthian currant (Vitis Vinifera L., var. Apyrena) simple sugar profile and macronutrient characterization
Nikolidaki, Eirini K. / Chiou, Antonia / Christea, Margarita / Gkegka, Anastasia P. / Karvelas, Michalis / Karathanos, Vaios T. | 2016
Effect of calcium-binding peptide from Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) bone on calcium bioavailability in rats
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Electronic nose guided determination of frying disposal time of sunflower oil using fuzzy logic analysis
Upadhyay, Rohit / Sehwag, Sneha / Mishra, Hari Niwas | 2016
Composition of Quillaja saponin extract affects lipid oxidation in oil-in-water emulsions
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Controlling the potential gastrointestinal fate of β-carotene emulsions using interfacial engineering: Impact of coating lipid droplets with polyphenol-protein-carbohydrate conjugate
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Inhibitory profiles of chilli pepper and capsaicin on heterocyclic amine formation in roast beef patties
Zeng, Maomao / Zhang, Mengru / He, Zhiyong / Qin, Fang / Tao, Guanjun / Zhang, Shuang / Gao, Yahui / Chen, Jie | 2016
Effects of sulfur dioxide concentration on organic acids and β-carotene in dried apricots during storage
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Effect of processing technologies and storage conditions on stability of black currant juices with special focus on phenolic compounds and sensory properties
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Influence of glycosylation of deamidated wheat gliadin on its interaction mechanism with resveratrol
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Phosphorus-doped helical carbon nanofibers as enhanced sensing platform for electrochemical detection of carbendazim
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Comparative study on the freeze stability of yeast and chemical leavened steamed bread dough
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Influence of storage and heating on protein glycation levels of processed lactose-free and regular bovine milk products
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Total phenolic contents, antioxidant activities, and bioactive ingredients of juices from pomegranate cultivars worldwide
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Prebiotic potential of neutral oligo- and polysaccharides from seed mucilage of Hyptis suaveolens
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Polydiacetylene sensor interaction with food sanitizers and surfactants
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Changes in rocket salad phytochemicals within the commercial supply chain: Glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, amino acids and bacterial load increase significantly after processing
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Densitometric TLC analysis for the control of tropane and steroidal alkaloids in Lycium barbarum
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Rapid and wide-range determination of Cd(II), Pb(II), Cu(II) and Hg(II) in fish tissues using light addressable potentiometric sensor
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Preharvest Interval Periods and their relation to fruit growth stages and pesticide formulations
Alister, Claudio / Araya, Manuel / Becerra, Kevin / Saavedra, Jorge / Kogan, Marcelo | 2016
A comparative study of triacylglycerol composition in Chinese human milk within different lactation stages and imported infant formula by SFC coupled with Q-TOF-MS
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Spectroscopic and theoretical investigations of phenolic acids in white wines
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Synthesis, antibacterial and antimutagenic activity of zerumbone-bicarbonyl analogues
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Formulation of yeast-leavened bread with reduced salt content by using a Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product
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Physico-chemical characteristics and fungal profile of four Saudi fresh date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars
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