Other people's voices: The coarticulation of texts and subjectivities (English)

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In: Linguistics and Education   ;  4 ,  3-4  ;  359-403  ;  1992
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Abstract In this article we present an argument for construing the processes of text construction and the construction of subjectivity as mutually constitutive. We argue not only that these processes are coimplicated, but also that both are historical, intertextual, social, and political. To illustrate our argument we provide interpretive analyses of the essays of two fourth-grade children. These analyses foreground the extent to which the children's texts are saturated with intertextual links, and they demonstrate some of the ways in which these intertextual links implicate and are implicated in particular social formations and political ideologies. We articulate some consequences that our arguments might have for exploring the meanings of intertextuality, voice, and children's writing. We also suggest some implications of our work for enacting critical pedagogical practices in literacy classrooms.

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