Combining voxel and normal predictions for multi-view 3D sketching (English)

In: Computers and Graphics   ;  82 ;  65-72  ;  2019
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Highlights We combine voxel and image -based predictions for 3D reconstruction of sketches. We fuse multiple normal maps over a voxel grid to form a piecewise-smooth surface. We demonstrate improved surface reconstruction for man-made objects.

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Abstract Recent works on data-driven sketch-based modeling use either voxel grids or normal/depth maps as geometric representations compatible with convolutional neural networks. While voxel grids can represent complete objects – including parts not visible in the sketches – their memory consumption restricts them to low-resolution predictions. In contrast, a single normal or depth map can capture fine details, but multiple maps from different viewpoints need to be predicted and fused to produce a closed surface. We propose to combine these two representations to address their respective shortcomings in the context of a multi-view sketch-based modeling system. Our method predicts a voxel grid common to all the input sketches, along with one normal map per sketch. We then use the voxel grid as a support for normal map fusion by optimizing its extracted surface such that it is consistent with the re-projected normals, while being as piecewise-smooth as possible overall. We compare our method with a recent voxel prediction system, demonstrating improved recovery of sharp features over a variety of man-made objects.

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