Controller parameters tuning of differential evolution algorithm and its application to load frequency control of multi-source power system (English)

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Highlights DE parameters tuning and its application to LFC of a multi-source power system is presented. Both single-area and multi-area system with/without HVDC are considered. Robustness analysis is performed by changing loading condition and system parameters. Proposed approach exhibits better performance than optimal output feedback controller.

Abstract This paper presents controller parameters tuning of Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm and its application to Load Frequency Control (LFC) of a multi-source power system having different sources of power generation like thermal, hydro and gas power plants. Initially, a single area multi-source power system with integral controllers for each unit is considered and DE technique is applied to obtain the controller parameters. Various mutation strategies of DE are compared and the control parameters of DE for best obtained strategy are tunned by executing multiple runs of algorithm for each parameter variation. The study is further extended to a multi-area multi-source power system and a HVDC link is also considered in parallel with existing AC tie line for the interconnection of two areas. The parameters of Integral (I), Proportional Integral (PI) and Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) are optimized employing tunned DE algorithm. The superiority of the proposed approach has been shown by comparing the results with recently published optimal output feedback controller for the same power systems. The comparison is done using various performance measures like overshoot, settling time and standard error criteria of frequency and tie-line power deviation following a step load perturbation (SLP). It is noticed that, the dynamic performance of proposed controller is better than optimal output feedback controller. Furthermore, it is also seen that the proposed system is robust and is not affected by change in the loading condition, system parameters and size of SLP.

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