NOTE automatic association equipment (Chinese)

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The invention discloses NOTE automatic association equipment. The NOTE automatic association equipment comprises a rack. An annular transfer rail is arranged on the rack. Six carriers are fixedly arranged on the transfer rail. The carriers correspond to workstations on the transfer rail. The transfer rail drives the carriers to do circular motion. The rotation distance of the transfer rail is equal to the interval of every two adjacent carriers. At least two association robots are arranged on the side edge of the transfer rail. Each association robot is fixedly provided with an association clamp and further comprises a locating detection device. A movable camera adjustment mechanism is arranged above the transfer rail. The camera adjustment mechanism corresponds to an association station. According to the NOTE automatic association equipment, by rotating a material conveying structure, in cooperation with the association robots, the association process is completed, and in cooperation with the locating detection mechanisms and the camera adjustment mechanism, high-precision location of a panel and high-precision location of a BLU are conducted before association. The equipment is reasonable in design and high in working efficiency, the labor demand is lowered greatly, and the automatic production demands of NOTE products of multiple specifications can be met.


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    NOTE automatic association equipment
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