Preparation process of flexible copper cladded base plate (Chinese)

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The invention discloses a preparation process of a flexible copper cladded base plate, and relates to the technical field of copper cladded base plate production. Twice pressing processes of a conventional process are divided into three times of pressing processes so as to avoid drapes generated during the conventional high-temperature and high-pressure pressing. Firstly, twice false pasting of the front side and the back side is performed; the false pasting refers to the pasting at low temperature and low pressure; the temperature and the pressure are greatly reduced, so that drapes cannot beformed on the surface of the copper cladded base plate; then, the third time of pressing is performed; the third time of pressing is performed in a hot pressing tank; the hot pressing tank uses air for pressurization; a base plate can be uniformly stressed and heated through the air pressurization; meanwhile, after the pressing, the base plate passes through a heat insulation wheel; the heat insulation wheel does not generate great pressure on the base plate; a crystal phase structure cannot be changed; only the heat insulation effect is achieved on the copper cladded base plate; the buffer effect is achieved. Therefore the slowly cooled base plate cannot generate drapes.


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    Preparation process of flexible copper cladded base plate
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