Nanostructured organosilicates from thermally curable block copolymers (English)

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Provided are inorganic-organic block copolymers that self assemble without the addition of a precursor. The inorganic block of the polymers includes silicon and the organic block may be any organic polymer. The inorganic-organic block copolymers self assemble to form a material in which the inorganic polymer block may be crosslinked to produce an organosilicate and/or silica matrix, and further thermal curing of the matrix results in the formation of a porous nanostructured film.

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    Nanostructured organosilicates from thermally curable block copolymers
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    Europäisches Patentamt
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    IPC:    C08G Makromolekulare Verbindungen, anders erhalten als durch Reaktionen, an denen nur ungesättigte Kohlenstoff-Kohlenstoff-Bindungen beteiligt sind, MACROMOLECULAR COMPOUNDS OBTAINED OTHERWISE THAN BY REACTIONS ONLY INVOLVING CARBON-TO-CARBON UNSATURATED BONDS / C08J Verarbeitung, WORKING-UP / C08L Massen auf Basis makromolekularer Verbindungen, COMPOSITIONS OF MACROMOLECULAR COMPOUNDS

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