Insider Threat Correlation Tool (English)

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Systems and methods for calculating threat scores for individuals within an organization or domain are provided. Aspects of the invention relate to computer-implemented methods that form a predictive threat rating for user accounts. In one implementation, a first threat score representing a first time period may be calculated. The first threat score may be compared with aspects of the same user accounts for a second time period. Weighting schemes may be applied to certain activities, controls, and/or user accounts. Further aspects relate to apparatuses configured to execute methods for ranking individual user accounts. Certain embodiments may not block transmissions that violate predefine rules, however, indications of such improper transmission may be considered when constructing a threat rating. Blocked transmissions enforced upon a user account may also be received. Certain activity, such as accessing the internet, may be monitored for the presence of a security threat and/or an ethics threat.

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    Insider Threat Correlation Tool
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    Europäisches Patentamt
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    IPC:    G06F Elektrische digitale Datenverarbeitung, ELECTRIC DIGITAL DATA PROCESSING

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