Multizone Frac System (English)

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An array of plugging devices are pumped sequentially from the surface through a liner, that typically becomes horizontal in nature, where each plugging device is anchorable at a specified position along the length of the liner. When the plugging device is anchored, a cluster of perforations is generated above the plugging device where the perforations may be created by detonation of a perforating gun attached to the top side of the plugging device or the perforations may be created by shifting of a sleeve that is anchored to the plugging device. The plugging device may be a cup plug where the cup is similar to a swab cup and when pump pressure is applied to the cup, a force is generated to make the cup move through the liner. When anchored, the cup also directs frac fluids through the perforations to treat the well formation. The anchoring system used on the plug may be of the type where a full bore is maintained through the liner and also allows the cup plug to travel back to the surface due to flow from the well thus eliminating any need for milling obstructions from the well bore. The use of multiple plugging devices allows multizone stage fracing throughout the length of the well.

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