Non-invasive colon motility monitoring system (English)

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A non-invasive colon motility monitoring system comprises an electrobioimpedance unit, an electromyography unit, and a computing device. The electrobioimpedance unit measures an impedance of a body of a subject and communicates an impedance signal that varies according to the measured impedance. The electromyography unit measures an electric voltage of the body of the subject and communicates a voltage signal that varies according to the measured voltage. The computing device includes a processing element programmed to receive the impedance signal and determine impedance data from the impedance signal, receive the voltage signal and determine voltage data from the voltage signal, compute impedance derivative data from the impedance data, compute a correlation between any two of the impedance data, the voltage data, and the impedance derivative data, determine when a bowel event is about to occur based on the correlation, and provide an indication of the bowel event.

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    Non-invasive colon motility monitoring system
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