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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress an increase in the body size of a drive device.SOLUTION: A drive device comprises: a second rotating machine MG2 serving as a power source; a reduction shaft 53 near driving wheels W; a dog clutch 60 switching over between a first state in which power can be transmitted between the second rotating machine MG2 and the reduction shaft 53 and a second state in which the power cannot be transmitted therebetween; an actuator 65 actuating the dog clutch 60 to switch over between the first state and the second state; and a one-way clutch 70 capable of switching over between the first state and the second state, raising the rotation of the second rotating machine MG2 in a forward direction, and turned into the first state only when the revolving speed of the second rotating machine MG2 is synchronous with the dog clutch 60, at least a part of the dog clutch 60 and at least a part of the one-way clutch 70 being disposed in an annular space in a radially inward portion of the second rotating machine MG2.


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