Dynamic real-time slice engine for 3D printing (English)

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Methods, systems, and apparatus include computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium, including a method for 3D printing without preprocessing a CAD model before delivery to a 3D printer. The CAD model for a design to be printed is received by a 3D printer. Instructions are generated for printing the first slice. While the instructions are used to start printing the CAD model, dynamic real-time slicing is performed on a remaining portion of the CAD model. Preprocessed data, model analysis information or real-time feedback is received during the printing of a respective slice. A next slice is identified, and slicing parameters are adjusted, including adjusting a slicing parameter for the next slice. Instructions for printing the next slice are generated. The next slice is printed based on the generated instructions. Dynamic real-time slicing is repeated to generate a then next slice and associated printing instructions.

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    Dynamic real-time slice engine for 3D printing
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    IPC:    B29C SHAPING OR JOINING OF PLASTICS, Formen oder Verbinden von Kunststoffen / B33Y ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, i.e. MANUFACTURING OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL [3D] OBJECTS BY ADDITIVE DEPOSITION, ADDITIVE AGGLOMERATION OR ADDITIVE LAYERING, e.g. BY 3D PRINTING, STEREOLITHOGRAPHY OR SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING, Additive (generative) Fertigung, d. h. die Herstellung von dreidimensionalen [3D] Bauteilen durch additive Abscheidung, additive Agglomeration oder additive Schichtung, z. B. durch 3D- Drucken, Stereolithografie oder selektives Lasersintern / G05B Steuer- oder Regelsysteme allgemein, CONTROL OR REGULATING SYSTEMS IN GENERAL
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