Example-based Interpolation and Synthesis of Bidirectional Texture Functions (English)

Computer Graphics Forum

Bidirectional Texture Functions (BTF) have proven to be a well-suited representation for the reproduction of measured real-world surface appearance and provide a high degree of realism. We present an approach for designing novel materials by interpolating between several measured BTFs. For this purpose, we transfer concepts from existing texture interpolation methods to the much more complex case of material interpolation. We employ a separation of the BTF into a heightmap and a parallax compensated BTF to cope with problems induced by parallax, masking and shadowing within the material. By working only on the factorized representation of the parallax compensated BTF and the heightmap, it is possible to efficiently perform the material interpolation. By this novel method to mix existing BTFs, we are able to design plausible and realistic intermediate materials for a large range of different opaque material classes. Furthermore, it allows for the synthesis of tileable and seamless BTFs and finally even the generation of gradually changing materials following user specified material distribution maps.

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