Exploratory Visual Analysis for Animal Movement Ecology (Unknown language)

In: Computer Graphics Forum   ;  35 ,  3  ;  471-480  ;  2016
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Movement ecologists study animals' movement to help understand their behaviours and interactions with each other and the environment. Data from GPS loggers are increasingly important for this. These data need to be processed, segmented and summarised for further visual and statistical analysis, often using predefined parameters. Usually, this process is separate from the subsequent visual and statistical analysis, making it difficult for these results to inform the data processing and to help set appropriate scale and thresholds parameters. This paper explores the use of highly interactive visual analytics techniques to close the gap between processing raw data and exploratory visual analysis. Working closely with animal movement ecologists, we produced requirements to enable data characteristics to be determined, initial research questions to be investigated, and the suitability of data for further analysis to be assessed. We design visual encodings and interactions to meet these requirements and provide software that implements them. We demonstrate these techniques with indicative research questions for a number of bird species, provide software, and discuss wider implications for animal movement ecology.

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    Exploratory Visual Analysis for Animal Movement Ecology
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    Computer Graphics Forum ; 35 ; 3 ; 471-480
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    The Eurographics Association
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    10 pages
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    Conference paper
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